I’m always a little hesitant when nail polish companies release ‘healthy’ collections. Let’s be honest, nails don’t really breathe and if you’re using acetone to remove your polish then you’re basically reversing any good effects you might get. But it’s a healthy nail polish is a trend right now and tons of lines are popping up everywhere. Also, I love base and top coats probably more than I love nail polish and I haven’t found a one-step polish that made me willing to give them up for a while. Until I tried Quo By Orly’s Breathable Nail Treatment + Color. If you’re not in Canada, Orly’s Breathable is exactly the same stateside but the bottles look a tiny bit different.

The Breathable treatment is filled with Argan Oil, Vitamin B5 and Vitamin C; all to promote hydration, heal damaged nails and let oxygen into them while you’re wearing polish. I’m lucky enough to have really strong, healthy nails that don’t peel or chip often, so I’m the wrong person to ask about if this polish makes nails stronger. I will say that none of them broke while I was wearing the polish though. This is a one-step polish, you don’t use base or top coats and I had similar experiences will nearly all the shades I tried. They went on like a dream and while the brush is fairly massive, there was a slight angle on it that made it easier to apply to my narrow nail beds. Also, this polish dries fast and shiny. I was probably most surprised by the amount of shine I got without a top coat. Also, a lack of top coat made these super easy to take off with regular polish remover and not one stained. Now that all the information is out of the way, let’s take a look at the shades I tried. All of the photos are two coats without base or top coat. I’m using the shade descriptions from the Orly version.
Peach Nude Crème
I’m not a fan of nudes but this formula really impressed me considering it was an all-in-one. I did have slight bubbling but Toronto was crazy humid when I was swatching these, so I’m blaming weather.
Just Breathe
Periwinkle Creme
This one seemed thicker than the others, almost chunky but it dried down fine and was really pretty. I’m blaming weather again for the slight bubbling on my pinky.
Happy And Healthy
Pastel Coral Creme
Orly calls this coral, I call it bubblegum so we can agree to disagree. This was the only one that had slight patchiness but it evened out while it was drying.
Fresh Start
Pastel Mint Creme
Fresh Start was basically perfect. Everything about it worked and I wore it for a week straight with zero tip wear and it stayed shiny! Plus I’m used to mint greens being a little chalky and this one isn’t.
Stronger Than Ever
Ruby Red/Gold Shimmer
When I applied the first coat of Stronger Than Ever it was so sheer that I was worried about how many coats I’d have to do for opacity. Turns out the second coat did the job. This is going to be stunning for the holiday season. It was also much easier to take off than a lot of other microglitters.
The Antidote
Deep Wine Creme
I love love love this shade for fall. I could’ve gotten away with one coat of this but two just looked a little better. One coat also had tip wear fairly quickly while two didn’t have any. My brush was faulty for this one but I was able to work around it for the most part.
Deep Plum Creme
We don’t get a ton of purple polish around here but I do generally like them and I love this one. It went on perfectly and it’s a great shade for fall.
Feeling Free
Iris Purple Creme
I didn’t fully realize how much I love this shade until I saw how the photo of it turned out. Do you see all the shine? You get all with all the shades but it really stands out with Feeling Free. The first coat went on very sheer but the second turned it into this perfect, gorgeous purple. By far my favourite shade of the eight I tried.

I can’t stress enough how impressed I am by this collection. There are still a couple shades I wouldn’t mind trying but I really hope they add a ton of shades to this line because this is the only one-step polish I’ve tried that I’d actually wear on a regular basis. It takes a lot for me to get obsessed with a new kind of polish but I literally didn’t want to stop wearing this line.

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