Lush 93000 Miles Shower Jelly

It took all of 3-seconds for me to know that I NEEDED to try this soap. Open the container and you will be hooked! This jelly smells like a super shot of spicy cinnamon. Anyone who has smelled those weird creams for sore muscles will be familiar with strong smelling gels for your skin and this is no different. This Lush Shower Jelly is made to soothe those tire limbs in the shower.

Despite my love of Lush, I didn’t really think a shower gel would be able to do much for my muscles. The first time I used it, I didn’t really notice anything either.

Then I got sick! I’m not sure what type of horrible cold or flu this was, but my entire body was sore. My back was aching, my shoulders were tight, and my legs were tired. I hopped in a hot bath to try to relax those muscles. When it came time to clean, I pulled out this soap.

I slowly massaged it into my skin and could feel the Eucalyptus, Mint and Cinnamon work into my skin to help ease at least a little of that tension. Be careful if you have sensitive skin. I noticed that on some places where my skin was more delicate, this soap was too strong and tingly. It’s only meant for those tough places on your skin.

Anyone who is on their feet all day or gets sore tired muscles regularly should consider this soap an investment.

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