Pistol Polish June 2014 Arrive
Pistol Polish is a nail polish subscription service that isn’t really like any of the others I’ve tried or seen. For $17.99 a month or $199.99 a year you get two nail polishes. As far as I can tell, you can’t pick the colours you want or get any random beauty products with it. It’s just straightforward nail polish in colours that are aimed at whatever trends are going on. I was really excited to try Pistol Polish because I liked the colours I’d seen online and I love the Pistol attitude of the company. So when Pistol offered to send us the June box I was all over it.
Pistol Polish June 2014 Description
The first thing I noticed was the descriptions of the polishes that came on the back of the box. Each description really cute and was dead on in explaining the thought process for each polish. The next thing I noticed was how complimentary the polishes were. You could easily use both together and create some amazing nail art. And they’re definitely beachy.
True Grit, I’ve Got It On
Pistol Polish June 2014 True Grit, I've Got It
I’m not a huge fan of textured polish, mainly because taking it off is too much work but True Grit, I’ve Got It On is a pretty shade that really looks like sand. It wasn’t too hard to get off either.
Vivacious And Tenacious
Pistol Polish June 2014 Vivacious And Tenacious
This is my ideal colour for summer. I don’t have a shade of green that’s this perfect a mint. It went on really well with no streaking and looked perfect after two coats. I’ve already used it twice since I’ve gotten it and I’m scared for the day when I run out.

I’m so impressed by Pistol Polish, the shipping didn’t take long, the colours are gorgeous and they’re so easy to apply without issues. I wish they had a store on their site where you can buy polish from previous months but I’ll definitely be getting more. Since I loved my experience with Pistol so much I did a short interview with Founder and CEO of Pistol Polish L.T. Niosi Brady.

Why did you choose to go into nail polish and did you have any experience with if before?
We chose nail polish because we were drawn to the unique creative aspect of this particular cosmetic – a woman can experiment with her nails more freely than eyeshadow, for example, and be more open to trying new colors, textures, nail art, ad techniques that she may not try in other cosmetics.
Why a subscription box and not a traditional online store?
We love subscription services because we’re intrigued by discovery retail, which is the concept that subscription services can expose customers to something that they may not have tried otherwise.
Why ‘Pistol Polish?’
If you mean why did we pick the name “PISTOL polish” it’s because we love the dual meaning of “pistol” — a pistol woman is a spitfire!
How would you describe a Pistol woman?
 A “PISTOL woman” is a woman who dreams of what she wants to become – whatever that may be – and devotes her life to making that dream a reality.  She chases her dreams every damn day.
How do you choose what shades you’ll send out each month?
The shades are selected based on color trend studies – we look at what is going on in fashion, current events, and of course cosmetics – and make our decision based on that information.

You can sign up for Pistol Polish here.

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