A lot of us are going on vacation this summer and while we usually focus on all things beauty, I decided to be a little more helpful to the travellers and help you out with the accessory necessities.
Atlantic Canadiana Collection Carry-On
Atlantic Canadiana Carry-On
Every traveller needs a good carry-on, whether you’re going away for a weekend or a few weeks. This hard case bag has a great Canadiana design that you definitely won’t miss in an airport. The Canadiana collection also has a 24″ and 28″ suitcases.
Sephora Collection The Getaway Bag
Sephora The Getaway Bag
If you’re like me and feel the need to travel with half your makeup kit, you need this bag. It has removable pouches to help you organize your stuff, zippered compartments and tons of room. I love that it’s not bulky and can fit into a carry on, plus you can take the removable pouch and throw it in your purse for a night out.
Sephora Collection The Gallivanter
Sephora The Gallivanter
If you don’t need quite as much space for your toiletries, the Gallivanter are three mesh bags that stack into each other. Each bag is a different size and is labelled with toiletries, makeup and touch ups.
Stylize Mini Hard Case Travel Organizer
Stylize Mini Hard Case Travel Organizer
This small, hard case from Shoppers Drug Mart is the perfect way to carry your phone or sunglasses so they don’t get scratched. The outside might be hard but the inside is soft and has a zippered pocket on one side and a mesh slot on the other. Plus it has a detachable wristlet, so you can either attach it to your carry-on or wear it on your wrist.
Austin House Luggage Tag in Baggage
Austin House Luggage Tag - Baggage
I’m always looking for luggage tags that stand out and not only does Austin House have a lot of bright ones, they’re cute as well. I love this one called Baggage but there are also ones shaped like flip flops and sun hats. Adorable.
Austin House Neck Pillow With Memory Foam
Austin House_Washable Beaded Neck Pillow
Getting comfortable on a plane (or in a car) can be pretty impossible sometimes but I find a good neck pillow can make all the difference. Add in memory foam and a completely washable cover and I’m sold. I’ll definitely be using this one on my upcoming trip.

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