Anna Sui Loose Face Powder

If you keep your makeup table looking beautiful this Anna Sui Loose Face Powder is a must own! I have never been so amazed by packaging before.

This powder is stunning! The container makes me feel like a lady out of the 20’s. There is just something about lifting the ornate top off and using the fluffy pad that transports you to another time. It’s not easy to move or to take on the go, but it is great for sitting down to pamper yourself. The purple hue of the powder is the icing on the cake.

I have been using the Anna Sui Illuminating BB Cream a lot lately. It’s this great little cream that makes my skin glow. The problem is it also made me feel a bit shiny. Enter this
powder… the purple powder is perfect for getting rid of any shine or redness. It helps to make my face matte and beautiful. I also found that it was great for lightening any accidental heavy handed bronzer or blush. Last, but not least, it helps to act as a primer holding your makeup in place for some extra time.

If you need to glam up your makeup routine, this is the product to buy. You are going to feel like a princess just having it on your counter.

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