Benefit Majorette Closed
I might be really fair but I have a ton of pink in my cheeks so I was a little skeptical about trying a blush that’s supposed to amplify your natural flush. When Benefit’s Majorette Booster Blush arrived, the first thing I noticed (other than the typical adorable Benefit packaging) was just how orange it looked. Does orange counteract redness?
Benefit Majorette Open
Majorette is a cream to powder blush and the best and I’m pretty sure, only, way to apply it is with your fingers. That also gives you control on how much you’re using. The shade is also less orange and more of a soft peach.
Benefit Majorette Swatch
The first time I tried it, I realized I was scared for nothing. The shade is so flattering on me and looks really natural. I imagine it’ll look good on pretty much anyone. It goes on sheer if you want a really soft look but you can also build it up to whatever look you want to get. Since you’re using your fingers you also have the added bonus of blendability. This cream blends better than most I’ve tried and it has some serious staying power. You can also use a powder blush on top of it for different options and even longer wear.

I love Benefit products enough to know I should’ve trusted that the blush wouldn’t make me look like a clown and I’ll remember that next time I get something in a shade that scares me.

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