I have never had a pedicure. I know it’s shocking! I just can’t imagine someone touching and inspecting my feet for that long. That is how I ended up with these Look beauty Feet Treat Pedi Foot Masks. It’s my own version of pampering my feet without going to the spa, because hey, my feet want some love too!

I first tried the Exfoliating Foot Mask. Despite what it says right on the front of the box, this foot mask takes longer than 30 minutes, so be ready with some time to sit and relax. This foot mask promises to help remove callouses from your feet.

I open the masks carefully, and it’s a good thing. The solution in these funny little plastic booties is a bit runny. It also smells a bit like rubbing alcohol. You might have to struggle a bit to get your feet comfortably in the boots, but once they are in, they aren’t going anywhere. I wish the solution wasn’t runny, because they I could have put my feet up. Instead I sat for an hour with my feet in these funny plastic socks filled with cold water.

When I took them off I had to rinse off my feet and then go on my way. My feet felt pretty smooth from being in the water for so long, but otherwise they felt normal.

My boyfriend was jealous of all of the pampering my feet were getting, so he opted to help out my testing by trying the Intensive Moisturizing Foot Mask. This one does take 30 minutes! These booties are filled with a thick moisturizer. I was worried that the plastic boots wouldn’t fit him, but they did. They were a bit tight on his toes, but they fit. We sat together with our funny boots on and waited. When he took his boots off, he was amazed. He works construction on his feet all day. All he could say was, wow. He said his feet had never ever been so soft. His treatment was over, but mine was just beginning.

The next morning my feet felt really tight. There was this weird sensation in the soles of my feet that was hard to describe. This soreness lasted for a few days and nothing would help it. Then about four days later, just as the package said, the bottom of my feet started peeling. Boy, oh boy, did they ever starting peeling. The entire soles of my feet were peeling off in big chunks and small flakes. Honestly, it was gross. For a few days I really did want anyone to see my feet. But after it was all done, the results were amazing. My feet felt like they had a whole new, soft skin. That’s probably because they did have a new skin.

While I might not want to do the exfoliating treatment often, they are great when your feet need serious help. I’m definitely considering stocking up!

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