When I visited Blo Dry Bar, I fell in love with my blow out, but it was bittersweet. You have probably had the same experience. You get a great blow out, but it doesn’t last. So instead of fretting, I asked the pros at Blo Dry Bar how to make my blow dry last longer. Since every woman suffers the same issue, I decided to share their tips with you.

How to make your blow dry last longer:

Step 1 – A great way to make your ‘do last longer is to use dry shampoo in the morning. It not only absorbs natural oils and volumizes your hair when it is weighed down with oil and product, it also smells yummy! Celebs like Kelly Ripa and Jennifer Garner use dry shampoo to maintain their blo outs, and stylists use this style secret when coifing models for the runway. Spray at root around the head, lifting hair to get in close to the roots. Work through with brush and blast with the heat of a blow dryer. Style as usual.

Step 2 – At night, twist your hair on top of your head and clip or flip your head upside down and secure in a hairnet (remember to spray and bobby pin securely!) to keep your style bouncy. Rest your head on a satin pillowcase to prevent snags. Sleep.

Step 3 – If all else fails, there is always the perfect pony!

Other tips include:

• To prevent weighed down locks, start with uber-clean hair. Use a purifying shampoo and only a dab of conditioner on the ends of your hair. Make sure you choose your products according to your hair type. For finer hair, use product sparingly, for thicker hair be more generous.

• The key to a smooth mane is to make sure your hair is blown out completely dry and finished with a blast of cold air. Any moisture left in your hair will cause instant frizz. P.S. Always use shower cap when in the shower or bath!

• A little backcombing around your crown goes a long way when it comes to extending your blo out. An extra tease will ensure that your blo out stays red carpet-ready for days.

• Once styled, set your coif with a mist of Aerogel (our fave!) and don’t touch for 10 minutes. The longer your style sets, the longer it will last.

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