While Ceramic Glaze’s spring Stunning Soiree collection wasn’t exactly what I pictured for spring, their Summer Bloom collection is definitely perfect for the warmer weather. This eight piece collection has two previously loved shades and six new shades, three of which are permanent additions to the line. Although these polishes are only available at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada, they’re still one of my favourite brands. It’s really hard to find polishes that are so consistent shade to shade. The newer shades are available in June.
Pineapple Breeze
Ceramic Glaze Pineapple Breeze Swatch
I had to start with the shade that was the biggest surprise to me. Pineapple Breeze is one of the two polishes already released. I generally hate a yellow polish, they don’t look good on me and the formula is really tricky for some reason. But I love this light yellow. it went on so smoothly with no issues and is really pretty and summery. I’ll actually wear this one again.
Strawberries N’ Milk
Ceramic Glaze Strawberries N' Milk Swatch
Another older shade, this is one of my least favourites. I really wanted it to be a little more opaque and much more pink.. But if you’re looking for a good french manicure base, this is ideal.
Smells Like Rain
Ceramic Glaze Smells Like Rain Swatch
This sky blue is a new addition and one that’s staying. Application was pretty flawless and the colour is so bright and pretty, the photo doesn’t really do it justice.
Newly Mint
Ceramic Glaze Newly Mint Swatch
Another new permanent addition, Newly mint is a pastel mint with a lot more blue in it than most. This is one of my favourites, I don’t have another green in my collection that’s like it at all.
Freshly Laundered
Ceramic Glaze Freshly Laundered Swatch
This beige shade just doesn’t do anything for me, it’s a better formula than Strawberries N’ Cream and for a neutral it was easy to apply but I’m not a fan of the shade.
Lavender Fields Forever
Ceramic Glaze Lavender Fields Forever Swatch
The photo is really the only place the lavender really comes through with this polish. In real lighting it’s more of a pink, but it’s really pretty either way.
First Sign Of Spring
Ceramic Glaze First Sign Of Spring Swatch
Another favourite of mine, this blue has tons of purple in it and is really perfect for summer. Again, application was pretty perfect.

All of the shades were two coats with no major issues. We didn’t have the In Full Bloom shade.

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