Smashbox Camera Ready BB Water

Since it first starting hitting stores, I have been a huge fan of BB Creams. Smashbox surprised me when they reinvented the idea with their new BB Water.

As you can gather from the name this face makeup is thin, very thin. The makeup in the dropper really does have a water-like consistency. When you rub it into your face it’s impossible to notice just how thin and light it is. You will also notice how moisturizing it is.

This Smashbox BB Water is more like a moisturizer or primer than it is a foundation. It rubs into your face easily and is absorbed right away, but it doesn’t cover blemishes, or redness, or any other skin issues. It doesn’t give the proper coverage that you would expect from a BB cream.

If this product was positioned as a primer, I might have fallen in love with it. As a BB Cream though, I’m not entirely sold. After applying this product, I felt like I needed to apply my regular BB cream over top. If you don’t usually wear foundation, this could be the product for you. It is the perfect middle ground for something to bridge the gap between makeup, primer and moisturizer.

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