We love finding new spas, salons and nail places but KS Beauty Lounge is something we haven’t tried before. They specialize in eyebrows, eyelashes and makeup. We had the option of choosing what we wanted to try from their services list. Stephanie chose eyebrows (and ended up adding on makeup) and Alyssa chose eyelashes.

I got my brows done first. I am quite proud and happy of my natural brows, so they only usually need minor maintenance to keep them looking clean. Maryam from KS Beauty Lounge totally understood and made me feel comfortable that she wouldn’t go in heavy handed. I lay down and let her do her work. This was probably one of the most gentle brow jobs that I have ever had done. She did a little waxing and tweezing to clean up my eye brows. It barely hurt at all. She told me I could say “ow” but compared to other waxings this was nothing.

After, she sent me off to Joey to get my makeup done. You need to understand that a week before this appointment, I was hit in the face by a baseball at my baseball game. So I was suffering from a serious black eye. The swelling was down and it didn’t hurt, it was just embarrassing. I asked him to work his magic! Joey explained to me while doing up my face with a light airbrush foundation, that KS Beauty Lounge developed all of their own makeup. It’s used by pros in the business, but anyone can go in and get their makeup done for an event. Unlike most other professional makeup, nothing felt heavy or thick. My skin felt like I could breathe. He was great at asking me what I wanted and was comfortable with wearing. He wanted to know what I usually wore and what trends I was into, so he could give me a look that I loved. When he was finished I was shocked and amazed. He had almost completely covered up and hidden my black eye. He turned the shades of purple on my eyelid into the base for a light purple smoky eye. And that pink lip was fab! But it was nothing compared to what Alyssa was getting done in the other room.

I love all things eyelashes so I went in for ‘something eyelashes.’ Maryam decided to give me the Truly Natural Lash Extension set. My own lashes are pretty long so I’d never really thought about extensions before but they’re almost completely white and I didn’t realize that extensions alone could make them darker. Maryam had me lie on the table after I took all my makeup off and told me it would take about an hour. She placed hydrating eye pads on my eyes to protect my lower lashes but also to keep my eyes closed.

KS Beauty Lounge eyelashes done
No mascara!

Seriously, the whole process was a lot easier than I ever expected, while she was attaching the extensions to my own eyelashes I almost fell asleep and to be honest if I hadn’t heard Stephanie talking and taking pictures of what was happening to me I could’ve slept through the whole thing. The end result was amazing. My eyelashes were longer than I can even accomplish with false lashes and were so dark it looked like I was wearing mascara. And that was the natural set. I was given a clean mascara wand and told to comb my lashes every morning because they can tangle and they really do but combing them out fixed everything.

Most lash extensions last about a month before they need a refill and in the first week it was a great experience. I woke up every morning looking like I was wearing mascara and found I needed a lot less makeup to look ‘done’ but then I ran into the snag. I have crazy allergies in the summer and with the humidity it gets worse. Just past the first week with the extensions my eyes went crazy with my allergies and while I was sleeping my eyes were so itchy I basically rubbed my eyes to the point where most of my extensions, and some of my own lashes, came off completely. But while I didn’t have the greatest overall experience with my extensions I would definitely try them again in the winter when allergies don’t take over my life and I can keep them on longer. I would even go to the next step and get the Luxurious Lashes or Lash To The Max set.

Maryam and Joey worked their magic on both of us and everyone there was completely welcoming. We had a great experience and can’t wait to get back to KS Beauty Lounge to try something else.

You can find more information on KS Beauty Lounges, their services and locations here.

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