The Ten Spot quickly grew from a small boutique nail salon to the must visit salon for the busy woman who wants a manicure, pedicure or waxing on the go. We asked Leslie Ferranti, in-house esthetician expert at The Ten Spot for her tips and tricks for nails for the rest of the summer.

get nailed taupe

What are your favourite colours for summer 2014 and why?

It is so hard to choose just a couple, but for summer 2014 I am loving sand tones like our Get Nailed I’m Taupe Sexy For My Shirt, anything purple like Get Nailed Grape Smuggler and neons are super fun for summer.

What are the biggest mistakes women make when doing at home manicures?

When doing at home manicures the most common mistakes that are made are cutting your cuticles too short, which usually happens because you don’t have the proper tools at home. Not using a top and base coat can also make or break your at home manicure.


What nail or cuticle treatments would you recommend investing in?

Some of my favourite products to have at home are nail strengthener, like Nail Envy by OPI. It helps keeps my nails strong in between manicures. Also investing in regular manicures is great for your overall nail health.

essie super duper top coat

What are your favourite base coats and top coats?

The Ten Spot has its own brand of in house nail polish called Get Nailed and our Quick Dry Top Coat and Bottoms Up Base Coat are some of the best out there! But I also love the Ridge Filling Base Coat by Essie and the SuperDuper Top Coat.

Is there any nail art you would recommend?

Absolutely! Nail art that looks simple and classic and totally wearable for work is always on trend. At The Ten Spot we do something called #GetTheLook. Each month we create a new nail art trend that is simple and promote it through that month!

Do you have any tricks for applying or removing glitter and textured polishes?

Working with glitter polishes can be difficult. While it looks so pretty and sparkly it can be a bit of a pain to remove. Always remember to use a base coat with glitter polishes this will help it come off easier when it is time to change your colour.  Another tip I like to use is when using acetone based nail polish at home, you want to saturate your cotton pad in acetone and let it sit on the nail for 30-40 seconds, this will help the polish come off easier.

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