Last week we started our Sally Hansen Color Therapy posts with the pink and nude shades and today we’re finishing it off with the rich tones. Most of my personal favourites of the line fall into this category. Like the other shades, these are simple to apply. You apply to clean, bare nails and choose whether you want to use the top coat or not. And like the other shades, these polishes dry shockingly fast. I don’t know if it’s just these shades or it’s just more noticeable because they’re darker but I found that all of them shrunk up a bit when they dried, leaving me with at times, pretty significant tip wear before I even had a chance to use my hands. These are super easy to touch up however but I’m wondering if there would’ve been a difference had I used my regular top coat with them.
Ohm My Magenta
Sally Hansen Color Therapy Ohm My Magenta Swatch
Say “namaste” to this magnificent reddish-purple
Right off the bat this one was a star. A one-coater, it went on flawlessly and was really gorgeous. This is the kind of shade you can wear all year round.
Haute Springs
Sally Hansen Color Therapy Haute Springs Swatch
Clear your head with a restorative red
This dark red was pretty similar to Ohm My Magenta but two coats looked better with this one. It also stained, so if I had to choose, I’d pick OMM.
Cool Cucumber
Sally Hansen Color Therapy Cool Cucumber Swatch
A deep refreshing garden green
I love dark green polish and when I can find one that gives this kind of coverage in one coat? Sold. It actually looks like the skin of a cucumber. But this one stains as well and since you don’t use a base coat with Color Therapy, it’s a little bit of a problem.
Slicks And Stones
Sally Hansen Color Therapy Slicks And Stones Swatch
A lustrous crystalized purple
This one coater is pretty in the photo but stunning in the sunlight. It’s so sparkly. It also desperately needs top coat or it’ll look a little dull when it dries. There’s a ton of microglitter in here, so it’s a little harder to take off.
Sally Hansen Color Therapy Indiglow Swatch
Shimmer with an electric metallic violet
Indiglow is one of my favourites and I wish more companies would release this kind of purple more often. The formula was a little runnier than the others, so there was some pooling. The photo is two coats. This first coat was so sheer that I was actually concerned with how many I would need but two was perfect.
Soothing Sapphire
Sally Hansen Color Therapy Soothing Sapphire Swatch
Reflect and restore in a saturated blue jewel tone
Soothing Sapphire is hands down my pick of the shades I tried. It’s almost like a sister shade to Indiglow and the deep blue is just gorgeous. Again, I used two coats with this one but it was less runny than Indiglow. There was a tiny bit of staining but nowhere near as bad as Cool Cucumber.

There are still quite a few shades of Color Therapy that I haven’t tried (I need to get my hands on Reflection Pool) but overall I’m pretty happy with this line. Do I wish the brushes were smaller? Always. I find the top coat fairly useless so I’m going to see how some others react to the polishes and the cuticle oil is fine but nothing super special.

After wearing this line pretty exclusively for about two weeks, I really didn’t notice a change in my nails. But I didn’t have a lot of issues to start with either. I’m also pretty sure that using acetone daily probably counteracted some of the oils effects. So for me all it comes down to was how much I liked the actual polish and I like it quite a bit.

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