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We’ve been talking about periods more than we’d ever planned on but after posting our Stayfree Challenge (see the post here) we’re a little more comfortable with it. o.b. Tampons have been around for 50 years and while you don’t see as much advertising for them as much as you do with other brands, you still probably know quite a bit about them.
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What makes o.b. stand out is the lack of applicator. If you’re someone who gets easily embarrassed about having to carry around pads or tampons, o.b. tampons are so tiny no one will even notice you holding one. As small as they are, they work really well. It takes a little while to get the hang of using them but once you do it’s like using any other tampon but without all the extra garbage. Perfect for the girls who are a little more environmentally friendly!

o.b. is running their Give Us One Period campaign right now. You can go to www.giveusoneperiod.ca to rate and review the tampons and find out more information on them. You can also join the conversation on Twitter at ob_Canada and win prizes, make sure you use the hashtag #giveusoneperiod. To celebrate the campaign, we’re giving away packages of o.b. so you can try them for yourself!

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