Demeter Elvira Fragrance Collection

Demeter Elvira Collection
Elvira is one of the most famous names associated with Halloween, so it makes perfect sense that Demeter would team up with her for the Elvira Dark Collection. With three scents to choose from (or the collection) you’re pretty much covered for your Halloween costume.
Elvira’s Vamp
Demeter Elvira's Vamp
I’m not sure how Demeter decided what a vampire smells like but the first three notes mentioned for Elvira’s Vamp are Poisonous Belladonna, Dracula Orchid and the Nicotina plant. I mostly smell the mandarin that comes later down the list.
Elvira’s Zombie
Demeter Elvira's Zombie
I’m not generally a huge fan of Ylang Ylang and the scent of it in Elvira’s Zombie doesn’t really win me over but I think we can all agree that this fragrance smells like flowers instead of what I imagine a zombie actually smells like; rotting corpse.
Elvira’s Black Roses
Demeter Elvira's Black Roses
Elvira’s Black Roses is my pick of the three. It smells like a rose perfume, just a little darker and deeper. It just makes me think of Halloween and fall and spookiness.

With three very different scents to pick from, Demeter’s Elvira collection will have a spooky scent for everyone.

Lise Watier Portfolio Professional Corrector


This Lise Watier is one of Canada’s top correctors, so I needed to add it to my arsenal to see how it worked. The palette is made up of six colours of concealer targeted to different needs. There is a green for redness, beiges for contouring and under the eye and lavender for brightness.

Each of the colours does its job perfectly. In the morning I went through each step carefully to leave my skin looking great. The thing is, that it takes so long to go through each step and before getting this palette I didn’t think I needed it. It added steps to my morning routine, that I never felt like I needed. I don’t need every colour of this palette and other than makeup artists, I doubt many people do. It’s more likely you will need one or two of the colours. I would rather buy one of Lise Watier’s more targeted products and get more of what I need than this palette that offers a bit of everything.

Lush Wizard Hat

Lush Wizard Hat
I love Lush’s gifts for different holidays and the Wizard Hat gift for Halloween fits right in. Filled with a bath bomb, a bubble bar and a bath melt this is the perfect gift for someone who loves both Halloween and baths.
Wizard Bubble Bar
Lush Wizard Bubble Bar
Crumble this bubble bar into your bath and you’ll get a soothing, moisturizing, shimmery bath with an amazing tangerine scent.
Sparkler Bath Bomb
Lush Sparkler Bath Bomb
Sparkler features my favourite Lush scent, Rose Jam. Add in some popping candy and you have super fun bath time.
Star Light, Star Bright Bath Melt
Lush Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt
Lush’s bath melts are my favourite bath product because they’re so incredibly moisturizing. You don’t get the bubbles, but with this one you get glitter instead. You only need a tiny piece of this lavender and lime scented melt to get an amazing bath.

Wizard Hat is the perfect gift for wizard, bath or Halloween fans, but get it soon because once Halloween is over these won’t last long. And if you miss out, Holiday gifts are coming soon!

October 2014 Makeup Most Wanted – Alyssa’s Picks

October 2014 Most Wanted
I can’t believe October is almost over and that it’s time for another monthly Most Wanted. Here are my Most Wanted products this month.
L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara in Midnight Black
I’m always searching for the blackest mascara possible and this one is one of the darkest I’ve used. The butterfly brush takes a little getting used to (I poked myself in the eye for the first time since high school) but once you get the hang of it, you get amazing volume, length and super black eyelashes.
Sephora Kiss Me Balm in Melon Sorbet
I usually don’t like melon scented products but I actually don’t mind the scent of this one. It leaves the slightest hint of colour but the highlight is the actual balm. It leaves my lips really moisturized for hours at a time and it’s really cute to carry around.
Lise Watier Feline Eyeliner HD in Brun
I have been wearing this pretty much non stop since I got it. The shade of brown isn’t too dark or too light, making it a nice alternative to black. The pen itself is reasonably flexible, but it’s the easiest eyeliner pen I’ve ever used, it creates a great line on the first try.
Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour in Peacock
I’m definitely an eyeshadow person and I love using colour. This crayon shadow makes it so easy to apply and blend on the run. You can throw it in your purse for touch ups and the Peacock shade is a gorgeous teal that you can use as a light wash of colour or a bright eyeliner.
Smashbox Be Legendary Long-Wear Lip Lacquer in Coral
I love everything about this lacquer. The shade is the perfect dark coral, it goes on so smoothly, isn’t sticky and lasts a really long time. It’s everything you want in a gloss and lipstick combined.

Those are my picks for the month, what have you been loving?

What Is Kajal Eyeliner?


Eyeliner is not just eyeliner anymore. The latest trend in liner is kajal. Every brand is releasing their own kajal without really helping women understand what kajal is or how to use it.

Kajal pencils are inspired by makeup from India and the Middle East. It’s a very traditional way to line and darken your eyes that goes back centuries. They were often made using non-toxic or more natural ingredients.

Nowadays, kajal liners are your go to eyeliner for drama. We are talking serious drama. These liners are big and thick, but also go to a point giving your versatility in how you can use it. They are amazing to get a soft smoky finish because you can really smudge and rub them around. Want the ultimate smoky eye, try kajal. You can also get a rich, dark black using just the tip.

They have a softer texture than your regular eyeliner so it goes on easier. This can be a blessing or a curse. It’s easy to apply. It can also get messy if you aren’t prepared or skilled with a liner.

We tried the Sonia Kashuk Dramatically Intensifying Kajal to see if it really was different from the regular eyeliners at Target. It is definitely easier to apply. You will need to apply it carefully and slowly to make sure that you don’t end up with black makeup all over your face. Once you have mastered the art, your makeup possibilities will open up.

Mani Monday – Black Sheep Lacquer Love You Forever + Hecate Review and Swatches

I’m always on the hunt for great Canadian indie polish brands and I’ve been keeping my eye on Black Sheep Polish for a while. So when I saw a post that there was a moving sale, I figured that was a good time to try a couple polishes out. I finally decided to get a full size Hecate and a mini Love You Forever (there are quite a few more I want to try). I wasn’t disappointed, these polishes are gorgeous. Application was pretty seamless and I got a ton of compliments from random strangers on both shades.
Love You Forever
Black Sheep Lacquer Love You Forever Swatch
Love You Forever is a duochrome that goes from pink to blue. It’s not something I would normally pick out for myself which is why I got a mini. The photo doesn’t even come close to how pretty this shade is. It took three coats to get full opacity.
Black Sheep Lacquer Hecate Swatch
Hecate is a shade I was automatically drawn to. As a multichrome, it goes from teal/turquoise to purple and black depending on how the light hits it. The first day I wore it I got distracted at a red light because it kept changing colour. I could’ve gotten away with one shade but I did two just to even it out a bit.

Both shades are so eye catching and changed colour beautifully. I can’t wait to try more shades. The Black Sheep Lacquer site is down since they’re moving but you can follow them on Twitter here.

Viva La Juicy Gold Couture Perfume Review

Viva La Juicy Gold Couture Bottle + Carton HIRES
I love wearing different scents each season, I feel as if when the weather changes the kind of fragrance I love changes with it. Luckily I received Viva La Juicy Gold Couture just in time for fall. I’ve never tried a Juicy Couture perfume before and if Gold Couture is any indication, I’ll have to try more of them.

Gold Couture is said to have notes of wild berries, honeysuckle, vanilla, caramel and golden amber. The first thing I smelled was the vanilla, followed by the caramel and amber. I did notice something fruity but I wouldn’t have been able to pinpoint berries let alone honeysuckle.

I love how warm a scent Gold Couture is and it’s absolutely perfect for fall, going into winter. It’s not the longest lasting fragrance (I stopped noticing it after wearing it for around three hours) but it’s a nice change from the fruitier scents I was wearing all summer.

Halloween 2014 Most Wanted

Halloween Most Wanted 2014
Halloween is just around the corner, so we decided to make a list of our Most Wanted Halloween necessities.
Kiss Looks So Natural False Eyelashes
Kiss Looks So Natural False Eyelashes
Most costumes look better with fake eyelashes, so if you’re going to wear them you may as well use some that feel like they’re natural. With Sultry, Shy and Flirty varieties to choose from, there’s an option for every look. And don’t forget your Kiss Strip Lash Adhesive!
Broadway imPRESS Press-On Manicure
Broadway imPRESS Manicure Halloween 2014
I love the idea of cute nail art for Halloween, but there’s no way I can actually pull off looks as good as these press on nails do. There are 6 designs to choose from. My favourite is Dazzle Me (far right in photo) but I really love them all.
essence Glow In The Night Top Coat
Essence Glow In The Night Topcoat
If you’re going to do your own nails and find nail art challenging but want something different Glow In The Night is a great option. It looks a little chalky on some shades so try it out first before you commit or just wear it on it’s own.
Demeter Funeral Home Fragrance
Demeter Funeral Home Fragrance
I was so hesitant to try a perfume called Funeral Home, especially from Demeter whose fragrances are pretty realistic. Luckily their version of a funeral home smells like white flowers. Use it as a perfume or turn your house into your own funeral home and use it as a room spray.

Do you have any Halloween essentials that we missed? Let us know!

Mani Monday – Lacc F/W 2014 Review and Swatches

I’m constantly on the hunt for new Canadian nail polish brands, so I was really happy to receive a couple shades from Lacc’s (La Couleur Couture) F/W 2014 collection. These polishes are toxic and cruelty free and vegan friendly and both shades we got are absolutely gorgeous! I was a little concerned when both shades looked extremely patchy on the first coat but the second completely fixed things. They have great pigmentation and lasted quite a few days without chipping or tip wear.
LACC FW 2014 1966 Swatch
1966 is a dark teal that practically screams my name. It’s basically my ideal shade for fall and the coverage was amazing. I’m going to be wearing this a lot.
LACC FW 2014 1999 Swatch
1999 was equally as gorgeous as 1996. It’s black with silver shimmer and just looks so different from every other black I’ve worn.

I’d heard about Lacc before we received these polishes and I’m so happy I had the chance to try them. I had no issues at all with application or wear and I can’t wait to decide what shade I want to try next.

Cover Girl Lipslicks Smoochies Review

Cover Girl Lipslicks Smoochies
I used Cover Girl’s Lipslicks all through high school but it’s been years since I’ve even looked at them. They’ve recently added Smoochies to the Lipslicks line and I was happy to try them. I love tinted lip balm but I hate when they’re in a pot that you have to stick your fingers in, so the idea of a stick is great.

Cover Girl Lipslicks Smoochies Open

#Sweet Tweet, #text me, #c u l8r

We tried #Sweet Tweet, the lightest of the three we tried, it’s a pale, pale pink that just leaves a hint of colour. #c u l8r is a darker pink with a shimmer and my personal favourite is #text me a red tint that has more pigmentation than I was expecting.

Smoochies are great on their own if you just want a lip balm with a hint of colour but they’re also great over other lipsticks. And did I mention they taste like candy?

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