I usually love when OPI does collaborations but sometimes some of the shades just don’t make sense to me. The Through The Looking Glass collection is one of those times. Some of the shades make perfect sense to me but others I’m really not sure about and considering this was a Brights collection, it makes even less sense. So let’s start off with the odder shades of the collection.
What Time Isn’t It?
OPI What Time Isn't It BoxOPI What Time Isn't It Swatch
It’s time for this matte black with slivers of silver. What Time Isn’t It? is considered a special edition polish and the box is pretty nice. I’m not sure how this fits into the movie, but I haven’t seen it yet. But this is neither black, nor matte. This was two coats without a topcoat and while I really like it, I just don’t get it.
A Mirror Escape
OPI A Mirror Escape Swatch
Break free from ordinary in this glittering gold. I don’t like textured polishes and this one goes past that, verging on hate. I did three coats of this one without a topcoat and it’s honestly just ugly. It stayed really lumpy and it felt rough enough that I’m pretty sure I would’ve been catching my nails on everything if it had stayed on for longer than five minutes.
Oh My Majesty!
OPI Oh My Majesty! Swatch
A supremely beautiful pearly alabaster. I get this one, it makes sense to me. But two coats were really sheer and while I don’t hate it, I don’t love it either. It falls into the meh category for me.
I’m Gown For Anything!
OPI I'm Gown For Anything! Swatch
Have a ball in this adventurous, creamy lilac. In case you thought I was going to hate the whole collection, I really don’t. I’m Gown For Anything! is so pretty and I could’ve gotten away with one coat.
Having A Big Head Day
OPI Having A Big Head Day Swatch
Get ahead of the pack in this commanding, hot red. We’re finally heading into bright territory and that’s actually the perfect description for this red. Bright. Two coats went on pretty well but there was a lot of pooling around the cuticles.
Mad For Madness Sake
OPI Mad For Madness Sake Swatch
This fuchsia pink is crazy-hot on you. This pink is gorgeous and bright and perfect for summer. Two coats were perfect and I wore this one for a long time with zero chipping.
The I’s Have It
OPI The I's Have It Swatch
All eyes on ME…and this light powder blue. I love blue polish but this one falls somewhere in the middle of my list, I just have too many like it. I did two thin coats for this one.
What’s The Hatter With You?
OPI What's The Hatter With You Swatch
I’m going crazy for this rich burgundy crème. I love this shade so much and it could’ve been a one-coater but looked way better with two. But this one chipped almost immediately for me and I’m not talking about tip wear, I had full blown chips within an hour of wearing it.
Fearlessly Alice
OPI Fearlessly Alice
A bold cerulean blue with intrepid style. Everything about this shade was perfect for me. It’s bright, it’s a stunning shade and it was perfect in one coat! I wore this one for days without tip wear or chipping and there was no staining when I took it off. I’m in love.

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