Sally Hansen is adding a lot of new colours to their nail polish for 2015. We tried them out!


Redflection – This red nail polish is so dark and rich and sexy. How can you not love it?


Make A Splash – I applied this metallic shiny blue polish over the ‘Redflection’. It is so sheer that I wouldn’t wear it on my own. It gives other polishes a very cool effect though. I’m glad I figured this out, because it makes my nail polish look awesome.


Peach Party – This peachy pink is bright and colourful. It’s like a pastel flower!


Seas The Day – I am obsessed with this colour. This dark, rich teal is so amazing. I love that it’s bright, but also dark. It’s colourful, but also moody. I can picture it in the summer and the fall.


Deep End – This purple nail polish is very dark and sexy. It’s perfect for late nights or making a spring statement.


Water Lily – After wearing ‘Deep End’ this nail polish seems to bright. It’s a nice enough colour, but it’s also one that I have seen before.


Shark Bait – This shade is the perfect base coat for my skin. It’s almost the same shade. I ‘m going to use it as a base under glitter polish from now on, but I can imagine it would look great on darker skin tones.


Shelling Secrets – If you need just a sheer coat, this is a great option. It has no colour and just shine. I wish it had a bit more colour, but it’s nice for days when you don’t want to wear a colour.

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