This summer nails are pretty much all about neon. The collections are so similar but Ceramic Glaze’s Island Paradise collection stood out to me for a couple reasons. 1) the colours are gorgeous and they’re all super bright. Like see them from across the street bright. And for the most part they’re all pretty flattering for most skin tones. 2) These not only dry fast but completely matte. For the swatches I’ve done two coats and the Ceramic Glaze top coat. If you don’t want to leave these matte I would suggest using a different top coat, the Ceramic Glaze one was actually my biggest complaint about the whole collection. The brush took out huge chunks of nail polish and I had to redo a lot of nails.

Exotic Dragon Fruit
Ceramic Glaze Exotic Dragon Fruit Swatch
This was used by both of us and is by far one of our favourite shades for summer. It’s the perfect hot pink with a little shimmer and looks amazing both matte and with a shine.

I’m On Island Time
Ceramic Glaze I'm On Island Time Swatch
This is a really pretty summer peach shade, only super neon. I want to go back and use this one with white under it just to see how bright I can get it.

Lychee Cocktail
Ceramic Glaze Lychee Cocktail Swatch
Another hot pink, only this one’s a little more neon and with a little less shimmer.

Ceramic Glaze Moji-Toes Swatch
I don’t have a green anywhere close to this in my collection. It’s a full on neon green and it’s BRIGHT. Next time I use this it’ll probably be as tips on a french manicure.

Shell Me About It
Ceramic Glaze Shell Me About It
This is by far my favourite shade in the collection and the first Radiant Orchid shade I’ve seen all season that I love. I’m going to be using this one a lot.

Solar Radiance
Ceramic Glaze Solar Radiance Swatch
This is a super bright true orange. It’s the only one I had opacity issues with, I just couldn’t get away from the visible nail line. And while that usually doesn’t bug me, for some reason it did with this one.

Watermelon Cooler
Ceramic Glaze Watermelon Cooler Swatch
This was a really nice, light teal. It was just as bright as the others but didn’t seem quite so neon.

I love everything about this collection. Every shade is super summery and could work as either a mani or pedi colour. The cream shades go on really smoothly and the shimmery shades were almost as good. I see a lot of empty bottles in my future.

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