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Toronto has been Blue Jay crazy this fall with the Jays making to the post-season the first time in 22 years. As a softball player myself, it’s no surprise that I was caught up in the craze. So when the Garnier Color Styler hair dye in Bright Blue arrived at my door it was like a sign. I obviously had to show my pride!

I didn’t do it lightly though. I was mighty nervous. Sure, I had dyed my hair bold colours before, but that was in high school. I was much older and wiser now. So I read the instructions carefully and even watched a few videos to see how other’s had done their hair.

I finally stepped up to the plate and got ready. Garnier’s Color Styler dye is pretty simple. You just shake the bottle, pour the coloured dye on your hair and rub it into the sections that you want dyed. Your hair doesn’t have to be clean, but you shouldn’t have any oil based products in. The instructions say that oils help to remove the dye from your hair.

It’s easy to get on, just make sure that you go into this with a plan. If you are alone, once you start applying this hair dye it’s really hard to start fiddling with your hair or fixing things. This dye is really runny, so you need to work fast or else it will spill all over.

I chose to do one streak in the front of my hair and an ombré effect on my tips. Getting the ombré was a lot easier than I expected! The dye is pretty forgiving and it’s easy to apply more on the ends for a more saturated colour. In total, it probably only took me about 20 minutes from the time I opened the box to be done.

After, the instructions say to let it dry, then brush it out. Let it dry for as long as possible. It’s going to come out on your brush no matter what you do, so give it as much chance as possible. Then be prepared for some tangles.

This Garnier dye does have one serious downfall. It make your hair look extremely dry. Anywhere with the dye in it looked messy, dry and damaged. I know it’s because this is a clay dye that coats the hair, so it’s not your real smooth locks that you are seeing. It just didn’t look nice though. Because it comes out with product, I couldn’t apply any moisturizers or smoothers or even style it very much without it coming out.


By the time I left the house that night to watch the game my hair looked amazing. It was only a few hours later, when the Blue Jays had me sweating by giving away some runs that I saw another downfall. Don’t use this dye if you are going to be active and hot. The blue had rubbed off on my shoulder and my neck while I was getting pumped for the game. I was all for showing my blue pride, but I didn’t want to look like a Smurf. It was easy to clean off my skin, but I ended up putting my hair in a bun to keep any future blue dye off of my face.

The next day, it mostly washed away in the shower as promised with just a hint of blue in my hair waiting for my next shower.

Overall, I was happy with my Garnier Color Styler hair. The colour looked amazing. It was saturated and so cool. Apparently blue hair really suits me. I just wish it didn’t run so much. If it was a bit stronger, I feel like I would have had a lot of fun with my locks trying different styles. Instead I was worried about blue hands. Either way, I want to give a huge shout out to Garnier for helping me come together to support out Toronto Blue Jays!

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