Lush Valentine's 2015
I’m not really a Valentine’s person but I’ll take any excuse for Lush to release new products. Their Valentine’s Day limited edition line has over a dozen new options, everything from lip scrubs to gifts and they all smell amazing. Everything is bright and cheery and there’s a lot of sparkle going on. These are our Most Wanted from the collection.
The Kiss Lip Gloss
Lush The Kiss Lip Balm
While I’m not a huge fan of sticking my fingers in tinted gloss or balm, The Kiss just has the barest hint of shimmery pink and it doesn’t bother me. It’s super moisturizing and smells incredibly good, it almost reminds me of Lip Smackers only better for my lips. I wish this one wasn’t limited edition because I’m pretty sure I’m going to want another one when this one is gone.
Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar
Lush Unicorn Horn
I don’t think I’ve ever associated unicorns with Valentine’s Day before, but who doesn’t want one? This Unicorn Horn is so big you definitely don’t want to use it all on one bath, there’s a good chance you can get three or four baths out of this. And with it’s calming scent and little bit of glitter you’ll want to stock up on these.
Toucan Love Gift
Lush Toucan Love Gift
I loved the Toucan Love gift before I even opened it. The paper it’s wrapped in is just so cute. Inside you get a Prince Charming shower gel which has a pomegranate/vanilla scent (if you miss Snow Fairy you might want to try it) and Cupid’s Love soap which has a really fruity passion fruit scent. This would make the perfect gift for any girl or just to keep for yourself.

It’s so hard not to get attached to Lush’s limited edition products, especially when they’re this good. But them leaving just means more room for new stuff, so stock up on these while you can!

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