I’m loving how different every brand’s summer collection is and considering how much I love CND Vinylux, it’s not really surprising that Garden Muse is one of my favourites this year. There’s no green shade but what there is more than makes up for it. Vinylux is the weekly wear version of Shellac and the wear time is just as incredible but it’s so much easier to take off. All the swatches are two coats with the Vinylux top coat.
Wisteria Haze
CND Vinylux Wisteria Haze Swatch
Wisteria Haze is a lighter purple creme and it’s a great shade for summer. Kind of dreamy and hazy but not too moody.
Reflecting Pool
CND Vinylux Reflecting Pool Swatch
This blue creme is one of my favourites of the collection. I love a blue but this formula just amazed me. It went on flawlessly and didn’t stain.
Lost Labyrinth
CND Vinylux Lost Labyrinth Swatch
Lost Labyrinth is a metallic blue shimmer that can lean toward teal and has a definite mermaid vibe to it. I found it didn’t react quite as well to the top coat as the other shades did.
Beckoning Begonia
CND Vinylux Beckoning Begonia Swatch
I found this pinky-purple shimmer kind of intriguing. It’s not quite a duochrome but I noticed the colours shifted depending on what kind of sunlight I was in. It’s a really pretty shade.
Crushed Rose
CND Vinylux Crushed Rose Swatch
Crushed Rose is a deep pink creme. I actually thought I would like it more than I did considering how much pink I’ve been wearing lately but the formula was great regardless.
Butterfly Queen
CND Vinylux Butterfly Queen Swatch
There always seems to be one shade that surprises me in a Vinylux collection and this time it’s Butterfly Queen. This shade is just gorgeous. A dark pink shimmer base with darker pink glitter, it’s enough to make this glitter hating girl change her mind.

CND’s Vinylux collection definitely didn’t disappoint. Between Reflecting Pool and Butterfly Queen, if I can find a week where I can wear only on shade of polish, it’ll be one of those for sure.

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