Demeter Zombie 2016 Kit
When we received an email from Demeter on April 1st about a new scent with the secret ingredient, bacon; I really wasn’t sure if it was an April Fool’s joke. Even if the email started with, this is not a joke!

Bacon as a secret ingredient isn’t so unusual in the grand scheme of things but when it’s the secret ingredient in a fragrance called Zombie Dog? To say I was hesitant is an understatement. One of the things Demeter is known for, is how true their scents are. And while I don’t know anyone that can actually tell me what a zombie dog smells like, I can imagine it’s not pleasant.
Demeter Zombie 2016 Bottles
Zombie Dog showed up as part of a trio that included Zombie For Her; Think forest floor. A combination of dried leaves, mushrooms, mildew, moss, earth and the dregs of a wine barrel and Zombie For Him; Death and decay on the forest floor. Dying vegetation, mushrooms, mildew, moss and earth.

Zombie Dog’s description has the same notes as Zombie For Him but with the added bonus of smoked bacon. What do these scents actually smell like? Well, Zombie For Him basically smells like dirt, Zombie For Her smells like dirt with something pretty hidden in the background and while these aren’t something I’d actually want to smell like, ever, they also didn’t make me want to immediately puke.

Zombie Dog on the other hand I literally couldn’t smell for more than a second and I refused to sniff it a second time. It was that disgusting. I honestly couldn’t tell you if there was a bacon note in there.

These are limited edition and are leaving pretty soon, so if you want to get something for Halloween or a Walking Dead party, you’re going to need to jump on these. In the meantime, I’ll be off with my other pretty smelling (way less gross) Demeter fragrances whose posts are coming soon.

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