Holiday Most Wanted: Hair Care Gift Sets

Winter is hard on our hair but luckily with the holidays coming up, there are a ton of great hair care sets to get us looking great. These are our picks.
Orofluido Overnight Ritual Pack
Orofluido Overnight Beauty Ritual Pack
This pack contains Orofluido’s Shampoo, Original Elixir and a Hair Turban so you can treat your dried out hair while you sleep. Perfect for those of us who are too lazy to use a hair mask but need to do something with out dried out hair. Or you can consider it multi-tasking, hair treatment + sleep.
Drybar Texas Tease Travel Kit
Drybar TexasTease_1024x1024
If you’re going to be on the road a lot during the holiday season, this is a great kit to throw in your purse or carry-on. You get the Lil’ Lemon Drop brush, a mini Texas Tea volumizing hair spray and a mini Triple Sec 3-In-1 which acts as a dry shampoo, texturizer and gives you volume. Who says you have to have flat hair while you travel?
Kérastase Elixir Holiday Set
Kerastase Elixir Holiday Gift Set3
If you want a little luxury with your hair care, Kérastase’s Elixir line is a great place to start. The Elixir Holiday set includes Bain Elixir Ultime (shampoo), Masque Elixir Ultime (hair mask) and Elixir Crème Fine (oil cream) and you’ll end up with super soft, strengthened, shiny hair.
ColorProof Evolved Color Care Glam Squad
If frizz is your issue, ColorProof’s Glam Squad comes with CrazySmooth Anti-Frizz shampoo and conditioner plus Wicked Good Weightless Shine Spray. Everything you need for smooth, shiny holiday hair.
If you’ve ever wanted Victoria’s Secret model beachy waves, this Beachwaver is what they use. All you have to do is push a button and you can customize your waves however you want. Plus if you pick this up at Ulta between Black Friday and Christmas you get a free gift that includes a SARAHPOTEMPA Chevron Bag, Selfie Guide and 2 Darby Clips.

Splurge Worthy Holiday Gift Set – Fresh Mask Must Haves

Fresh Mask Must Haves

I am a mask fanatic! I am truly obsessed! I love using all different types of face masks. When I first saw this Fresh Mask Must Haves gift set, I thought I was dreaming. With four of fresh’s best masks all in one place, this is a gift that I needed!

First, there is the cooling and soothing Rose Face Mask, which smells absolutely amazing. This is more of your every day mask for anyone’s skin. Next, the Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask that soothes and firms while you sleep using natural ingredients. For a deeper clean, there is the Sugar Face Polish that uses sugar and strawberry seeds to clean those pores. Finally, the Umbrian Clay Mattifying Mask that you can use as a cleanser or mask for oily skin.

Available at Sephora and their own website for just $80 this isn’t really much of a holiday splurge, but it is if you buy two: one for a friend and one for yourself. I see a lot of spa days coming up in my future.

Nioxin 30 Day Challenge + Giveaway

A lot of us have hair that’s thinning or getting finer as we get older. Luckily Nioxin has been rebuilding hair for almost 30 years and has a number of systems for different needs to help us all get thicker looking, healthier hair. Whether you want to try and grow back hair that seems to be disappearing or just wanted thicker looking hair, Nioxin is a great place to start.

We’re taking the 30 Day Challenge to try and get some fullness back in our hair and we’re giving 5 lucky readers the chance to take on the challenge as well. All we ask is that you take some before and after photos and let us know how it went. So if you’re ready for brand new hair just in time for the new year, this is the challenge for you.
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Skin Saving Acne Tips From Neutrogena

There is almost nothing worse than acne. It doesn’t matter if you suffer from regular acne or just the occasional breakout, it’s the worst. There are hundreds of products promising to give you beautiful clear skin, but it seems impossible to know what to trust. To take the guesswork out of preventing acne, we turned to Neutrogena and their expert, Toronto dermatologist, Dr. Paul Cohen.

Q: There are a lot of rumours and tales on what causes acne, but what are the actual most common causes of acne?

A: There are many different factors that can cause acne – hormones, genetics, bacteria, poor skin barrier function. Recent research also says diet can even have an impact. It’s a multi-factorial skin condition. Acne is primarily a hormonal condition driven by male hormones. Sensitivity to such hormones, combined with bacteria on the skin, and fatty acids within oil glands, cause acne. Simply explained – skin cells, sebum and hair can clump together into a plug in your pores; this plug gets infected with bacteria, resulting in a swelling. A pimple starts to develop when the plug begins to break down. Sometimes, p. acnes, the bacteria that live on our skin, also gets inside the clogged pore. Inside the pore, the bacteria have a perfect environment for multiplying very quickly and the pore becomes red and swollen. If the inflammation goes deep into the skin, an acne cyst or nodule can appear. Common sites for acne are the face, chest, shoulders, and back — the sites of oil glands. Up to 90% of people will suffer from acne at some point within their lifetime.

Q: Outside of skincare, are there lifestyle changes that people with acne should take?

A: I would say diet is important. The thoughts on this connection have really changed over the years. In the past, we were told that we should stay away from chocolate to avoid acne. Then that connection was disproved and the school of thought changed, saying food was not a factor. Now, we know that diet does affect breakouts from recent research. Specifically milk and dairy products, especially in women, have been recently proven to have a direct correlation. High sugar levels have also been noted as a factor, as they cause insulin levels to spike and cause a shift in hormones to regulate, and also foods with high-glycemic content.

Q: Are there different ways to treat different types of acne?

A: There are different types of pimples but they all start with plugged-up pores. Different medications or treatments may be used to treat the different types of acne, but all in all, it all starts the same. I tell all of my patients that using proper hygiene and the right treatment for your skin should help your skin.

Proper hygiene for acne-prone skin includes washing your face about twice each day. Use a mild soap made especially for people with acne, and warm water. Do not scrub the skin. Don’t try to burst the pimples. You may push the infection further down, causing more blocking and worse swelling and redness. Popping pimples makes scarring more likely. I also ask them to try to refrain from touching their face with their hands – it spreads dirt and bacteria that can aggravate acne.

Q: Moving into winter, are there any changes that people with acne should make to their skincare routine?

A: Alter your skincare routine for the cold weather – your skin changes with the seasons, so your skincare routine should as well! Use a milder cleanser, I usually recommend a liquid cleanser. Cleansers containing salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide can be particularly drying, especially if you are using them in conjunction with other acne treatment products. You can go back to an acne-fighting cleanser once your skin doesn’t feel as dry. Instead, try using a gentle foaming cleanser.

If your skin is feeling very dry, you may want to scale back use of your acne creams and treatments. Try using your treatment products every other day until the dryness and flaking lessens.

Regular use of a moisturizer is important, even for those with acne. Remember, nearly all acne treatment products dry the skin to some extent. Choose a moisturizing gel or lotion because they are lighter than products labeled cream. Whatever moisturizer you choose, be sure it is marked non-comedogenic and oil-free.

Stay tuned for next week when we talk to Dr. Cohen about what you should look for in your cleanser to fight acne!

Mani Monday – Ceramic Glaze Fall/Holiday 2015

There are so many options for holiday nail polish looks and it’s rare that one collection has options for nearly all of them. Ceramic Glaze’s fall/holiday line has a little something for everyone. Want a glossy creme? Got it. Sparkle? Got it. Fancy top coats to change up your look? That too. There are six new, limited edition shades and two previously released shades (Hong Kong Diva and Vintage Glam). We have the new shades to show you.
Ceramic Glaze Applause Swatch
Applause is a deep plum with a little shimmer and it’s gorgeous. If you want something that falls into the holiday category but is a little different, this is a great choice.
Ceramic Glaze Regal Swatch - One Coat
This deep, bold blue is a one-coater and it goes on extremely smoothly. This is my favourite shade of the collection.
Ceramic Glaze Wonderland Swatch
Wonderland is an iridescent shade that’s hard to nail down. There’s gold, silver, green and purple in here and it changes depending on the lighting.
Ceramic Glaze Sorcery Swatch - Stain
Sorcery is a dark teal creme and it’s quite different than most shades in it’s category. This one stains though.
Snow Queen + Diamond Dust
Ceramic Glaze Snow Queen - Diamond Dust Swatch
Snow Queen has white hexagon glitter in a clear base and Diamond Dust has holographic microglitter. I’m wearing them over Sorcery in the swatch. The’re both really nice top coats but I prefer Diamond Dust. It’s so, so pretty.

Splurge Worthy Holiday Gift Set – Rodial Bee Venom Collection

Rodial Bee Venom Collection

If you really love me Santa, this will be under my tree on Christmas morning. I know this set is $199, but it is worth every penny!

Rodial’s Bee Venom skin care line is the ultimate in face care. Their moisturizer is the best. I mean, BEST! Since the first time I tried this moisturizer it’s been my favourite product, possibly ever. The description says it’s for aging skin, but I’ve been addicted since my early 20’s. I just know that I am never going to look old again. It’s really moisturizing, a bit cooling and plumping, so your face looks amazing. The container is also quite big, so it’s worth the investment that you are putting into it.

I more recently got the chance to try the serum and eye cream that are also included in this set and let me tell you, you won’t be disappointed.


If you really truly love me and know how good I’ve been you can always up the game and splurge for the Rodial Bee Venom 24 Carat Gold Collection. The addition of real gold flakes in this set for $399 makes it the ultimate Christmas present!

L’Occitane Pierre Hermé Jasmin-Immortelle-Neroli Collection

PH Jasmin-Immortelle- Neroli Collection
L’Occitane is pretty well known for their fragrances but founder Olivier Baussan recently invited pastry chef Pierre Hermé to create two fragrance collections that represent Corsica. The results were Jasmin-Immortelle- Neroli and Grapefruit-Rhubarb. Initially I was pretty sure I was going to like the Grapefruit-Rhubarb collection more, but once I had both scents on my wrists I was completely sold on Jasmin-Immortelle-Neroli.

I’m not a huge fan of jasmine in perfumes, they always smell fake to me, but with this one I smell real jasmine, almost tea-like. I’m thinking it speaks of the quality of ingredients that L’Occitane uses. The jasmine balances out the immortelle flower and neroli and keeps it from being too sweet. The pink pepper gives it a little spice.
The packaging is gorgeous and pretty unique. I still have the box it came in because I love the way it looks. Included in this collection are shower gel, body lotion, hand cream and in the gift sets, soap. If you happen to buy the Star gift box, $10 from every purchase will be donated to Dress For Success.

Pierre Hermé’s Jasmin-Immortelle-Neroli is hands down my favourite L’Occitane fragrance ever. I wish it wasn’t limited edition because I’m going to want more of this in my life but I’ll just have to use it carefully because I want to smell this delicious for a long time.

Waxing Tips & Trends From WAXON WAXBAR


It was a great day when I discovered WAXON WAXBAR. Founded by Lexi Miles, this growing chain of waxing spas makes an uncomfortable and sometimes awkward process, easy, affordable, and pain-free. I even look forward to my visit to WAXON. With beach vacation season coming up, we wanted to get tips, advice and the latest waxing news right from the source.

Q: Are there any new trends or innovations in wax that people should keep an eye out for or try?

Hard wax, though not brand new, would be a major waxing innovation and it’s a hot trend that is here to stay! No more getting ‘stripped’ during a Brazilian wax. Hard or ‘hot’ wax, also known as ‘stripless’ wax, is applied to the skin and then removed sans strip. At WAXON the type of hard waxes we use are virtually painless and will give you a flawless result… if you haven’t tried it, we dare you to, you won’t be disappointed!

As for trending areas of the body to wax, Arm waxing is the best-untold secret!! This should be on every Woman’s to do list. Arm waxing is becoming more and more popular every day! Having smooth, hair-free arms makes your arms look leaner and sexier! Try it for yourself – you will thank us later!


HOT TIP: Prtty Peaushun Skin Tight Body Lotion is a must! It acts a tinted moisturizer, and will give you smooth, sexy, defined arms all year long!

(P.S. can be used on face & body – so don’t forget to apply to your arms and sexy stems!)

Q: Is there anyone who shouldn’t get waxed?

In general most people can get waxed and it’s more their current situation or medical condition that would make waxing ‘off limits’ – ie; someone who has a sunburn, is taking Accutane or using Retinol/Retin-A products should avoid waxing. People with diabetes, on blood thinners or with extremely sensitive skin should contact their doctor and/or do a wax test strip before getting a full service.

Q: Can I still get waxed if I have sensitive skin?

Yes, you can and rest assured that at WAXON our waxes are designed for even the most sensitive skins, only adhering to the hairs and not the skin. If you are still unsure, we always recommend you come in and try a test strip to be sure our waxes are suitable for your skin.

With sensitive skin, regardless of what salon/waxbar you go to, getting a test wax strip done is always a good ‘beauty rule’ to follow to avoid any potential irritation or reaction… you can never be too careful when it comes to your skin!

We also recommend going to a professional Esthetician/Waxologist who specializes in just waxing for best results and experience.

Q: I never know when I should go back for my next wax appointment. What are some ways to know when it’s the perfect time to go back?

The ideal hair length is the length of a grain of rice – approximately 2mm, or 4-5 weeks between waxes. If you have shaved, (tisk tisk) then ideally 12 days growth is best. At WAXON we use the incredible super hero hot wax which can pull hair as short as 1mm, so if you are in the need of an emergency wax don’t fret our Waxologists have got you covered!

Stay tuned for more tips and advice from WAXON WAXBAR’s Lexi Miles soon!

Stocking Stuffers Most Wanted – Part 1

It’s that time of year again! Gift and shopping and holiday set time! We are sure that we are going to have lots of different stocking stuffers, most wanted, amazing sets and holiday beauty for the next two month. Let’s get things started with these little gifts that make the perfect stocking stuffer.


Bliss Night Night Facial In A Box

I am getting one of these for all of my girls and my secret Santa this year. I love this little kit. It’s possibly the best idea ever! It comes with the bliss fabulous makeup melt, multi-‘face’-eted clay mask and triple oxygen ex-‘glow’-sion moisturizer. It’s in a little box, but there is enough for two, so you can make it a girl’s night if you want. I love it even more because it’s the fastest three step mask system ever. Even someone who says they don’t have time for things like this, has time for this 5 minute mask.  It’s a nice way to let someone you love pamper themselves.

Sephora Collection Face Mask

Sephora Collection Face Mask

I am always looking for little stocking stuffers that are good quality for a low prize and are small and compact. These masks are my new saviour! For just $8 you can get a little Sephora Face Mask for everyone you know. There are eight different types, so you can customize your gift for everyone you know. I tried the Lotus Mask that you apply before bed and wear over night to refresh your skin. It’s great and easy perfect for any girly stocking.


The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Care Kit

Anyone who suffers from acne is going to love you for sharing this secret from The Body Shop. Who knew they would be so good at helping with oily, acne ridden skin. This kit comes with everything they will need: a toner, face wash, lotion and the best part the Tea Tree Oil. I discovered this line in the fall and have been keeping it close ever since.

Quo holiday Cosmetic Cracker

Quo Cosmetic Crackers

These are one of my favourite things of the holiday season. Forget those boring regular Christmas crackers! Quo has upped the game with these beauty crackers. Buy a box and give one cracker as a stocking stuffer to every girl on your list!

Fresh Sugar Rose Ritual Set

Fresh Sugar Rose Ritual Set

Friends shouldn’t let friend live without a fresh Sugar lip treatment. This little set helps your friend discover one of the best beauty product on the market! As an added bonus you also have the shine treatment to go from matte to glossy.

Mani Monday – Essence Gel Nails Challenge

essence The Gel
I love doing my nails and I’ve gotten really good at painting them. What I haven’t mastered however is nail art. But when we got asked to try the essence gel nail challenge, I figured that was as good a time as any to see what I could actually do. essence sent over a bunch of their The Gel nail polish including the base and top coats. I chose Turn The Lights Off as my base colour, which is part of the essence Soft Metal category and is a gorgeous silvery blue. The other two shades I picked was Rock My World (medium gray) and Let’s Get Lost (teal). My first attempt at this nail art challenge was so bad that I decided to wait a few days before trying again.
essence The Gel Nail Art Challenge
I wore Turn The Lights Off the whole time in between and I have to say how incredibly impressed I was with The Gel nail polish system. I wore the same shade for five days with zero tip wear or chips and probably could’ve gone another week.

I ended up with a semi-successful attempt at nail art. I’ve never even attempted ombre nails before, which is why I’m calling it successful but it’s not the prettiest my nails have ever looked.

All I really learned from this challenge was that I really like essence’s The Gel nail polish and that I’m really terrible at nail art.

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