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Trust Fund Beauty Spring/Summer 2016

I always look forward to opening up a package of new Trust Fund Beauty shades and when I got the first part of their new spring/summer collection, I was basically thrilled with the shades. There are nudes and brights and shimmers and basically everything you could want in a collection. As usual the formulas were amazing but the brushes weren’t consistent. Some were long, thin and round and some had more of a paddle shape. But I didn’t have any issues with either one.
Why You Mad Tho?
Trust Fund Beauty Why You Mad Tho
According to the website, this used to be called Daddy Issues. Whatever its name, this pale lilac is gorgeous (and sold out right now) with a ton of blue shimmer. Three thin coats was perfect but I couldn’t get a photo to show off how pretty it really is in sunlight.
Going Commando
Trust Fund Beauty Going Commando Swatch
Going Commando is basically what you’d expect from that name, an almost white nude. Two coats was pretty sheer but if your nails are long enough, it’s almost a fake french manicure. Three coats took me to opaque. My index finger in the photo is three coats, the rest are two.
Game Changer
Trust Fund Beauty Game Changer Swatch
Game Changer is a really bright coral orange and it’s a great pedicure shade (I’m wearing it right now). Two coats was perfect.
Adult Content
Trust Fund Beauty Adult Content Swatch
Adult Content is a pretty light pink that reminds me of silk. Two thin coats were great but you’re definitely going to have brushstrokes.
Dirty Thoughts
Trust Fund Beauty Dirty Thoughts Swatch
I don’t generally love microglitter polishes but man do I love Dirty Thoughts. There’s gold and green and hints of purple and lots of other things and it’s not a pain to take off. Again, two coats was perfect but you could use one as a topper on another shade if you wanted.
Vodka With A Twist
Trust Fund Beauty Vodka With A Twist Swatch
Two coats of this lime green neon and you’re going to want a margarita instead of a vodka. But this shade is insane, it’s so perfect for summer and it’s actually more flattering than I expected it to be. This is not a shade I’d ever pick on my own but I ended up really liking it.
What’s A Budget?
Trust Fund Beauty What's A Budget Swatch
Trust Fund calls What’s A Budget? a sea-foam blue but it definitely veers into turquoise territory for me. Two thin coats and I was sold. I’m going to be using this one a ton this summer.
Skinny Jeans
Trust Fund Beauty Skinny Jeans Swatch
Trust Fund does great blue polish and this bright cobalt fits right into that. It looked good with one coat but had a lot more depth with two. Added bonus, no staining!

I’m obsessed with Trust Fund’s spring/summer collection so far and I can’t wait to try the rest.

Trust Fund Beauty: Battle of the Blues

I love a good blue nail polish and my love for Trust Fund Beauty is pretty well established. So with four blue polishes from Trust Fund at my disposal I decided to have them battle it out for blue polish supremacy.
I Give Good Tweet
Trust Fund Beauty I Give Good Tweet Swatch - 2 thin coats or 1 med-thick
This shimmery sky blue is perfect for summer. I found either one medium thick coat or two thin coats works best. If you’re doing two coats, leave a lot of time between them or you might have a drying disaster.
Got Yacht?
Trust Fund Beauty Got Yacht Swatch - one coat
Got Yacht? is a deep indigo creme that went one perfectly in one coat. I love shades that are almost black but still have colour, so I was a fan just looking at the bottle.
Beverly Thrills
Trust Fund Beauty Beverly Thrills Swatch - one coat over Got Yacht, issues with base coats, thin
Beverly Thrills was my problem child. It’s a blue metallic foil so I was ready for issues with base coats but I had issues using base coats and top coats as base coats. Finally I threw one coat over Got Yacht? and success! It’s really gorgeous in that combination as well.
Denim With Diamonds
Trust Fund Beauty Denim With Diamonds Swatch - one coat, no staining
I literally dream of shades like Denim With Diamonds. One coat of this deep shimmery blue had me hooked. I couldn’t take a photo that came even remotely close to how amazing this polish looked.

The verdict:
None of these polishes stained at all which is miraculous for one blue polish, let alone four. The clear winner for me was Denim With Diamonds with Got Yacht? as a close second. Now that I’ve figured out the trick to I Give Good Tweet, it’s going to get a lot of use this summer and Beverly Thrills will be pulled out when I want some sparkle but don’t want to work to get it off.

Now I just need to stock up on Denim With Diamonds because I’m pretty sure I can’t live without it now that I’ve tried it.

Trust Fund Beauty

Trust Fund Beauty Box
I’m constantly on the lookout for new nail polish brands, especially Canadian ones. So when I found Trust Fund Beauty I was eager to try them. They’re 5+ free, vegan, non-toxic and they have an edge. This is not a boring company. With polish names like Bitch, Please!, Not Fair, Don’t Care and Pretty In Kink; they bring fun and attitude to their polish. I was hoping the actual polish would live up to the attitude and it absolutely does. If I could design a polish brush, this would be it. It’s long, thin and super flexible and it made polishing a dream. All the swatches are two coats and a topcoat.
Sex Tape
Trust Fund Beauty Sex Tape Swatch
I wish I had Sex Tape at the beginning of the summer, because this would’ve been my go to shade. It’s a hot pink creme that screams summer to me. It went on really smoothly, with no issues at all.
I  Love My #Selfie
Trust Fund Beauty I Love My #Selfie Swatch
I Love My #Selfie is a classic red creme. It didn’t have the opacity that Sex Tape did but it built up really nicely with super thin coats.
Resting Bitch Face
Trust Fund Beauty Resting Bitch Face Swatch
Resting Bitch Face isn’t available for sale yet, Trust Fund told me it will be soon. I’m completely obsessed with this one. It’s a green/purple duochrome. The swatch doesn’t even begin to show to amazing this polish is in real life. It constantly changes every time you move your hand or go into different lighting. I went almost a week without any tip wear.

Trust Fund Beauty is basically the polish company I’ve been waiting to find. The combination of great polish, great brush, attitude and non-toxic is quickly making them my new favourite brand. I already have a list of other shades I want to try.
You can get more information on Trust Fund here.

Mani Monday: Most Wanted Nail Polish 2015

Happy New Year! We have a ton of new stuff coming up but for our first Mani Monday of the year we’re looking back at our favourite nail polish shades from 2015.
Essie: With The Band
Essie With The Band Swatch - Could've Been 1 Coat
There were quite a few Essie shades that I loved a lot this year, Bell-Bottom Blues and Groove Is In The Heart almost made this list; but With The Band is probably one of my favourites shades of red polish ever. The formula is fantastic and the colour is just a little off from a ‘classic’ red. Essie’s entire fall collection is probably my collection of the year.
Nails Inc x Alice + Olivia: Next To Nothing
Nails Inc Next To Nothing Swatch
I’m generally not a fan of nude nail polish and there are other shades in the Nails Inc. x Alice + Olivia F/W 2015 set that are more in my comfort zone but Next To Nothing is basically my ideal nude. I’ve been using it sparingly because I have a mini sized bottle but if I’m ever going to reach for a nude polish, it’ll be this one.
Julep: Alyssa
Julep Alyssa Swatch
I swear I’m not picking this shade because it has my name on it. At least not fully. When Julep released their June collection and had shades named Alyssa and Steph, I was pretty excited. But when I tried the Alyssa polish and it was basically the summer shade I would’ve picked for myself, well, the excitement level went way up. Plus you get full coverage with one coat and it’s a creme. I’ve already gone through half the bottle.
CND Vinylux: Couture Covet
CND Vinylux Couture Covet Swatch
I loved the fall nail polish collections the most this year and CND Vinylux’s Contradictions collection had a lot of great shades. Couture Covet was one of standouts for me. For one thing, it’s hard to find a great, dark teal and for another the formula was outstanding enough that I didn’t let the little bit of staining stop me from using it repeatedly.
Trust Fund Beauty: Denim With Diamonds
Trust Fund Beauty Denim With Diamonds Swatch - one coat, no staining
It takes a lot for me to be blown away by a shade of nail polish; but when I did the Trust Fund Beauty Battle Of The Blues, I couldn’t get over Denim With Diamonds. This shade is so stunning in person, I got a ridiculous amount of compliments on it. One coat gets you full coverage of this shimmery deep blue and I’m pretty much completely obsessed with this shade.

It was so hard to narrow down my favourites of 2015. What was your favourite nail polish last year?

Mani Monday – Nail Polish Most Wanted 2014

2014 was a great year for nail polish but there were definite standouts for us. These are our Most Wanted polishes from 2014. We can’t wait to see what this year holds for us.
Ceramic Glaze Exotic Dragon Fruit
Ceramic Glaze Exotic Dragon Fruit Swatch
This was not only the winner for Ceramic Glaze’s Island Paradise Collection (although we love that entire collection). Both of us love Exotic Dragon Fruit so much that it was the first shade that popped in our heads when putting this list together.
CND Vinylux Fine Vermillion
CND Vinylux Modern Folklore Fine Vermillion Swatch
We really could’ve chosen any shade from CND Vinylux’s Modern Folklore Collection but Fine Vermillion was just the perfect burnt orange shade for fall.
Trust Fund Beauty Resting Bitch Face
Trust Fund Beauty Resting Bitch Face Swatch
I knew the name of this shade before we got it and I was hoping it would look as great as it sounded and oh boy did it deliver. I’ve worn this shade so many times in the past few months and I get compliments every single time. And once they hear the name they love it even more.
Check out my original review here.
Lacc 1999
LACC FW 2014 1999 Swatch
This is by far my favourite black polish of the year. It’s not as harsh as some black shades and the shimmer just adds so much dimension.
See my original review here.
Essie Double Breasted Jacket
Essie Double Breasted Jacket Swatch
This is my favourite Essie shade of 2014 and it’s one of my overall shades in general. This pink tinged ruby from the Winter ’14 Collection is just such a dream to apply and it’s just a little different from a lot of reds.

We really had so many options to choose from that making this list was a little difficult but these are by far our Most Wanted Nail Polish of 2014 and it’s reminded me that I really want to try more polishes from Lacc and Trust Fund. This year we’re going to try as many polishes as we possibly can.

More Most Wanted Lists are coming!