MAC Flamingo Park Collection
If you’re like me and not a fan of winter, you’ve probably been dreaming of spring since November. And while it may feel more like spring in Toronto right now, we’re not quite there, but MAC’s Flamingo Park collection with it’s pinks and peaches can help it feel that way just a little quicker. Flamingo Park is a huge collection consisting of mostly lipsticks and blushes but with tons of gorgeous shades.
Beauty Powder in Pearl Blossom
MAC Beauty Powder - Pearl Blossom
I’m not exactly sure what we’re supposed to use a beauty powder for but Pearl Blossom (light pink with silver pearlized pigments) would make a great light blush or highlighter. It’s subtle but it’s gorgeous.
Powder Blush in What I Fancy and Let’s Be Friends
MAC Powder Blush - What I Fancy + Let's Be Friends
I adore MAC’s blushes and these are definitely a great addition to my collection. What I Fancy (soft bright apricot) is my favourite of the two and really flattering on my fair skin. Let’s Be Friends (blue hot pink) isn’t quite as scary on me as I was expecting but will look a lot better on Stephanie’s medium skin tone.
Pigment in Rose
MAC Pigment - Rose
This pigment in Rose (rose with copper sparkle) was the biggest surprise for me. I’ve never found a MAC pigment I was willing to use on a regular basis, until this one. The shade is stunning and would make a fantastic eye shadow.
Cremesheen Lipstick in Flocking Fabulous and Matte Lipstick in Have Your Cake
MAC Lipsticks - Flocking Fabulous + Have Your Cake
I usually prefer MAC’s matte lipsticks over the cremesheen but Flocking Fabulous (bright coral red) is a really great shade for my skin tone and it’s looks fantastic on. Have Your Cake (bright magenta) is definitely a different shade for a matte lipstick but I actually really love it.
Technakohl Liner in Raisinette
MAC Technakohl Liner - Raisinette
I haven’t used too many of the Technakohl liners in the past but I love the mechanical pencil style of it and how precise you can get a line. Raisinette (brown purple) is great if you want to start trying coloured liners but don’t want to jump into the deep end.
Powder/Blush Brush 129SH
MAC Powder-Blush Brush 129SH
If you haven’t tried a MAC brush before, this is a great one to start with. It’s an all-purpose brush that you can use with blushes, powders, even the beauty powder. I’ve been using one of these for blush for years, even since I got it in a holiday set. Mine’s old enough that I’ve been thinking about replacing it and boom, this one shows up. My original one is still in perfect condition by the way.

MAC Flamingo Park Swatches
Pearl Blossom, What I Fancy, Let’s Be Friends, Rose, Raisinette, Flocking Fabulous, Have Your Cake

I’m loving the Flamingo Park collection. The shades are all gorgeous, there’s a ton of variety and it makes it feel like spring will get here just a little sooner. Flamingo Park is only in stores February 4 – March 19, 2016. It’s available online right now.

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