Rinse Beauty Bar Mani Station
The Mani Station

I’m all about going for a mani-pedi so when we were offered the chance to go to Toronto’s Rinse Beauty Bar in exchange for a review, I was on it. Rinse isn’t exactly next door to my house but it’s pretty accessible and totally worth it. The first thing I noticed when I walked in was that it doesn’t smell like a typical nail place. That chemical scent that gives most of us headaches was missing. That’s because Rinse Beauty Bar tries to make everything as non-toxic as possible.

Rinse Beauty Bar Pedi Station
The Pedi Station

Owners (and sisters) June and Andrea really do their research on what non-toxic products work the best and stop using things that don’t. They’re also extremely welcoming. Everything about Rinse tries to make you as comfortable as possible and the products they use are fantastic. They use a lot of SpaRitual products and both my polish choices were Zoya, a brand that I love but never find in a nail place. The body cream that was used on me was from June and Andrea’s sister-in-law’s company Koya Natural Skincare and smelled so good, I immediately bought one.

I had a mani and pedi but they also offer waxing and hair services. If you want gel polish, they use Bio Seaweed Gel but don’t expect to find anything acrylic here because it doesn’t exist. Which I appreciate. I usually leave nail places with a headache from the smell and this was the first time I haven’t. The manicure was great but the pedicure was really the best part. They don’t use those blades on your feet, but something that looks like a grater and you barely feel that works so much better.

Rinse Beauty Bar Mani
The mani

It might not be the closest beauty bar for me to get to but the experience alone is worth a repeat trip. You can find more information on Rinse Beauty Bar on their website.

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