Clinique Chubby Stick Cheek Colour Balm Review

Clinique Chubby Stick Cheek Colour Balm
I’ve been using Clinique’s Chubby Sticks on my lips for what feels like forever and I love how easy they are. Clinique’s new Chubby Sticks Cheek Colour Balm is just as easy. The packaging is almost identical (the cheek balms are thicker) and they just glide on your skin.
Clinique Chubby Stick Cheek Colour Balm Open
You don’t need any tools except your fingers. Just dot the shade you like along your cheekbones, blend in with your fingers and you’re done.

Clinique Chubby Stick Cheek Colour Balm Swatches

Roly Poly Posy, Amp’d Up Apple, Robust Rhubarb, Plumped Up Peony

They go on pretty sheer but build up for more colour if you want it. The Cheek Colour Balm only comes in four shades but they’re universally flattering, so there’s a shade out there for everyone. I’ve tried mixing a couple shades together and since they blend so easily, I got great results.

Clinique made the Chubby Sticks Cheek Colour Balms so easy to use even the most makeup challenged can use them without looking overdone.

Revlon ColorStay Moisture Stain Review


Lip stains were really popular two years ago, but lately everything has been either glossy lips or classic matte lipstick. Revlon is bringing back the stain with their ColorStay Moisture Stain.

Revlon’s ColorStay Moisture Stain goes on like a lip gloss. It’s thick, but smooth. The colors seem dark, but they go on thin. This means they can be suitable for everything from a day in the office to a night on the town.

The lip stain dries quickly leaving you with dry matte lips packed with colour. You can leave this look or add a gloss over top for a patent appearance. Personally, I am a huge fan of the matte stain.

There is only one problem with Revlon’s ColorStay Stain and it’s the colour staying part. The stain doesn’t last as long as some others. The great rich colour seems to fade fast. Now you need to decide if you want colour now or long lasting for later.

Nail Polish Remover Most Wanted

Nail Polish Remover Most Wanted
We go through a ton of nail polish remover around here since we get a lot of nail polish and do swatches for all of them. These are our Most Wanted nail polish removers.

Quo Nail Polish Remover Pump
This is my daily polish remover. I like the ease of the pump and the acetone based remover does a good job of getting most polishes off pretty easily.

Formula X For Sephora Delete Nail Polish Remover
If you have glitter or any other hard to remove polish on, you need this remover. It gets the toughest, glittery polishes off in seconds. No tin foil needed.

CND Shellac Power Polish Nourishing Remover
Since most polish removers smell awful, this melon scented remover is great for someone whose nose is a little sensitive. It doesn’t smell like polish remover at all but still does a great job of getting polish off easily.

Butter London Scrubbers
These polish remover wipes are great for travelling. I usually use two to get all my polish off but the texture of these wipes do a great job of prepping your nails for new polish.

Trust Fund Beauty

Trust Fund Beauty Box
I’m constantly on the lookout for new nail polish brands, especially Canadian ones. So when I found Trust Fund Beauty I was eager to try them. They’re 5+ free, vegan, non-toxic and they have an edge. This is not a boring company. With polish names like Bitch, Please!, Not Fair, Don’t Care and Pretty In Kink; they bring fun and attitude to their polish. I was hoping the actual polish would live up to the attitude and it absolutely does. If I could design a polish brush, this would be it. It’s long, thin and super flexible and it made polishing a dream. All the swatches are two coats and a topcoat.
Sex Tape
Trust Fund Beauty Sex Tape Swatch
I wish I had Sex Tape at the beginning of the summer, because this would’ve been my go to shade. It’s a hot pink creme that screams summer to me. It went on really smoothly, with no issues at all.
I  Love My #Selfie
Trust Fund Beauty I Love My #Selfie Swatch
I Love My #Selfie is a classic red creme. It didn’t have the opacity that Sex Tape did but it built up really nicely with super thin coats.
Resting Bitch Face
Trust Fund Beauty Resting Bitch Face Swatch
Resting Bitch Face isn’t available for sale yet, Trust Fund told me it will be soon. I’m completely obsessed with this one. It’s a green/purple duochrome. The swatch doesn’t even begin to show to amazing this polish is in real life. It constantly changes every time you move your hand or go into different lighting. I went almost a week without any tip wear.

Trust Fund Beauty is basically the polish company I’ve been waiting to find. The combination of great polish, great brush, attitude and non-toxic is quickly making them my new favourite brand. I already have a list of other shades I want to try.
You can get more information on Trust Fund here.

Dr. Jart BB Cream Review


Dr. Jart is a master at skin care, so the next reasonable step is for us to start trusting them with our face makeup. Their line of BB Cream is promising to have something for everyone. There is the Black Label Detox (Age defense and hide blemishes), Water Fuse (Moisturizing), Radiance (Brightening and protecting), and Renewalist (Brightening and anti-aging). We were lucky enough to try them all to see the differences.

All of Dr. Jart’s BB Cream wear very nicely. The smooth consistency spreads on your skin easily. It is light coverage. It doesn’t feel heavy on your face. It doesn’t provide perfect coverage. I still needed my everyday concealer and powder to finish the job.

Overall, I didn’t notice much of a difference between each of the bb cream. The Water Fuse moisturizing BB Cream feels most different. It is thicker than the others. It felt tacky on my skin and dried slowly. You can feel that this is the moisturizing cream. The other creams all feel relatively similar. Even though they are the same, they are still worth a try if you need something that will protect your skin.

O&M Hair Care Review


The first time I visited O&M’s website, I was hooked. O&M stands for Original Mineral. This Australian hair care brand believes that your hair is better being free from stress. They started with clean hair colour, but their product range is so much more than that now.

Since I couldn’t choose just one or even two products, O&M’s brilliant publicist sent me their Mini Minerals collection that has five travel size products from the range. The set includes the Original Detox Shampoo, Hydrate & Conquer Shampoo, Hydrate & Conquer Conditioner, The Power Base Protein Masque and Seven Day Miracle Moisture Masque.

I started with the Detox shampoo to refresh my hair. The shampoo is minty and refreshing in the shower. It smells strong and made my scalp tingly. My hair felt clean, but not dry and stripped.

The Hydrate & Conquer line is more of your everyday shampoo & conditioner. It has a mellow scent and is packed full of vitamins. My hair loved the conditioner. I was surprised by how runny the O&M products were. They were almost watery in their consistency.

The masques were my final test. I loved these and so did my hair. They were thick and sweet smelling. They absorbed right into my hair when I applied them. I could almost feel my hair sucking in all of the nutrients. My hair felt silky smooth once it was all rinsed. I will be seriously disappointed when I run out of these minis.

o.b Tampons Give Us One Period + Giveaway

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ob box
We’ve been talking about periods more than we’d ever planned on but after posting our Stayfree Challenge (see the post here) we’re a little more comfortable with it. o.b. Tampons have been around for 50 years and while you don’t see as much advertising for them as much as you do with other brands, you still probably know quite a bit about them.
ob open
What makes o.b. stand out is the lack of applicator. If you’re someone who gets easily embarrassed about having to carry around pads or tampons, o.b. tampons are so tiny no one will even notice you holding one. As small as they are, they work really well. It takes a little while to get the hang of using them but once you do it’s like using any other tampon but without all the extra garbage. Perfect for the girls who are a little more environmentally friendly!

o.b. is running their Give Us One Period campaign right now. You can go to to rate and review the tampons and find out more information on them. You can also join the conversation on Twitter at ob_Canada and win prizes, make sure you use the hashtag #giveusoneperiod. To celebrate the campaign, we’re giving away packages of o.b. so you can try them for yourself!

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Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara Box
My eyelashes are basically white without mascara so I’m always on the hunt for the blackest mascara possible. When Urban Decay announced the release of Perversion mascara with the tagline of Bigger, Blacker, Badder, I was definitely interested in seeing how dark it actually was.
Urban Decay Perversion Mascara Brush
The Perversion brush is pretty big and doesn’t have any fancy curves or balls. This is a straightforward mascara brush, but don’t underestimate it, there’s some serious volume power in it. The only thing I didn’t love about Perversion was how wet the formula is. I have to do some cleanup after I apply it, every single time.
Urban Decay Perversion Mascara Swatch
The photo shows you how well it works though. The eye on the left has two coats of Perversion and the eye on the right has no mascara. You can see how dramatic the difference is. And you can pile on as many coats as you want. So far I haven’t hit a clump stage. Perversion is definitely a keeper.

CND Vinylux Modern Folklore Collection

With fall nail polish collections starting to pop up everywhere there are very few where I fall in love with every shade immediately. So far CND Vinylux’s Modern Folklore is it. While CND is best known for Shellac, Vinylux is the weekly version for those of us with nail polish commitment issues. The polish lasts a week and comes with its own topcoat and dries in under ten minutes and not having to use a base coat makes doing your nails even quicker. I had very few issues with this line and all swatches are two coats and the Vinylux top coat.
Plum Paisley
CND Vinylux Modern Folklore Plum Paisley Swatch
Plum Paisley is a really deep plum with a touch of shimmer. I did have a little bit of streakiness but it leveled out pretty well.
Crimson Sash
CND Vinylux Modern Folklore Crimson Sash Swatch
I’m completely obsessed with this shimmering red shade. It makes me think of ruby slippers and I didn’t want to take it off.
Fine Vermillion
CND Vinylux Modern Folklore Fine Vermillion Swatch
This burnt orange shade is quintessential fall. It has some shimmer to it and application was the best of all the shades.
Rose Brocade
CND Vinylux Modern Folklore Rose Brocade Swatch
Rose Brocade is a deep rose shade that’s bordering on a jelly texture. It took some doing to get rid of the visible nail line but the shade is gorgeous.
Locket Love
CND Vinylux Modern Folklore Locket Love Swatch
Locket Love is like painting your nails with gold. It had a slightly bumpy texture but nothing that really bothered me.
Indigo Frock
CND Vinylux Modern Folklore Indigo Frock
Indigo Frock is a deep navy creme that just looks so perfect for fall. It was the only one that probably could’ve gotten away with one coat but looked so much better with two.

Previously I hadn’t really loved the Vinylux shades I’d tried but CND hit it out of the park for me with the Modern Folklore collection. There isn’t a shade I wouldn’t wear over and over again and the formulations were great. It’s going to be really hard for the other fall collections to beat this one.

L’Oreal Colour Riche Wet Quad Eyeshadow

L'Oreal Colour Riche Wet Eyeshadow Quad
I love when eyeshadow shades are sold together, whether it’s a duo, quad or palette. It makes the work of picking shades that go together that much easier. L’Oreal’s new Colour Riche Quads are a little different than the typical drugstore quad. These ones work better when the brush is a little wet, giving you gel eyeshadow feel with the blendability of a powder. It’s really the best of both worlds and they go on gorgeously. They blend really well and if you apply with a wet brush, once they’re dry they last a really long time without fading.
Absolute Taupe
L'Oreal Colour Riche Eyeshadow Quad Absolute Taupe Swatch
Absolute Taupe is a perfect neutral brown quad. The swatch is wet but you can lower the intensity of the shades by applying them dry.
Rose Nude
L'Oreal Colour Riche Eyeshadow Quad Rose Nude Swatch
Rose Nude is by far my favourite, I’ve been using it constantly both wet and dry and the colours are just so pretty.
Incredible Grey
L'Oreal Colour Riche Eyeshadow Quad Incredible Grey Swatch
Incredible Grey is the perfect quad for a traditional smoky eye and once we’re back into fall this is the one I’m going to be reaching for often.
There are eight quads to pick from and L’Oreal has done a great job picking shades that work for everyone. I love the versatility of these and they’ve quickly become a staple in my makeup routine.

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