I’m the kind of person that needs to have something on my nails at all times. On the rare occasion where I’m not wearing polish, I at least need to have a base coat on my nails. butter LONDON recently introduced Sheer Wisdom Nail Tinted Moisturizer; a nail treatment that comes in six shades to match skin tones.

The nail treatment itself is full of keratin, arginine, vitamin E and tea tree oil to strengthen nails, prevent breakage and provide antioxidant protection. The brush is on the larger side and was actually too big for my nail beds but since I wasn’t applying nail polish, it was easy to work around.

Sheer Wisdom in Light
butter LONDON Sheer Nail Tinted Moisturizer - Light Swatch
I’m probably more suited to the fair shade but light wasn’t too bad for my skin tone. One coat looked a lot better but I went with two for photo purposes. These dry super fast and since it’s not polish, I didn’t pay much attention to wear time or chipping.
Sheer Wisdom in Medium
butter LONDON Sheer Nail Tinted Moisturizer - Medium Swatch
I went with two coats again for medium and this one really didn’t look good on me. It was almost like I stained my nails with coffee.

While the treatment itself is fantastic, they really need to add more shades, or maybe include a clear version. I’d love to try the fair shade and see if it makes a difference, but the two shades I tried were just too yellow for me. I need something with more of a pink undertone if it’s going to look even remotely natural.

I’m definitely going to keep using one coat of light on the rare days I don’t have polish on.

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