I used to have a small plastic brush that helped to detangle and flatten my hair making it more manageable. I loved that brush. It was small and handy. I would bring it with me everywhere. That is how on one sad day, I dropped it out of my purse and into a public toilet. It was devastating. I clearly couldn’t use this brush again. Even though the water was clean I would always know that that brush had been in the toilet.

The next day the Tangle Teezer arrived on my doorstep. It literally couldn’t be more perfect timing.

I loved Tangle Teezer almost right away. I liked the great little size of this brush. It fit comfortably in my hand to hold with a good grip, so maybe this one wouldn’t end up in the toilet. It also comes with a cover, so that I can throw it in my brush and not worry about it getting gross.

Using the brush is interesting because the plastic bristles are so tough. I have very thick hair, so running this brush through my locks was almost a relief. It got right down to my scalp to make my hair and scalp feel loose. It scratched my head. If I had thin hair, I don’t know how it would feel. I think it would be too fierce for someone with a sensitive scalp or thin hair.

Tangle Teezer brush got right in there to smooth and untangle my hair. It’s true that it didn’t really tug at my hair or hurt when it pulled. It slipped through my thick wavy hair easily leaving it a little smooth.

The Tangle Teezer is great for mornings or quick fixes. It’s perfect for people who don’t want to fuss.

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