Lush Soap Bars
Stephanie and I both have a huge love for soap, especially Lush soap. So when I found out they were introducing five new ones, I was pretty excited. They recently discontinued a couple of my favourites (I’m not over it yet), so I was hoping to find a new favourite. I got the inside scoop when I recently had a chance to go on a tour of the Lush factory a month ago but now that they’re available online, I get to talk all about them.
Layer Cake
Lush Layer Cake Soap
Every colour in this soap is made from a different juice (grape, orange, blueberry, pineapple and raspberry), hence the layer part of the name. Obviously this is a really fruity soap that’s colourful and fun for everyone.
Respect Your Elders
Lush Respect Your Elders Soap
Respect Your Elders has a really gorgeous elderflower and elderberry scent that’s light and fruity. It smells close enough to my discontinued Godmother soap, that this might make my new  favourite list.
Lush Maypole Soap
I honestly would’ve never thought to combine peppermint oil and maple syrup in anything but the combination is surprisingly delicious. The mint balances out the maple sweetness, while the maple stops the peppermint from being too strong.
Lush Serendipity Soap
I overloaded on lavender scented everything a few years ago and can’t really tolerate the smell of it most of the time. For some reason though, I love Serendipity. Maybe it’s because they use real lavender or maybe because it’s mixed in with chamomile, either way, this is the most calming soap I’ve tried in a long time.
Outback Mate
Lush Outback Mate Soap
If you’re missing Demon In The Dark (who isn’t?), Outback Mate might fill at least part of the void. Made with eucalyptus, lemongrass and peppermint, this will leave you both refreshed and smell amazing. I had a chance to help make one of these and I took some pictures so you can see all the hard work that goes into it.
If you don’t have a favourite Lush soap yet or are looking for a new one, you now have five more options to try.

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