There’s nothing like a spring nail polish collection to cheer me up when it’s gray and snowy outside and CND’s Vinylux Flora and Fauna collection are the perfect polishes to do that. A mix of cremes and shimmers, they’re mostly on the pastel side and the formula is absolutely perfect for every one. We’re missing two shades from the collection (Blush Teddy and Field Fox) but I imagine they’re just as great. I literally didn’t have a single issue with any of the shades, each one self leveled perfectly and the wear was exactly what I expect from CND. Most of these shades are also available as Shellac as well.
CND Vinylux Dandelion Swatch - Shimmery Light Peach
Dandelion is a shimmery peach and I was fully expecting it to be too sheer but 2 coats gave me full coverage.
Salmon Run
CND Vinylux Salmon Run Swatch
Salmon Run is a salmon pink creme and while it’s not my favourite shade, I do like it a lot more than I thought I would.
Fragrant Freesia
CND Vinylux Fragrant Freesia Swatch
Fragrant Freesia was a big surprise for me. A pink shimmer that leans towards mauve, I imagine this shade would look amazing over a darker one but it’s great on it’s own as well.
Thistle Thicket
CND Vinylux Thistle Thicket Swatch - Lavender Gray
Thistle Thicket is a little hard to describe. In one type of lighting it looks full on gray but in others, it’s lavender. Either way it’s so pretty and one of my favourites.
Wild Moss
CND Vinylux Wild Moss Swatch
I would actually put Wild Moss in the sage family rather than moss but the dark green with gold shimmer is something I’ve never seen before and it’s so gorgeous.
CND Vinylux Creekside Swatch
Creekside is hands down my favourite shade from the Flora And Fauna collection. The pastel sky blue is just so perfectly spring and the application was just flawless.

Considering how many of these shades have a ton of white in them, I’m amazed at how well they went on and performed. Creekside is definitely going to be a shade I use a ton this spring.

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