MUFE Ultra HD Foundation R210 Box
I’m going to start off by saying that I love Make Up For Ever and some of my favourite products ever theirs. This foundation is not one of those products. Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation is a medium coverage foundation developed for the TV and film industries. It’s also supposed to be more invisible, comfortable and natural looking than previous formulations.
MUFE Ultra HD Foundation R210 Bottle
I tried R210 (Pink Alabaster) and it’s a tiny bit too light for me, which is extremely unusual. Usually everything is too dark and this one will be perfect in the dead of winter when I’m at my most pale. I generally don’t use a ton of foundation, my biggest issue with my skin is a big of redness so for the most part I use tinted moisturizers but I do love a foundation when I need one and I’ve tried a couple recently that I love.

I’m not sure if my skin just doesn’t fit with the Ultra HD Foundation but I find it way too dry and heavy for my skin. I only use a drop or two to cover my face and it really ends up feeling like a mask. It’s just not comfortable on me at all. Plus on me, it’s full coverage.
MUFE Ultra HD Foundation R210 Swatch
If I had more skin issues I needed to hide, I would love the coverage of this foundation but it’s just a little too much for me on it’s own. If I mix it with a drop of moisturizer, I get a much more comfortable texture and coverage.

If you need or like a lot of coverage, you’ll probably love this foundation. It also works really well with MUFE’s Step 1 Primers. I just need something a little lighter for my skin.

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