Things are about to get very personal because I’m about to tell you about Fuzz Wax Bar’s new service, the Vajacial.

The Vajacial is exactly what it sounds like: a facial for your vagina. It’s for women who suffer from ingrown hairs and acne in an area that can sometimes be a little uncomfortable to talk about. There aren’t really any products to help you pamper that area. If you are a waxing regular than you know that sometimes that is the one area that needs pampering the most. You don’t want to be too embarrassed to spend the night with your loved one ever.

The Fuzz Wax Bar Vajacial is there to stop all embarrassment. You get a facial, manicure, massage and pedicure, so why not pamper your vagina a little as well.
You should schedule your vajacial about 10 days after your shaving or waxing. You want the hair to have started to grow back in when you visit. This way your technician can see what is going on down there.

The name is funny and the idea of a facial for your vagina might be weird, but the process itself isn’t either of those things. If you’ve ever had a waxing, you’ll be totally comfortable, and maybe even a little relaxed. You will have to strip down, but they cover your eyes to help you relax while they exfoliate your sensitive area. They only work on the outside area, so you aren’t getting overly personal with your vajacial technician.

The extractions can be a little painful, but no more than the wax you got 10 days earlier. This is how they get your ingrown hairs out safely, so you don’t end up with scars or infections.

Next they use a special oxygen jet to help moisturize your skin. It’s totally painless and is definitely the time when you can close your eyes and relax.

Then that is! It’s over. From start to finish, the entire process only takes about 20 to 25 minutes. You will leave feeling fresh and soft. Some people might notice some redness or irritation a few days later, but it should be minimal.

With so many wax bars popping up, I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone starts offering vajacials soon. The process is so simple and easy. Everyone who is a waxing regular should get one at least once to get the invaluable advice on how they can keep their skin looking great.

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