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Lush 93,000 Miles Shower Jelly

Lush 93000 Miles Shower Jelly

It took all of 3-seconds for me to know that I NEEDED to try this soap. Open the container and you will be hooked! This jelly smells like a super shot of spicy cinnamon. Anyone who has smelled those weird creams for sore muscles will be familiar with strong smelling gels for your skin and this is no different. This Lush Shower Jelly is made to soothe those tire limbs in the shower.

Despite my love of Lush, I didn’t really think a shower gel would be able to do much for my muscles. The first time I used it, I didn’t really notice anything either.

Then I got sick! I’m not sure what type of horrible cold or flu this was, but my entire body was sore. My back was aching, my shoulders were tight, and my legs were tired. I hopped in a hot bath to try to relax those muscles. When it came time to clean, I pulled out this soap.

I slowly massaged it into my skin and could feel the Eucalyptus, Mint and Cinnamon work into my skin to help ease at least a little of that tension. Be careful if you have sensitive skin. I noticed that on some places where my skin was more delicate, this soap was too strong and tingly. It’s only meant for those tough places on your skin.

Anyone who is on their feet all day or gets sore tired muscles regularly should consider this soap an investment.

Moisturizing Body Oils Most Wanted

We’re in the midst of a warm winter, but that doesn’t mean the chill isn’t taking its toll on my skin. The latest way to moisturize seems to be with oils instead of cream. I tried four body oils to see which restored my soft summer skin.

Neutrogena Body Oil

Neutrogena Body Oil

Get a sleek and smooth moisturizing experience that is so versatile. Neutrogena’s version of this hot trend gives me so many options to use it in a variety of ways. I appreciate any product that makes it easier to work into my normal every day routine. You can moisturize onto dry skin, apply to damp skin after shower or bath to seal in moisture or add a few drops into your bath water for a soothing and relaxing experience. Unlike some other body oils, Neutrogena’s has a very light scent that gives you that clean smell without too many additives. Also unlike many other oils, this oil dries very quickly and doesn’t leave my skin or hands feeling greasy. You have no idea how happy that makes me!

Live Clean Skin Perfecting Dry Oil

Live Clean Skin Perfecting Dry Oil

With a mixture of many different all natural oils, Live Clean has done it again! They are quickly becoming one of my favourite brands. This time they have made a body oil that mot only moisturizes but also helps to reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks and skin tone. This is nothing new. There have been oils that make these claims for a long time, so we know this is something that works. I haven’t had the Live Clean oil long enough to prove this one also works, so I am trusting that it works. This oil is a bit greasier than some of the others available, but it dries quickly enough that it isn’t too bothersome.

Zaya Body Oil

Zaya Body Oil

Moisturize and enhance the skin with this natural oil that has a range of lovely ingredients to brighten your day. The best ingredient in this oil is the pink grapefruit oil. The citrus scent is undeniable in the oil and on the skin. It’s a really refreshing scent. It’s wonderful for a morning pick-me-up. There is also sweet almond oil to make it softening and a sweet scent. There are also a number of essential oils to help tone and tighten your skin and improve collagen production. The smell is also very sensual if I do say so myself and would be perfect for a romantic night in… if you know what I mean.


Caudalie Shaping & Firming Body Oil

Caudalie’s new line is all about helping you slim down including this new oil. It’s meant to firm and smooth your skin, with the bonus of adding a moisturizing skin to your skin. I haven’t been using it long enough yet to tell you if my skin is any tighter, but it does feel oh, so soft. The only problem is that it smells bad. After getting out of the shower with my skin smelling all nice, I don’t really want to apply this strange smelling oil. I do think some people will love the herbal smell, so don’t write it off entirely. This just isn’t the scent for me.

Most Wanted 2015: Steph’s Picks

This year I found a lot of great products that have not only changed the way I wear makeup and care for my skin, but also become new secret weapons and favourite products. As I get ready for a new year of beauty, here is my makeup most wanted for 2015.

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Overnight Purifying Gel

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Overnight Purifying Gel & Night Pads

I tend to get random breakouts whenever I get stressed, but this new line from Nip + Fab gets my skin back on track quickly. They aren’t just for acne, but also help clogged pores or any time your face feels dirty. The purifying gel works on a day-to-day basis, while the pads are perfect for those seriously stressful times. This is one secret weapon that I will be keeping with me throughout 2016.


The Body Shop Smoky Poppy

This limited edition line was my favourite smell of 2015. Who knew that poppies could smell so amazing? This collection has a musky and spicy smell that I am still in love with. The Eau De Toilette is my favourite, but the entire line is great. It’s leaving stores now and only available in clearance online. I will miss it with all of my heart!


Rodial Glamolash Mascara XXL

Take your lashes from average to amazing with this mascara. I sometimes feel like I have tried every trick to make my lashes look longer and darker, who knew that all you needed was this mascara. When Rodial launched their makeup line I skipped the regular mascara and went straight for the XXL. I will never go back!


MAC Cosmetics Magic Of The Night Evening Rendezvous Lipstick

I have always been a classic red lipstick girl, but this winter I decided that I needed a change. I wanted to switch to a darker purple hue. I struggled to find the perfect shade though. The first time I put on this new lipstick from MAC Cosmetics I was hooked. This isn’t just my favourite lipstick of the season, but one of my favourite lipsticks of all time!!!!

lise watier eye cream review

Lise Watier Lift & Firm 3D Ultra Firming Rejuvenating Eye Cream

When 2015 started I wasn’t a fan of eye cream. I thought they were a hoax, until I met this eye cream from Lise Watier. This cream made my eye look brighter and firm. Since then I had become hooked on trying a number of different creams. I will always thank Lise Watier for changing my mind.

Lush Holiday Most Wanted

Yog Nog Soap & Bath Bomb
Lush Yog Nog
Honour your favourite holiday drink with this soap and matching bath bomb. Yog Nog has that creamy feel of a glass of egg nog with a spicy kick that feels like the holidays. It leaves your skin oh, so, soft! Get it for someone very special who deserves smooth skin.

Joy To The World Gift Set
Lush Joy To The World
This little set is perfect for someone that you aren’t sure what to get them. Think your sister-in-law or a co-worker. It includes the Snowcake soap, which is a holiday Lush classic. The season just wouldn’t be the same without it! It also has the Love And Light hand cream, which is uniquely scented with a fruity smell that reminds me of Froot Loops. For under $20, you can’t go wrong!

Magic Of Christmas Fun
Lush Magic Of Christmas Fun
This little quarter of holiday soaps are so much fun. They aren’t just for washing. These soaps are also perfect for the kids to use as play-dough in the tub. Use the sparkly soaps as bath art before you wash. These soaps do have a very strong smell and leave funny coloured bubbles in the tub, so be warned. They also don’t last as long as a regular bar of soap. It’s more a fun novelty than a soap you want to get hooked on year round.

Cranberry Festive Face Mask
Lush Cranberry Festive Face Mask
Get hooked on the superfruit of the season with this strong smelling natural face mask. This mask is nice and chunky, so you know it’s actually full of real ingredients and not just filler. When you apply, it has a light tingle on your skin. This is not enough to irritate sensitive skin, but just enough to let you know it’s working. The mask hardens in a few minutes, but it doesn’t ever get tight. After a quick and easy rinse, my skin feels so soft thanks to the argan oil and rose clay.
Christingle Body Conditioner
Lush Christingle
If you already love Lush’s body conditioners or just don’t want to add lotion when you get out of the shower, the minty super moisturizing Christingle will work wonders on your dry, winter skin. Put this on after you wash up, rinse it off and you’ll have tingly, super soft skin all day. You might want to hide this one, guys will love it as well. Just buy a couple so you can share.
Peeping Santa Bubble Bar
Lush Peeping Santa Bubble Bar
This little Santa bubble bar might be too cute to use but it’s also really effective. Just a little piece of this strawberry scented Santa will get you tons of bubbles. The shea and cocoa butters will keep you moisturized and if you choose to break it up you’ll get lots of great smelling baths out of it. Want to use it in one piece, watch out of the loads of bubbles coming your way.

Lush Bat Heebie Jeebie Gift

Lush Bat Heebie-Jeebie
Lush always has great products for Halloween but when I saw the Bat Heebie Jeebie gift I thought it was the cutest thing ever. Luckily I got one and what’s inside is just as great as the outside.
Lush Bat Heebie-Jeebie Contents
Inside the bat is a Nightwing Shower Jelly and a Lord Of Misrule Shower Cream.
Lush Lord Of Misrule Shower Cream
Lord Of Misrule has a ton of buzz in the Lush community because of the bath bomb with the same name. I’m always hesitant to try products with patchouli because I’m really not a fan of it, same with vanilla. Lord Of Misrule has both with the addition of black pepper so I was convinced this one wasn’t for me. I don’t know how they do it but the combination works unbelievably well and I love this shower cream. This is going to end up being a Lush cult product for sure. The green colour and the sparkles that don’t actually stick, make it adorable as well.
Lush Nightwing Shower Jelly
I love Lush’s shower jelly because it’s so versatile. You can use the whole thing and just rub it on your skin, break a small chunk off to lather in your loofah or you can throw it in the fridge for a more refreshing shower. I’ve tried a bunch of these over the years and Nightwing might be my favourite of the bunch. It’s got a really bright lime scent and the aloe in it makes it super moisturizing.

This is one of those Lush gifts that I wish wasn’t seasonal because I would love these products all year. Luckily, Lush Christmas is coming so I have lots more to look forward to.

Jason Foaming Shower Oil

Jason Foaming Shower Oi Jason Foaming Shower Oil2







Think you know soft skin? Forget everything you know! Until you have tried the Jason Foaming Shower Oil, you don’t even know the potential for softness your skin has.

Oils are a big thing this season! Companies are releasing all kinds of different oils for moisturizing and cleansing. The difference is that most are for your face. This is the first oil that I have used for my whole body in the shower.

You just apply this oil to your shower loofah like any other soap. It gets frothy and you wouldn’t even know that it’s oil and not a regular gel.

The all natural smells of these oils are amazing! I tried the shea butter, coconut and olive oil scents. Each of them was great in its own way.

My favourite part of this Jason experience came an hour or so after my shower. My skin was so soft. It was so soft, I was actually surprised… shocked even! From my feet to my arms to my hands, everything was softer with Jason. From now on I am going to be hooked on trying different oils to see what other revelations in skin care I can find!

6 Beauty Essentials To Bring Camping

If you are heading out to celebrate the wilderness this summer, don’t forget to pack a few essentials to stay fresh and clean. While you don’t need to pack your hair drier, eyeliner or new lip gloss, there are a few beauty essentials that you will need.

Live Clean refreshing facial wipes

Live Clean Refreshing Wipes – You might not have a sink where you are going, but that doesn’t mean you should skip on washing your face. Especially since it’s going to be dirty out there in the great outdoors. Pack Live Clean Refreshing Wipes to clean your face before bed to wipe off any dirt or sweat from playing too hard during the day.

aveeno moisturizer

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion – The sun can really dry out your skin, so bring along this rich moisturizing full of oatmeal to keep your skin hydrated. It’s perfect to keep your skin soft for when you come home and will help if you stay at the beach all day.


Dermalogica Protection Sport – This moisturizer does everything you need for a day at the beach. It is water proof, sheer, non-greasy and is SPF 50. It’s your number one product for keeping your skin safe! Don’t forget to reapply though!

Fruit Of The Earth Aloe Vera Gel

Fruit Of The Earth Aloe Vera Gel – If you do happen to stay out in the sun for too long, this is the stuff that you want on your sunburn! It’s cooling on even the worst burns. It is a bit sticky, but that will be nothing compared to your burn. The rest of the year, you can also use it for acne, as a primer, in your hair to stop flyaways and so much more!


Sally Hershberger Super Keratin Spray – With all of the elements, days in the sun and time in the water, your hair gets fried being out in the wild. Manage your hair with just one product with this spray. It’s like a leave-in conditioner that gives your deep moisture. It helps with frizz and makes your hair softer. You can spray it on wet or dry hair. Leave your tools at home girls and just bring this!

jack black shampoo conditioner

Jack Black Double Header Shampoo + Conditioner – One for the guys out there, this two-in-one product is great for cleaning your hair without having to pack a lot of products. It’s got coconut oil to help detangle and kelp for thickening. It’s like having a whole arsenal of products.

All Natural Scrubs Most Wanted

All natural face and body scrubs are one of my favourite trends right now! I love exfoliating and scrubbing my skin with all natural products that are good for my skin and the earth. Here is a roundup of some scrubs that I am in love with that you need to try now!

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub – Sugar scrubs are nothing new, but now there are more options than ever.  Get the feeling of being in the tropics. The smell of coconut and lime hits you right when you open the container. Tree Hut has used a whole shelf of beautiful smelling natural oils and shea butter to keep this scrub soft and moisturizing. It will leave your skin moist with a hint of that tropical smell that will linger with you wherever you go.

Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub

Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub – While it’s not new to the market, this lip scrub is still one of our favourite products. Lips feeling dry, flaky or cracked? This sweet treat is the one that we keep in our arsenal. You apply some of the sugar scrub onto your lips and rub it all over. The minty flavour brings a freshness to your mouth. After you are done, you just lick the sugar off for a sweet finish.  Your lips will feel soft and refreshed.

Jealous Body Scrub

Jealous Body Scrub – I’ve never been so excited as I was to try this coffee and coconut scrub. When you open this package it’s like opening a fresh package of coffee. The smell of freshly ground coffee is amazing! Using this scrub is another matter. It’s a messy job applying this scrub to wet skin. I’m not sure how most people can leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes without rinsing. Do I stand there in the tub with the water off because I’m worried it’s too messy to walk around the house? I left it on for as long as I could before getting bored and scrubbing it off. My skin felt oh so soft and I could smell the fresh coffee lingering in the air.

Karora Express Bronzing Mousse


Summertime means golden skin and gorgeous tans, but we all know it’s not safe to stay in the sun all day. I’m trying to be better at keeping my skin safe. This year I am trying self-tanners instead of harmful UVs. I pulled out the bottle of Karora Express Bronzing Mousse that I have been saving for this season.

Karora’s bronzing mousse is easy to use. I know that people get scared about tanning at home, but it doesn’t have to be like the pictures you see online of tanning gone wrong.

Get yourself a bronzing mitt first. Pump the Karora mousse on the mitt and then spread it on your skin. The mousse spreads ok, but not great, so make sure that your skin is well moisturized.  Spread it all over your body.  It should only take a few minutes to get it all over.

You will need to wait a few minutes for it to dry before getting dressed. This is where I had a bit of trouble with the Karora Express Bronzing Mousse. Unlike other bronzers this one didn’t dry quickly. It remained tacky. It was sticky for so long that I ended up just getting dressed. You should probably get dressed in something dark and loose. While the Karora bronzer doesn’t spread, you still don’t want to risk it.

Then you wait. I am cautious, so I only waited an hour. The mousse says that you can leave it on for up to three hours for a darker tan. I chose the shorter time because I didn’t know how strong this mousse is. After the time, you just have a normal shower to rinse everything off.

When I first looked at my skin, I wasn’t impressed with the results. You have to give it some time though. It keeps getting darker after rinsing. A few hours later I had a nice glow on my skin. It looked great. I actually wished I had left it on longer. It’s nice that I can just do it again though and keep my skin looking great all summer.

Summer Beauty Products For A Fresh Face

Summer is here and I have been stocking up on face products just waiting for those hotter days. Summer face wash, wipes, moisturizer and makeup all have different requirements than your winter products. See what I’ve been using to prep for summer 2015:

Aveeno Ultra-Calming Gentle Makeup Removing Wipes


I don’t have sensitive skin, but you don’t need that to love using these Aveeno makeup wipes. They remove your makeup, without ever drying your face. I feel like my face is even more moisturized after using them than before. If you are prone to acne or oily skin, I might avoid using them. They are better for drier skin because of how moisturizing they are.

Vichy Thermal Spa Water



I feel like I have found this face mist at the perfect time. It’s meant to soothe redness and irritation on your skin with a little daily spray. It is a little cool and the perfect way to start your day in the morning.

Biotherm Aquasource


Until Biotherm, I was pretty against gel face moisturizers. Biotherm has completely changed my mind on gel. Since I tend to have oily skin, I always thought that gel moisturizers were bad for my skin. I found out that it’s exactly the opposite. Aquasource actually helps my skin stay a bit drier and less oily. I wish the smell didn’t remind me of a Christmas tree, but otherwise I am in love.

Soap & Glory Peaches And Cream Deep Cleansing Milk 


This face wash is great because it’s at the same time soft and strong. You will first fall in love with the smell. Nothing beats the creaminess of Peaches & Cream. Next you will love the texture. It’s so rich and cream it’s hard to believe it will clean your face. Then you will love how it works. You face will feel fresh and clean without feeling too dry.

Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Tinted Moisturizer

Caudalie_Vinoperfect_Radiance_Tinted_Moisturizer copy

Summer is the time for sometimes skipping your foundation for something a bit lighter. This is going to be my new light product for the season. It wears somewhere between a moisturizer and a foundation. It leaves my face feeling soft, while giving great coverage. i am usually the first person to say that tinted moisturizer just isn’t enough, but this one is! My face looks great and the colour makes me look bright and healthy. I love it.

Lancome Miracle Cushion Foundation


I didn’t get the right colour of this foundation, so I can’t give a full review, but that doesn’t make me any less excited about it. This compact foundation is one of the coolest and most innovative foundations that has been released in a long time. The package has a little cushion that your press to release a creamy liquid foundation. From the little I could try, it’s clear this foundation is easy to work and moisturizing. I can’t wait to get my hands on the right shade!