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Once a prima ballerina for the Bolshoi Ballet and a choreographer, Natalie Burn is showing no signs of slowing down in her latest role as actress. She was recently in Expendables 3 and Nymph, which premiered at Cannes this year. With ten movies in the works on her IMDB page she’s definitely busy. We recently had a chance to ask her our Most Wanted Beauty Questions.
What is your first makeup or beauty related memory?

When I was five years old, I was obsessed with bright colors, so I stole a bright red L’Oreal lipstick from my grandmother. Aside from putting it all over my face, I also tried to eat it! They say it’s “everlasting” for a reason, it was certainly not easy to remove. From then on, to appease me, my grandma would pretend to put lipstick on me. She would slide the lipstick cap over my lips but wouldn’t show me the mirror and just compliment me on how beautiful I looked!
What is your everyday morning beauty routine like?
I get ready for the day by putting on Christian Dior daily cream first thing in the morning. It moisturizes and keeps my face looking fresh throughout the whole day. As for makeup, I wear Estee Lauder foundation, use MAC products for my brows and blush, and black Dior mascara to emphasize my eyes. But my main daily routine that keeps me glowing and strong is to walk/jog with my dog three times a day and take ballet classes to exercise and stretch.
What will you never leave the house without wearing or applying?
I never leave the house without clothes on! 😉 Seriously though, I never go out without my Victoria Secret flavored “Juicy” lip gloss, a pair of flip flops just in case I need to take a break from shoes, a hair brush, my Chanel compact, my Dior eyeliner, some eye shadows by Guerlain and a jacket in case I have to get ready for dinner in my car!
L'Oreal True Match Powder
What is your budget friendly beauty secret?
I love the True Match powder from L’Oreal. It’s easy to apply, affordable, and blends perfectly with any type of skin color. You can get it at your local pharmacy.
Do you have any tricks that you have learned on sets?
Before I go into makeup on any film sets, I always use Guerlain Meterotes Perles Base Perfectrice Anti Terne Light- Diffusing Perfecting Primer. The base primer makes the makeup last longer because it is water resistant and keeps it in perfect condition so the makeup artist never has to retouch my face throughout the whole shoot. On set however, I learned how to apply foundation to make it look like I’m not wearing anything at all! The makeup artists use an airbrush – it’s super fast and blends in naturally leaving your skin looking perfect.
How do you keep your hair looking gorgeous?
I try not to use too many hot tools like curling irons on my hair because it dries it out and gives me split ends. I always use leave-in hair products to make my hair look glossy. For shampoo and conditioner, I love Kerastase. It makes my hair look fuller, shinier, and flawless.
Paco Rabanne Lady Million
Do you have a signature scent? What is it and how did you fall in love with it?
There are two perfumes that I’m in love with right now. The first is “Lady Million” by Paco Rabanne which makes a woman feel like a million dollars. The second is the most expensive perfume I’ve ever owned but it’s definitely worth having – “Love – Don’t be Shy” by Kilian. The Kilian perfume makes a woman shine bright and it makes her natural scent come through which attracts a lot of attention from the people around her.
Do you have any products or treatments that you splurge on?
I love the face cream by La Prairie. It’s amazing for your skin. It stops the aging process & reduces wrinkles. In my case, it would slow down the process of wrinkles from appearing and will help my face look younger longer. This cream is a dream come true!
What is your latest beauty obsession?
As I mentioned before, since I was a young girl, I’ve always had the urge to wear bright red lipstick. That urge has never gone away. I’ve always enjoyed experimenting with different colors. Even more so now with all these new colors by MAC, L’Oreal and Dior. I can’t wait to hit the red carpet and try something new and bold with my makeup.
Dior Addict Lip Glow
What are 5 products that are always in your makeup bag and you can’t live without and why?
1.Foundation by Givenchy makes my face look fresh, it covers the negative emotions that sometimes show on my face.
2.Victoria’s Secret lip gloss makes my lips shine.
3.Hand cream by L’Occitane always keeps my hands moisturized and feeling smooth.
4. Dior Addict lip glow (lip maximizer) — it’s a great new invention that makes my lips look fuller and sexier.
5. Star Sponsor magic bronzer brush from Lancome is a perfect way to make my face look tan no matter what the season is.
My 5 favorite products would definitely help anyone feel and look like a star

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