L’Oreal has added something new to the BB Cream landscape with their Magic Skin Beautifier. These BB creams are targeted to specific skin care needs. The cream comes in anti-fatigue and anti-redness versions of the makeup.

As if that wasn’t good enough, these BB creams come in a universal shade that is supposed to transform to your skin tone. They come in green and orange hues that change on your face.

I love these BB creams. They are so light and airy. They never feel heavy on my face. I don’t often need the anti-fatigue cream, but the anti-redness one is perfect for making my skin perfectly even.

There is one slight problem with the creams. They aren’t completely universal in hue. If you have light skin, skip these creams. L’Oreal has made a fair bb cream just for you, because these are not going to get light enough. These bb creams are fairly dark with a bronzed hue. If it wasn’t summer and I didn’t have a tan, these creams might even be the wrong shade for me. Test it out before you buy to make sure that it blends into the right shade for you.

If you are lucky enough to have it work for your skin, enjoy because you are in for a treat!

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