OGX Coconut Water Hair Care Collection


Are you over the whole coconut hair and body products trend? I am not! I love the smell of coconut on my skin and body, so I was ecstatic to get more bottles of shampoo, conditioner and oil with the tropical scent of coconut.

The OGX Shampoo and Conditioner hydrate and nourish your hair well enough. The smell was, as you can expect, amazing in the shower. After it dried, I can’t say that I had anything to complain about. I also don’t really have anything to rave about other than the smell. My hair looked normal. It’s a good thing that it kept my hair in the same condition, but it was also a bit of a letdown that I didn’t come away with stunning shiny hair.

It’s the final step of this trio that really made me happy. The Weightless Hydration Oil is the final step to your hair. It is the same idea as many other hair oils. This OGX oil is light and gives your hair amazing shine. It also has that same coconut scent.

If you are like me and need a boost of tropical coconut, especially as the cold weather comes OGX has you covered.

Stella McCartney Makes Us Excited For 2015


During Stella McCartney’s Spring/Summer 2015 show, Sally Hansen’s Global Colour Ambassador Madeline Poole created a nail look that has us dreaming of next summer already! Not everyone is crazy about nail art, but there is no way you can look at this manicure and not think it’s amazing.

“There were a few dresses in the collection that had a mixture of prints – I was really attracted to this spotted animal pattern. To me it looks like moth wings, mimicking leopard spots. I love to layer colours organically and not fuss with straight lines so that the design I came up with is really expressive and easy to recreate with a casual dab,” says Poole of the manicures.

We cannot wait to try this!

September Makeup Most Wanted

Fall is here, but it’s still as warm as ever. This is making it hard for us to update our makeup to fall colours and products. Here is what we are loving this month.

butter london lipstick

Butter London Moisture Matte Lipstick

Silky, sexy and perfectly matte, Butter London lipstick gives me everything I want in fall lips. Glossy is fun for summer, but for fall I have always loved matte lips. Butter London’s lipstick is impossibly matte. It’s almost dry. I love it. You can always add a clear gloss on top if you want something shiny for a night on the town.

clinique repair serum

Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Serum

Not everyone is sure exactly what skin type and issues are. I don’t have the time or money to go to a dermatologist. That’s why I love Clinique’s new Smart Serum. I does the work for me. It will fix the issues you have like dark spots, lines or firmness. It doesn’t matter if you don’t need all of the effects like uneven skintone or wrinkles. It helps everyone.

pupa concealer

Pupa Cover Cream Concealer

I love this Pupa Concealer because it’s no fuss. I twist up the cream, apply where I need it and forget about it. That’s exactly what you want in a concealer, something you can forget about and trust.

marcelle cleansing water

Marcelle 3 in 1 Micellar Solution

This liquid cleans, removes makeup and soothes skin easily. I love it because it doesn’t make my skin feel dry or greasy. My face just feels clean and dry. It’s great for late nights too because I don’t need to rinse.

beyonce heat rush

Beyonce Heat Rush Perfume

Ok, I know this isn’t new. I’ve had this perfume for a while. I rarely wore it. For some reason, this month I was drawn to the orange perfume. I think it was the unseasonably warm weather that made me turn to the fruity passion fruit and blood orange scent. I have never gotten so many compliments on my perfume. Everyone from my boyfriend to best friend was telling me how great I smell. Thanks Bey for making this summer end with a bang!

Ceramic Glaze Venetian Masquerade Review + Swatches

Going into fall I’m noticing that we’re definitely getting away from bright creme nail polish and heading into metallics and chromes and satins. The Venetian Masquerade collection from Ceramic Glaze is definitely heading in that direction. There are a whole lots of satins, and almost chromes and some microglitter. Not a creme in sight. All of the swatches are two coats and Ceramic Glaze Fast Drying Top Coat.
Behind The Disguise
Ceramic Glaze Behind The Disguise Swatch
Behind The Disguise is my favourite shade of the collection. It’s a shimmery olive green and looks fantastic with a matte topcoat.
Bella Donna
Ceramic Glaze Bella Donna Swatch
Bella Donna is a rose shimmer, almost a microglitter that’s a little darker than the photo shows. It’s really really pretty.
Capes And Cloakes
Ceramic Glaze Capes And Cloakes Swatch
Capes And Cloakes is the last shade we got and was worth waiting for. A mid toned violet shimmer, it’s not the typical fall shade but it completely fits in the collection.
La Mascherata
Ceramic Glaze La Mascherata Swatch
If you’re looking for a dark rose nail polish that’s just a little different, this one’s for you. The texture is hard to describe, somewhere between a microglitter and a chrome, this shade is gorgeous.
La Nebbia
Ceramic Glaze La Nebbia Swatch
La Nebbia was the biggest surprise for me. More of a pewter than a silver, it just looked so classy when I was wearing it but with a tiny bit of edge.
Masked In Mystery
Ceramic Glaze Masked In Mystery Swatch
Masked In Mystery is a deep royal blue shimmer that’s perfect for the upcoming holiday season.
Venetian Masquerade
Ceramic Glaze Venetian Masquerade Swatch
I’ve been seeing a ton of metallic and chrome silver shades lately but nothing like Venetian Masquerade. It literally looks like you poured real molten silver on your nails.
Visions Of Venice
Ceramic Glaze Visions Of Venice Swatch
Visions Of Venice should have been my favourite shade since I love bronzes for fall but this one just didn’t do it for me. It was the only formula I had application problems with and something about the shade just doesn’t work for me.

Overall I love this collection, it’s just so pretty. I feel like Ceramic Glaze is such an underrated brand and hope more people try them soon because they make great polish.

One Direction Take Me Home Kit Review

*Sponsored Post*
One Direction Take Me Home Kit
I’ve listened to One Direction a few time but not enough to call myself a fan. I’m over 30 so I’m probably not the target audience for a One Direction makeup line but when we had the chance to review one of the kits I was curious enough to try it.
One Direction Take Me Home Open
There are three One Direction makeup kits; Midnight Memories, Up All Night and Take Me Home. We got Take Me Home which seems to be the more neutral, daytime collection. I believe all the shades are names of One Direction songs.
One Direction Take Me Home Products
The kit includes an eyeshadow palette with shades Back For You, Change My Mind, C’Mon C’Mon, Little Things and Take Me Home; a sheer pink lipstick in Last First Kiss; an orangey glow in the dark lip gloss called Kiss You, a black mascara (Little Black Dress), a brown eye and body crayon (I Wish), a gold glitter nail polish (Live While We’re Young) and a stencil kit to decorate yourself.

One Direction Take Me Home Swatches

Kiss You, Last First Kiss, I Wish, Back For You, Change My Mind, C’Mon C’Mon, Little Things, Take Me Home

The makeup itself was a lot better than I expected it to be. The shadows were pretty well pigmented, although there was a little chalkiness and the crayon, which was my favourite in the kit was super creamy and easy to use. The lipstick however broke the first time I tried to use it.  There are also tips on how to use each product in the kit.

I might not have bought this kit on my own but I’m happy to see that the makeup is of a decent quality and the teens that will flock in droves to buy these will get some good looks out of it. If you know a One Direction fan, this kit would make a amazing present.

You can get more information at the Makeup by One Direction Facebook page.

Racinne Ultimate Hydra Perfection Review

Racinne Ultimate Hydra Perfection Collection
So many skin care products claim to be gentle but very few are actually gentle enough for sensitive skin and are still effective. Luckily Racinne’s Ultimate Hydra Perfection line does exactly what it says it will.
Gentle Cleansing Foam
Racinne Gentle Cleansing Foam
This might be the softest cleanser I’ve ever used. It doesn’t get a super thick foam, more of a light one but you can feel it cleaning your skin. It doesn’t leave your skin feeling stripped and dry, just clean and soft.
Gentle Refining Scrub Mask
Racinne Gentle Refining Scrub Mask

I don’t know if I would actually call this a mask or a scrub. Sure you leave it on for a few minutes and it does exfoliate but you really don’t notice that it’s doing anything until after you take it off. If you love a good scrub, this is not for you but if you need to exfoliate and your skin is too sensitive to go with the more traditional route, I’m betting you won’t have any issues with this one.
Defense Illuminating Cream
Racinne Ultimate Defense Illuminating Cream
This cream is pretty thick and you really only need a tiny bit to get some serious moisturization. I noticed I had a pretty decent glow a few minutes after applying it for the first time and every time after that, so the illuminating part of the name is a pretty good claim.

With most of the skin care I try on my sensitive, combination skin I usually end up with red patches or I don’t get balanced enough. Racinne’s Ultimate Hydra Perfection didn’t cause any of that and was actually gentle enough that I didn’t have any kind of reaction. Will it be strong enough for the dryness of winter? I don’t know for sure but I’m betting it is.

Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow Review

Make Up For Ever Palette Closed
Make Up For Ever eyeshadows have had a cult following for years and considering the quality of them, they could’ve been left alone. But for the 30th anniversary of the brand they decided to redo them and introduce the Artist Shadow range. I recently had a chance to go to a Make Up For Ever event and make my own palette.
Make Up For Ever Palette Open
With 210 shades in 5 finishes (matte, satin, metal, iridescent and diamond), choosing shades was easier said than done. What made is easier (and will make it just as easy when shopping) was the new numbering system for the shades that follows the colour wheel. I ended up choosing I-514 Iridescent Pink Ivory, M-548 Pink Gray (matte) and ME-304 Emerald (metallic).
Make Up For Ever Shadow Swatches
If MUFE had great shadows before, they fabulous now. They’re buildable, highly pigmented and have minimal fallout. They blend so easily that it’s easy to get any look you want and with 210 shades the options are pretty much endless. This might be the start of my Artist Shadow collection but it definitely won’t be the end.

Quo Complexion Correcting Primer


There are many of these multi-hued primers on the market to reduce redness and brighten your skin tone. While I love Quo, I wouldn’t recommend this primer as the one to buy.

I had high hopes for this multi-coloured cream. When I applied it in the morning, my face started shiny. As the cream dried, the shine went away, but nothing else did.

The redness was still there. My face didn’t look any different. There’s unfortunately nothing more to say.

Caudalie Parfum Divin Review

Caudalie Parfum Divin
If you’re already a fan of Caudalie’s Divine Oil, you’ve probably wanted a matching perfume to do with it. And you’re in luck because Parfum Divin is basically the same scent. With a blend of rose, musk and vanilla it’s a much more delicate scent than you might expect but it also stands up for every day wear.

This is the perfect perfume if you want to smell good but not ‘perfumey.’ It has a clean and fresh scent that doesn’t necessarily scream, “I’m wearing perfume” right away. Layered with Divine Oil the scent is a little stronger and lasts a really long time. I was still catching whiffs of it after wearing it almost 12 hours.

If you love scent but hate when they’re too strong or you just want to smell amazing, Parfum Divin is definitely the way to go.

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Hair Care Collection

dove dry oil

There is nothing better than getting compliments on your hair, am I right? After using the Dove Dry Oil shampoo, condition and oil just one time, the compliments kept pouring in.

Hair oils are more than just a trend. At this point, every woman does (or should) have some variety of oil in their arsenal. Dove has joined the ranks of affordable hair oils with their Dry Oil collection that includes a shampoo, creamy conditioner and silky Macadamia Oil.

When I was using the shampoo and conditioner I didn’t think much of it. It seemed like any other drug store brand. I feared that it would be oily and greasy, but the product was thick and creamy instead. The scent of macadamia oil was soft and light. I applied the oil onto my damp hair post shower. It all seemed to act fairly normal.

As my hair dried the true beauty was revealed. My hair was soft and smooth. My colour looked richer and more vibrant than ever before. Instead of frizz, I had soft natural waves. My hair was light and so soft to the touch. Everything about it was perfect. It was so easy to manage. Everyone started complimenting me on my gorgeous shiny hair.

Dove is all about helping women embrace their inner natural beauty. This Dry Oil hair care collection has definitely helped me love my hair again!

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