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Think you know soft skin? Forget everything you know! Until you have tried the Jason Foaming Shower Oil, you don’t even know the potential for softness your skin has.

Oils are a big thing this season! Companies are releasing all kinds of different oils for moisturizing and cleansing. The difference is that most are for your face. This is the first oil that I have used for my whole body in the shower.

You just apply this oil to your shower loofah like any other soap. It gets frothy and you wouldn’t even know that it’s oil and not a regular gel.

The all natural smells of these oils are amazing! I tried the shea butter, coconut and olive oil scents. Each of them was great in its own way.

My favourite part of this Jason experience came an hour or so after my shower. My skin was so soft. It was so soft, I was actually surprised… shocked even! From my feet to my arms to my hands, everything was softer with Jason. From now on I am going to be hooked on trying different oils to see what other revelations in skin care I can find!

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