There are very few things on this earth more relaxing than a great facial. You can imagine my excitement as I headed to the Pure + Simple Spa in Toronto Yorkville neighbourhood for their signature Pure + Simple Facial after a particularly stressful week.

The location is nice, but lacking in a lot of personality, since I know that Pure + Simple is all about their natural products, I expected in interior of the store to say something about that. They did have tons of products though and really friendly staff willing to help me with anything I could possibly want.

I had other plans though and headed in for my facial. I was in for a treat. I don’t have sensitive skin, and I was glad when my face got pampered, but not babied. I really felt like every step of my facial was deep cleaning my skin.

The massage portion of the facial is always the best, but Pure + Simple has the best of the best. I didn’t want the neck and scalp massage to end!

When I left my skin felt so moisturized and dewy. Anyone who has dry skin should pop into Pure + Simple because my skin has never felt so moisturized in my entire life. I was a bit red and splotchy, but that is to be expected when you have had a deep cleaning. More than clean, I felt refreshed.

This is one spa ritual you need to try for yourself.

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