Halloween 2014 Most Wanted

Halloween Most Wanted 2014
Halloween is just around the corner, so we decided to make a list of our Most Wanted Halloween necessities.
Kiss Looks So Natural False Eyelashes
Kiss Looks So Natural False Eyelashes
Most costumes look better with fake eyelashes, so if you’re going to wear them you may as well use some that feel like they’re natural. With Sultry, Shy and Flirty varieties to choose from, there’s an option for every look. And don’t forget your Kiss Strip Lash Adhesive!
Broadway imPRESS Press-On Manicure
Broadway imPRESS Manicure Halloween 2014
I love the idea of cute nail art for Halloween, but there’s no way I can actually pull off looks as good as these press on nails do. There are 6 designs to choose from. My favourite is Dazzle Me (far right in photo) but I really love them all.
essence Glow In The Night Top Coat
Essence Glow In The Night Topcoat
If you’re going to do your own nails and find nail art challenging but want something different Glow In The Night is a great option. It looks a little chalky on some shades so try it out first before you commit or just wear it on it’s own.
Demeter Funeral Home Fragrance
Demeter Funeral Home Fragrance
I was so hesitant to try a perfume called Funeral Home, especially from Demeter whose fragrances are pretty realistic. Luckily their version of a funeral home smells like white flowers. Use it as a perfume or turn your house into your own funeral home and use it as a room spray.

Do you have any Halloween essentials that we missed? Let us know!

Mani Monday – Lacc F/W 2014 Review and Swatches

I’m constantly on the hunt for new Canadian nail polish brands, so I was really happy to receive a couple shades from Lacc’s (La Couleur Couture) F/W 2014 collection. These polishes are toxic and cruelty free and vegan friendly and both shades we got are absolutely gorgeous! I was a little concerned when both shades looked extremely patchy on the first coat but the second completely fixed things. They have great pigmentation and lasted quite a few days without chipping or tip wear.
LACC FW 2014 1966 Swatch
1966 is a dark teal that practically screams my name. It’s basically my ideal shade for fall and the coverage was amazing. I’m going to be wearing this a lot.
LACC FW 2014 1999 Swatch
1999 was equally as gorgeous as 1996. It’s black with silver shimmer and just looks so different from every other black I’ve worn.

I’d heard about Lacc before we received these polishes and I’m so happy I had the chance to try them. I had no issues at all with application or wear and I can’t wait to decide what shade I want to try next.

Cover Girl Lipslicks Smoochies Review

Cover Girl Lipslicks Smoochies
I used Cover Girl’s Lipslicks all through high school but it’s been years since I’ve even looked at them. They’ve recently added Smoochies to the Lipslicks line and I was happy to try them. I love tinted lip balm but I hate when they’re in a pot that you have to stick your fingers in, so the idea of a stick is great.

Cover Girl Lipslicks Smoochies Open

#Sweet Tweet, #text me, #c u l8r

We tried #Sweet Tweet, the lightest of the three we tried, it’s a pale, pale pink that just leaves a hint of colour. #c u l8r is a darker pink with a shimmer and my personal favourite is #text me a red tint that has more pigmentation than I was expecting.

Smoochies are great on their own if you just want a lip balm with a hint of colour but they’re also great over other lipsticks. And did I mention they taste like candy?

Tweezerman Brush iQ Review and Giveaway

Tweezerman Brush Box
Tweezerman has had a cult following for their tweezers for years and now they’ve added makeup brushes to their arsenal. With 16 brushes to choose from, they’ve pretty much got you covered for anything you could possibly need a brush for. We received the Pointed Foundation Brush and the Blender Eyeshadow brush and Tweezerman has generously given us a pair of the same brushes to give to our readers!
These brushes are definitely the quality I would expect from a company like Tweezerman. They’re sturdy, they’re flexible and I didn’t have any fallout whatsoever while testing them. The foundation brush gets into every nook and cranny you want to get foundation into and kept it’s shape amazingly well while cleaning. The Blender Brush is a little bigger than I expected but did a great job as well.

I can’t wait to try more brushes from Tweezerman’s Brush iQ line. Let us know what brush you’d like to try the most!


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Shu Uemura Brave Beauty Collection Review

Shu Uemura Brave Beauty Collection
If there’s one thing I love about Shu Uemura’s collections, it’s that they don’t necessarily follow what everyone else is doing. Their Brave Beauty collection is all about trying looks you wouldn’t necessarily have tried before.

We received Brave Beauty Lipsticks in Orange and Maroon and they both went on smoothly, are really creamy and lasted a decent amount of time. Maroon is the perfect fall shade and while I wouldn’t have tried Orange on my own, it was pretty flattering. The Satin Radiant Stick in pink is a blendable stick blush that’s buildable so you can go for a natural look or something more dramatic.
Shu Uemura Brave Beauty Vision Of Beauty Orange Palette
It’s the eyeshadow palettes though that are the stars of the Brave Beauty collection for me. We got the Green and Orange palettes and both are so pigmented and blendable. There are shades I would’ve usually worn on already and shades I never would’ve thought to try, but I’ve been finding ways of using all the shades.

I love that Shu Uemura’s collections take me outside my comfort zone and with the Brave Beauty collection there are so many new looks I want to try.

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Shaping Cream Lip Colour Review

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Open
I’m generally not a lipstick person but I’ve been working on that. If I wear lipstick though, I want it to be comfortable. Guerlain’s Kiss Kiss Shaping Cream Lip Colour is one of the most comfortable lipsticks I’ve ever used. It goes on like butter and has really good staying power.

Of the two shades I tried, Pinky Groove is the perfect daytime shade. A mid toned pink, it’s neither too dramatic or too bright. Red Passion is fantastic for a night out. A classic red, it gives you just enough drama without going for a clownish look.

Guerlain’s Kiss Kiss is supposed to be the little black dress of lipstick and they really are. They’re classic, glamorous and are perfect for any situation.

Mani Monday – Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Review and Swatch

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Bottles
Since Shellac has become such a huge hit for people who don’t want to constantly worry about their nail polish chipping in days, it seems like almost every drugstore beauty company has released an at home version of the gel polish, but without the need for an LED lamp. I haven’t really had any kind of success with them but I’m always on the hunt so I was definitely interested in trying Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel. Miracle Gel is a two step process. You pick your shade (we got Sugar Fix), skip the base coat, apply two coats, add the Miracle Gel top coat and you’re done.
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Sugar Fix Swatch
Sugar Fix is the perfect sky blue that I wish I’d had during the spring. The first thing I noticed was that the brush was massive. It might actually be the biggest brush I’ve ever used and cleanup was definitely a necessity. But two coats went on perfectly and it leveled out better than most polishes. The verdict on if it works? The swatch is after I’d been wearing it for 5 days. There isn’t even visible tip wear. I’ve never had a polish that I’ve applied at home perform this well. Ever.

I might have been skeptical on the staying power of Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel but after seeing how well it worked, I’m sold. I finally found the at home gel polish that’ll become my staple.

Sally Hansen Big Top Coats


Sally Hansen has a new line of top coats to make you every day nail polish extraordinary. Here they are and how they look:

Big Crackle Top Coat

sally hansen nail polish

This black crackle nail polish is your pretty standard crackle polish. I wish it wasn’t in black, because that really lowers my options for wearing it. I feel like crackle nail polish is over other than on Halloween. If this was in a different colour, we could bring it back.

Big Glitter Top Coat

sally hansen nail polish 2

Unike the other sparkly top coat, this one has big pieces of glitter. My problem with this glitter is the same as most others. The clear nail polish with it is too thick and there isn’t enough glitter. I only get a few sequins and a thick, goopy layer of polish to go along with it.

Big Shimmer Top Coatsally hansen nail polish 3

This polish is so much fun! It turns any shade into a light sparkly colour. It’s all over shine lightens up the hue on your nail polish, so it will look a little different. It takes your nail polish from day time work to night time party.

Big Smoky Top Coat

sally hansen nail polish 4

This is a sheer black top coat that darkens the hue of your nail polish. I love this for taking bright neons and making them fall friendly. You can add drama to any colour that you are getting a little tired with. If you are skilled you can even do a cool ombré. It’s sleek and sexy and perfect for fall.

MAC A Novel Romance Collection

MAC A Novel Romance Collection
I’ve been using MAC for over fifteen years but sometimes I forget how much I love it. Until I get a collection like A Novel Romance. I would wear pretty much every shade in the line but the ones that were sent to us just also happened to be the ones I would’ve picked on my own.

MAC A Novel Romance Swatches

Hearts Aflame, Fun Ending, My Fantasy, Fall In Lust, Rising Passions, Dance In The Dark

The A Novel Romance eyeshadow quad is perfect for fall. It consists of My Fantasy (a pale neutral olive pearl), Fall In Lust (midtone grey mauve frost), Rising Passions (greenish charcoal with gold pearl velvet) and Dance In The Dark (matte blackened brown). They all blend really well with each other and are really buildable. The pigmentation is perfect, like most MAC shadows and Dance In The Dark is a great liner shade.

Fun Ending is a soft neutral peach powder blush that went on slightly darker than I was expecting but was also really buildable. Now that whatever colour I had from summer is wearing off, this is definitely going to be a go to blush shade for fall.

Hearts Aflame is a matte midtone brick red lipstick that’s also perfect for fall. It’s a touch darker than what I would normally wear, but it’s super flattering on me, the pigmentation is great and it lasts for hours. This is sold out on the website right now, so you might want to call around to find it.

I really love everything about this collection. All the shades looked amazing, had great pigmentation and is basically everything I’ve come to expect from MAC.

Kérastase Discipline Collection

Kerastase Discipline Line
I’ve been dying to try Kérastase for years but didn’t get around to it. Luckily, their most recent line, Discipline, is perfect for my dry, frizzy hair. The Discipline line promises to eliminate frizz for up to three days. I’m usually lucky if I can get mine to go away for three hours. Challenge accepted.

I started off using the Bain Fluidealiste (shampoo) and Fondant Fluidealiste (conditioner) and while they both smelled great and did a decent job, I didn’t really notice a huge difference. Enter the Maskeratine (hair mask) and Fluidissime (no rinse lotion/styling product). The combination of these two completely changed my hair.

The Maskeratine is exactly what you’d except from Kérastase’s cult followed hair masks. It’s super thick and leaves your hair feeling amazing. My hair felt stronger before I was even out of the shower. Usually I use several styling products to get rid of frizz, try to infuse some volume and generally just try to get my hair to look good. Fluidissime did all that in one easy spray step. It completely got rid of every single piece of frizz, defined my waves and gave my hair bounce. Did I mention my hair wasn’t crunchy or sticky, even when I used it on dry hair to refresh? It’s also supposed to cut down on blow drying time but I don’t blow dry my hair so I can’t say if it actually does.

Kérastase is definitely not a cheap line and you can only find it in salons but I will definitely be buying another Fluidissime when I run out. I only wish the bottles were bigger so they lasted a little longer.

We also recently got some great hair tips from Kérastase’s Artistic Director Stacey Staley, you can read that here.

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