We got the chance to put two of Rimmel’s new mascaras head to head to see which one we would recommend. We tried the Kate Idol Eyes Mascara and the Wonder’Lash Mascara with Argan Oil (waterproof).

kate moss mascara idol eyes

The Kate Idol Eyes Mascara is part of the Kate Moss makeup collection. Who doesn’t want that Kate Moss look? Kate Moss had those cool bedroom eyes that are equal parts sexy and runway.

The brush is curvy in all of the right places. It allows you to turn the brush and flip your hand around so it’s comfortable no matter how you like to apply it. I appreciate that because so many other brushes try to tell you how to apply. This brush lets you choose. There are small bristles at the end and big fast ones in the middle.

The mascara is all va-va-voom. This mascara gives you crazy thick, crazy long and intensely black lashes. These are lashes that you can’t ignore. I found that it took a long time for this mascara to dry. Once I was done, wow! My lashes looked amazing. There was just one problem… this mascara isn’t waterproof at all. I found any little wetness on my lashes caused this mascara to run and run. My eyes are pretty sensitive and water often. The first day I wore this mascara by the time I got to work I had black lines all down my cheeks. Even on a good day, I had those Kate Moss bedroom eyes with the black mascara smudged under my eyes. Maybe that is what Rimmel was going for, but I seriously doubt it.


After that I moved onto the waterproof Wonder’Lash Mascara that comes packed with argan oil. I got this mascara because of the brush. Alyssa wanted to try this mascara, but the Ultra Flex brush was too much for her. The bristles are a great length and even, but the brush is very flexible. It’s clearly too much for some people. It didn’t really bother me too much, but I did notice it. I noticed that I was using the brush differently than other mascaras.

The Wonder’Lash gives you really long lashes without the clumps. My lashes look long, but they didn’t have that plump fake lash look like I got with the Kate Moss mascara. There was absolutely no clumping though. My lashes have never been so sleek and separate. I did find that this mascara was hard to apply on my bottom lashes because of the flexible brush.

Unlike the other mascara, this one isn’t going to run down your cheeks. This mascara is definitely waterproof. It’s been taking me all of the cleaners in my arsenal to wipe off my mascara at the end of the night.

So it’s trust worthy mascara versus ultimate drama. I don’t know how you will choose. I’m glad that I have both of these mascaras because there is definitely a time for both of them.

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