The idea for the Maison Martin Margiela Replica fragrance line is amazing. Replicate familiar moments and locations in life in a fragrance to help bring you back to those times in your life. Since scent is such a huge trigger for memory, I’m surprised that this is the first luxury brand to do this.

The collection include scents like ‘Flower Market,’ ‘Lazy Sunday Morning,’ and ‘Jazz Club.’ I tried ‘Beach Walk’ to take me back to warmer days on the boardwalk.  Beach Walk combines notes of bergamot, lemon, coconut and pepper to replicate that smell.

It’s funny because when I read the ingredients, I was surprised. In my mind, it’s the smell leftover on your skin after a day on the beach. The most prominent smell is the salty ocean spray. It’s a sharp saltiness with a hint of a fresh breeze.


I know how cheesy this all sounds. I probably wouldn’t believe it either, but I swear when you smell Beach Walk you are going to smell all of this too. My only regret is that I don’t have all of the other fragrances. They are all available in rollerballs at Sephora now, so you could get the whole line without a huge investment.

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