Make Up For Ever recently introduced three new black eyeliners to their collection; Artist Liner (pencil), Ink Liner (ink/liquid) and Graphic Liner (pen). I was instantly drawn to the Graphic Liner because I love a good pen liner and can’t use liquid liner to save my life. The fact that they call it a carbon black vinyl like liner got me even more interested.

The Graphic Liner looks like a typical pen liner. It has a foam tip and it goes on pretty smoothly. When it dries it actually looks like vinyl, so if you’re looking for the typical flat black finish you definitely get a surprise.

This liner dries extremely fast and doesn’t move, even without a primer. The only thing I don’t love about it is that there’s no snap when you close it, so I’m always worried it’s open and will dry out. If you’re looking for a new black liner that’s just a little different though, this one might be it.

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