royal apothic balmie and scrubbie

Have you heard of Royal Apothic? Don’t worry if you haven’t. I hadn’t heard of them until recently either. Consider this your introduction to your next big beauty obsession: Scrubbies and Balmies. Seriously does it get any cuter than those names?

These are the lip scrubs and lip balms from indie makeup line Royal Apothic. They come in great scents like the sweet and creamy Strawberry Cream and the subtle and pretty Earl Grey that I received.

The Scrubbies are sweet sugar scrubs. You just apply a little on your lips and scrub. This Scrubbie couldn’t have come at a better time. My lips are getting pretty dry as winter comes to an end. This Scrubbie is getting me through the remainder of the season. A little goes a long way luckily because the tubes are not nearly big enough. I need a giant sized Scrubbie that will last me a lifetime.

Follow up your scrub with the Balmie lip conditioner. This isn’t your other lip balms that are thick or sticky. This conditioner is a thin layer of lovely moisture. My lips feel so smooth and soft.

Seriously try these, your lips will thank you!

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