With fall nail polish collections starting to pop up everywhere there are very few where I fall in love with every shade immediately. So far CND Vinylux’s Modern Folklore is it. While CND is best known for Shellac, Vinylux is the weekly version for those of us with nail polish commitment issues. The polish lasts a week and comes with its own topcoat and dries in under ten minutes and not having to use a base coat makes doing your nails even quicker. I had very few issues with this line and all swatches are two coats and the Vinylux top coat.
Plum Paisley
CND Vinylux Modern Folklore Plum Paisley Swatch
Plum Paisley is a really deep plum with a touch of shimmer. I did have a little bit of streakiness but it leveled out pretty well.
Crimson Sash
CND Vinylux Modern Folklore Crimson Sash Swatch
I’m completely obsessed with this shimmering red shade. It makes me think of ruby slippers and I didn’t want to take it off.
Fine Vermillion
CND Vinylux Modern Folklore Fine Vermillion Swatch
This burnt orange shade is quintessential fall. It has some shimmer to it and application was the best of all the shades.
Rose Brocade
CND Vinylux Modern Folklore Rose Brocade Swatch
Rose Brocade is a deep rose shade that’s bordering on a jelly texture. It took some doing to get rid of the visible nail line but the shade is gorgeous.
Locket Love
CND Vinylux Modern Folklore Locket Love Swatch
Locket Love is like painting your nails with gold. It had a slightly bumpy texture but nothing that really bothered me.
Indigo Frock
CND Vinylux Modern Folklore Indigo Frock
Indigo Frock is a deep navy creme that just looks so perfect for fall. It was the only one that probably could’ve gotten away with one coat but looked so much better with two.

Previously I hadn’t really loved the Vinylux shades I’d tried but CND hit it out of the park for me with the Modern Folklore collection. There isn’t a shade I wouldn’t wear over and over again and the formulations were great. It’s going to be really hard for the other fall collections to beat this one.

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