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Bite Beauty BB For Lips

Bite Beauty BB For Lip Swatches
Tawny, Suede, Dolce, Flush

We have so many makeup options for our lips. Lipstick, glosses, stains, balms,  crayons and now Bite Beauty is introducing us to BB For Lips. These are sort of like tinted lip balms except you get a little more coverage colour wise and your lips get repaired while you wear it.
Bite Beauty BB For Lips
BB For Lips comes in five shades. Tawny, Suede, Dolce, Flush and Natural which is clear. I honestly can’t decide which of these I like the most. Each shade is sheer, goes on smoothly and my lips feel fantastic afterwards. Obviously the wear time isn’t very long but unlike lipstick that clumps, reapplying doesn’t have any drawbacks.

Each BB has Shea Butter, SPF 18 and 5 mg of Reservatrol (which Bite is known for) that delivers the equivalent of 5 glasses of red wine of antioxidants to your lips. Considering most of us tend to neglect our lips when it comes to repairing or antioxidants and generally use lip balms that don’t do anything but moisturize, I can’t help but think that Bite is on to something with BB For Lips. While I might not notice most of the effects I like the way these feel as a balm and I love the shades.

And if I get to do something good for my lips while wearing a lip balm I’m all for it.

MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection

MAC Alluring Aquatic Review
MAC’s Alluring Aquatic collection is the perfect beachy, summer collection. I’m super fair and bronzer looks awful on me but I love the bronze, glowy look and Alluring Aquatic gives me that without turning me orange, or worse. From the shiny turquoise with water drop effect packaging to the wave pattern on the eyeshadow and blush, the collection just screams beach.

The Lorelei Extra Dimension eyeshadow is a light, shimmery bronze that goes on beautifully and blends well with other shades and Seduced At Sea Extra Dimension Blush is a sheer bronze coral that shows up well on my skin but doesn’t stand out like crazy. My absolute favourite though is the Seducing Sound Lip Glass. It’s a sheer cocoa bronze shade that looks amazing on it’s own and even better with a neutral liner under it. The colour lasts for a pretty long time for a lip gloss and in typical Lip Glass fashion isn’t crazy sticky.

MAC pretty much broke me for other summer makeup with their Alluring Aquatic collection and I’m already wondering if I need to go buy spares in case I run out before the collection leaves stores.

Bite Beauty Deconstructed Rose Lip Gloss Library

Bite Beauty has released some pretty great lip products and the Deconstructed Rose Lip Gloss Library is no exception. It has twelve glosses all infused with Rose Otto oil and each gloss has a pretty intense rose scent. If you have any issues with fragrance you might want to give this set a pass. But I love anything that smells even remotely like rose, so Deconstructed Rose is perfect for me.

Each of the twelve shades in the Deconstructed Rose set varies somewhere on the rose colour spectrum. They go on relatively smoothly and the brush has a little dip that’s supposed to make application easier but I actually found a little more difficult. But the colours are gorgeous. There’s a shade for every skin tone, mood and event. I mixed shades four and six and ended up with my perfect rose lip gloss shade.

The Deconstructed Rose Lip Gloss Library is limited edition, so if you love rose as much as I do or just love lip gloss and want to find your perfect shade, you should probably run out and get one.

Mika for Shu Uemura Review

Photographer Mika Ninagawa’s collection for Shu Uemura is one of the few that pretty much has everything going for it.¬†The packaging alone makes it one of the most gorgeous collections I’ve ever seen and it could probably just sit on my bathroom counter for me to look at, let alone use it. The fact that the products are just as great makes it so much better.

I’ve been using the Porefinist Anti-Shine Fresh Cleansing Oil as my cleanser. It balances the oily spots, doesn’t dry out the dry spots and at 450ml, I’m going to be using it forever since you just use a tiny bit.

The Mika Eyeshadow Spiro Duos don’t offer a whole lot in colour selection but the Beige/Brown duo is the perfect shimmery neutral for daytime.

What the eyeshadow may lack in shades, the Tint In Gelato lip and cheek colour more than make up for. CR 01 (Blood Orange) is my personal favourite. It’s a orangey coral that’ll take me from spring into summer. The formula might be the creamiest lip anything I’ve ever used and it has a ton of pigmentation.

If you want your nails to go with the line’s whimsical feel, the Mika nail stickers are the way to go.

Whether you want the whole line, just a little piece of it or an empty box to just look at. Mika’s line for Shu Uemura is one we won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

OPI Mini Kits Review

OPI releases gorgeous collections of nail polish all the time and if you have a hard time deciding which colour to spend your money on, the OPI mini collections might be a place to start. They have 4 shades from the collection and you get to try them all and then see if you want to buy a full size. The most recent mini kits are from the Brazil Collection and the Gwen Stefani Rock Starlets Mini Kit.


The Rock Starlets mini kit has Hey Baby (hot pink), I Sing In Colour (wine), Love.Angel.Music.Baby (gold shimmer) and 4 In the Morning (matte black). There’s a little something for everyone in this box.


The Brazil Collection mini kit is the perfect Spring/Summer set. It includes Next Stop…The Bikini Zone (purple shimmer), Kiss Me I’m Brazilian (bright pink), AmazON…AmazOFF (teal) and Where Did Suzi’s Man-go? (peach). If your nails haven’t gone for the Spring colours yet, this is where to start. AmazON…AmazOFF is probably my favourite nail polish right now.

I love these mini kits because you get to try different colours for not a ton of money and you never know which one will end up your favourite. I can’t wait to see if there’s a mini kit for the Muppets Collection.

Julep March Maven Box Review

If you’ve never shopped on before you can buy all kinds of nail polish and accessories from the Seattle based company but what really makes it different are the monthly Maven boxes. For $19.99 a month including shipping you get to choose from different boxes (Bombshell, Boho Glam, etc..) which gives you a couple nail polishes and usually some kind of accessory whether it’s a top coat, a new makeup product or some other useful tool. None of the colour combinations in the March boxes really caught my interest so I decided to go with the March Core Classics box.
Included in the Core Classics box was an Oxygen Nail Treatment (which is used to make your nails healthier and leave a slight colour), a Freedom Polymer topcoat (supposed to leave your nails with a gel like finish), a Nail Cleanup tool and a rock candy stick. It was the Nail Cleanup tool that made me choose this box since I’m used to using my thumbnails to clean up my messes with nail polish. It’s a good idea but I think it’s going to take some practice for me to get used to it. Especially when using my left hand.

The Oxygen Nail Treatment probably won’t get a ton of use from me since I change the colour of my nails pretty frequently but it’ll be nice to give them a break once in a while. The Freedom Polymer is something I’ve been using off and on. I can’t commit to a gel nail colour so this is a nice switch and it does help keep my polish from chipping for a couple days.

Hopefully next month’s colours interest me a little more.

If you want to try Julep’s Maven boxes click here and use the code FREEBOX for your first box free!

Coming Soon: Smashbox With Santigold – The Santigolden Age

The newest collaboration between a musician and makeup seems to be The Santigolden Age, a new collection from Smashbox with musician/artist Santigold.

The Santigolden Age collection will include an eye shadow collage, Be Legendary lipgloss, Double Ended Limitless Eye Liner, nail polish art strips and for the first time a Be Legendary lipstick ring, which I personally can’t wait to check out. The collection will be available April 1, 2014.