Stacey Staley

Fall is definitely a transitional time for hair. We go from the summer’s humidity heading into winter’s dryness. We had the chance to ask Kérastase’s Artistic Director Stacey Staley to give us some tips.

What’s your first memory of doing hair? Was it always something that interested you?
My first memory of doing hair would be when I was about 3 or 4 years old. My great grandmother used to set her hair in rollers once a week, and she would let me comb her hair and put rollers in. She always bought professional salon products and I would use them at bath time. I developed a liking to quality shampoos and conditioners at a very early age!
What are your favourite hair trends right now?
I really love the wet looks and spin on 90’s grunge looks that have a prettier spin this time. The hair is smooth and straight, but not flat and greasy like the first time around.  And I love the pastel and bright colors that women are experimenting with right now. So fun!
Are there any hair trends right now that you wish would just stop?
I am really over bad hair extensions. I love extensions, and wear them myself, however, the poorly blended and bad color matched ones need to STOP! You cannot go cheap on extensions!
What are your pet peeves when it comes to hair?
It makes me crazy when clients fight their natural texture and want to have a stick straight style. Put down your flat iron ladies! It will save you time and frustration to learn to work and love your natural hair type!
What hair product(s) can you absolutely not live without?
I am hooked on the new Kerastase Discipline line. They smell amazing, it doesn’t weigh down my naturally fine hair and it helps control my frizzies and unruly bits at the same time. Everyone needs a bottle of Fluidissme!
Coming out of summer, a lot of us have sun damaged hair. What’s the best way to repair it, short of cutting it all off?
I recommend that you switch up your at home care and go with something more moisturizing and reparative. Also, Fusio Dose treatments from Kerastase are the best thing to do in salon with a micro trim.  Your hair will look and feel amazing. And they are a great way to prepare your hair for winter, which is so drying!
What styles should we be looking into for the fall and holiday season?
For the fall winter runway, there are a lot of pony tail looks and sleek styles. The hair is glamorous and glossy. I can see the hair trends for the season moving away from the beachy waves and braids that we have been doing for the past few seasons.
What products should we all have as essentials?
Fluidissme! I just love it! However, you can’t go wrong with the classics- Nectar Thermique and Elixir Ultime.
What’s the easiest hairstyle to maintain in the colder months?
Winter is a great time for hair because there is no humidity. I always encourage clients who want to try a fringe or bangs to do a test run in the winter. Also, it is a great time to create lift and volume with layers for the same reason. Styling them are easier, and you can have your fun and grow them out before summer starts and hair gets more natural movement.

The Discipline line from Kérastase is available in salons now.


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