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St. Tropez Summer Tan Most Wanted

summer sun st tropez

Everyone is looking towards summer and for some of us, myself included, that means the return of a gorgeous tan. I know some prefer to be pearly white, but my skin never looks better than with a golden glow. I am starting this summer with a tan, and that means asking for some help from tanning pros at St. Tropez. To help us get ready for summer, we asked St. Tropez Skin Finishing Expert Sophie Evans for her 5 essentials for the perfect summer tan. Here is what she recommending investing in:

St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse – This lightweight, easy to apply, velvety mousse delivers an even, all over tan. It is great for all skin types, dries in an instant and lasts for about 5-7 days. Aloe Vera helps keep the colour going strong, leaving a naturally glamorous result. It looks great from the initial application and won’t leave a sticky feeling.
(50 ml/$22.50, 120 ml/$40.00, 240 ml/$51.50, available select Hudson’s Bay, Shoppers Drug Mart and Sephora stores as well as select salons and spas nationwide.)

St. Tropez Applicator Mitt – For a velvety smooth application of self tan, the Applicator Mitt is a definite must have. The water-resistant barrier ensures fingers remain unstained as you glide on self tan to your skin. Simply load up your mitt with self tan and apply with a light flat hand and sweeping strokes. 
($8, available select Hudson’s Bay, Shoppers Drug Mart and Sephora stores as well as select salons and spas nationwide.)

St. Tropez Luxe Dry Oil – This innovative self-tanning solution gives a seriously hydrated, long lasting tan that looks great from the get go with its subtle colour and gold mica skin finishing particles. You will want to showcase this tan the moment it hits your skin. After your self tan, apply to all exposed limbs for a perfectly hydrated golden sheen, fitting for a night out!
($60/100ml, available now at select Sephora stores, will be available at select Hudson’s Bay and Shoppers Drug Mart stores as well as select salons and spas nationwide in June.)

Prep & Maintain Tan Enhancing Polish – Smooth skin is the first step to achieving a flawless tan and is crucial for prolonging an even colour for longer. Unlike other scrubs, which may contain ingredients that will remove self-tan, St.Tropez’s formulation has been specially created to make sure that it works to help a tan – not destroy it. It relies on the clever technology of spherical beads that won’t scratch or damage the skin but simply remove tired skin cells – ensuring smooth and silky results. To maintain your tan in between applications and ensure all around evenness, exfoliate every few days.
(200ml/$24, available at select salons and spas nationwide.)

Prep & Maintain Tan Enhancing Moisturiser – Packed with a luxurious blend of ingredients, the Tan Enhancing Moisturiser not only softens and smoothes skin but also extends the length of a tan and reduces fading and patchiness. Prior to tanning, use the moisturiser as a barrier cream on elbows, knees, whole of the foot, back of the heel, whole of the hand and back of the wrist as dry areas are prone to get darker if not protected.
(200ml/$24, available at select salons and spas nationwide.)

Photo Credit: massimo ankor via Compfight cc

May’s Makeup Most Wanted – Steph’s Picks

Spring is about starting fresh, so here are my most wanted makeup and beauty products for this month that will give you a fresh start whether it’s clean skin, pampering yourself or looking hot.

philosophy vanilla coconut

1. philosophy Vanilla Coconut set – This little three product set has me totally transported to a tropical island. The body lotion, shower gel and lip gloss trio has an intoxicated scent that I can’t get enough of. It’s perfect for summer’s coming long days and makes me feel a bit of the summer when it’s cold out.


2. Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm – Every girl should have a perfectly pink lip balm in their purse at all times. One that gives you a hint of colour and softens your lips. My new go to is Pixi Beauty’s Ripe Raspberry lip balm. It makes my lips feel so kissably soft.


3. Smashbox Santigolden Age Collection – This Smashbox collection is only for the real cool girls. Even the packaging screams super cool. The eyeshadow palette is full of dramatic blue and orange shades, while the eyeliner is shocking blue and glam gold. Of course the nail polish strips are the icing on the cake with those super funky wraps that no one will ever forget.

dermalogica clear start

4. Dermalogica Clear Start – I wish I had this acne skin care collection when I was a teen. It’s like getting a Dermalogica spa facial in your home. The face wash smells light and fresh, while the Daytime Treatment is easy to use and really effective on nasty breakouts.

avon cc corrector

5. Avon Ideal Flawless CC Color Corrector Pencil – I have a love/hate relationship with concealer, but this corrector pencil made all of my hate go away. This little pencil is the perfect on the go concealer for any issues. It is easy for breakouts, dark spots or under eyes to make you feel confident in seconds.


6. Sanctuary Spa Me Time Spa Treats – I wish I could head to the spa every week, but unfortunately I can’t. I love this little set to save until you have a night alone to take over the bathroom for serious pampering. It has a body wash, scrub, butter and hand cream that have the smell of your favourite spa. Perfect for you or for a gift if you can part with it.

True Blood’s Tara Buck Talks Beauty

Photo: Mathieu Bitton

Los Angeles based actress Tara Buck might be best known for her role as Ginger on HBO’s True Blood, but this blonde beauty has been featured on everything from Party Of Five, to Nip/Tuck, to Bones and many more. She’s not just a talented actress and in her spare time she’s co-owner of Ledbetter Wines. We caught up with Tara Buck before the premiere of the final season of True Blood to get her to spill a few of her beauty secrets.

What is your first makeup or beauty related memory?
My Mom gave me a makeup kit as part of my “dress up box” when I was about 8 or 9.  I’m sure it was a collection of items she no longer used and it was my pride and joy. I took it with me everywhere, showed it off to friends and often offered to give the neighborhood kids makeovers. Some kids weren’t allowed to wear makeup, so it was frequently a secret indulgence that had to be removed when they left our play dates. My Mom is an artist and I always felt like I was practicing my painting skills as I experimented with applying eyeshadows.

What is your everyday morning beauty routine like?
I wake up, wash may face with water and maybe a little Dermaquest Glyco Creamy Cleanser, do the usual teeth brushing bit but beyond that my morning routine varies significantly from very minimal to a full on production. I always apply sunscreen and a under eye cream. If I’m not on set working or going to auditions I save the makeup and blow dry for later in the evening. I like to be outside when the sun is shining and beyond protecting my skin I don’t really want much more. My routine is more consistent before I go to bed.  Preclease, cleanse, always a good moisturizer under my eyes and usually a good lip scrub.
Dermalogica precleanse
Do you have any tricks that you have learned on sets?
When I’m shooting True Blood I wear a lot of makeup. Heavy everything! I wear liberal amounts of foundation, full lashes, liner, a spray tan and usually a lot of blood. When shooting is finished at the end of the day all I want to do it get that makeup off. They always have Dermalogica Precleanse in the trailer waiting with a warm washcloth when we are finished shooting. The Precleanse just kind of melts away the layers of product without leaving my face feeling irritated or raw. I fell in love with this product onset and now I use it at home as well.

What will you never leave the house without wearing or applying?
SUNSCREEN! Dermaquest tinted moisturizer with SPF is my favorite right now. It’s perfect for summer when I want light coverage. With this one product I’m adding moisture, just enough tint to even out my skin without covering my freckles and the protection of SPF 30.  There is no oiliness to it and the texture is really light and almost fluffy.

What are 5 products that are always in your makeup bag and you can’t live without and why?
29 Cosmetic’s Hint of Honey Lip Treatment. It’s a great moisturizer and it has little gold flecks in it that add shine. It’s great by it’s self or as a gloss over lip color. The smell is subtle and delicious. It’s perfect for someone who easily gets dry lips without being waxy or goopy.
Youngblood Tangelo
A bright fun lipstick. My staple for a while has been Youngblood’s Tangelo.  Orange is my alternative to red. Red is great but can be a bit unruly. I often just wear gloss but I like to always have a bold color on hand. Even with no other makeup a bold lip can create an entire look. Tangelo is beautiful lightly applied for a soft summery look as well as the darker splash of color after the sun goes down so it’s a perfectly versatile staple.

Black Mascara. Youngblood makes a great one that is thickening and doesn’t smudge or flake. I have long very light lashes. They are invisible until they have mascara on them, but if the mascara doesn’t stay put I end up with muddy smudges up around my brows or dark circles below my eyes so I’m very picky with mascara.  A tube of Youngblood’s Blackout is always in my bag.

My beauty secret weapon is Ardell Duralash individual lashes (short flare brown).  You can get them at almost any drug store and they are inexpensive and easy but always make me feel extra fabulous when I use them. Individuals are my favorite because you can make them really subtle for a natural look or layer them up for the perfect cat eye. Using them allows you to create the illusion that the actual shape of your eye has changed. Creating different characters and changing how I look is a big part of what I do for work. Adding just the right lashes can change my look dramatically and make me feel like a chameleon.

I like the option of a soft tan so I keep Yon Ka Auto- Bronzant face and body in my bag always. Unlike most self-tanners it’s very light, great for my face and chest, never makes me breakout and has a very mild odor. It’s actually a very nice non greasy moisturizer as well.  Truly the best self tanner I’ve ever found and I’ve tried them all.

Thanks to Tara for answering our questions and don’t forget to check her out on True Blood this June!

Marta Pacek’s Makeup Most Wanted


Australian folk singer Marta Pacek is invading Canada this spring. The Aussie beauty had a new album, Voodoo Dolls and False Alarms, in Canada now and a few showcases at Canadian Music Week in Toronto. Makeup Most Wanted caught up with Marta Pacek before her first CMW showcase tonight at Johnny Jackson to find out the secret behind her effortless beauty. We asked Marta to share the makeup she most wanted to bring around the world.


1. Aesop Tea Tree Leaf Exfoliant & Face Oil – Made by a company from my hometown of Melbourne Australia, this is essentially a dry mix of crushed botanicals including, aloe vera, walnut shells and tea tree leaf.  You can adjust the exfoliation level by altering how much cleanser you mix it with. Mixed with just water, It gives the deepest exfoliation comparable to in salon microdermabrasion. I use [the face oil] as my daily moisturizer and love the way it smells. To save space in my luggage, I like to combine this with another favourite product, Dr Haushka Translucent Bronzing Tint and always pre-mix a few bottles for my longer tours.


2. Dr Haushka Translucent Bronzing Tint – It’s like a liquid mineral bronzer, but I find it’s too dry on it’s own so I mix it with my Aesop Fabulous Face Oil and the result is a sheer, sun-kissed, dewy look.


3. Le Labo Patchouli 24 – I discovered this take on my favourite perfume while living in NYC’s East Village.  The Patchouli is not easy to detect in this formula. The smoky, leathery character of birch takes over in the first few seconds, making this signature absolutely unique and difficult to situate. Fortunately, a touch of vanilla comes in to calm this little world, bringing peace, sensuality and softness to these violent animal notes.
4. Sarnya Key Pure African Shea Butter  – Because I have fine hair, I only condition the ends and a little of this butter goes a long way, saving me space in my toiletries bag. It leaves my hair soft and silky and smelling beautiful. It also doubles up as a great shaving emulsion.
5. Tinderbox Apple and Rooibos Shampoo & Honey Myrtle Conditioner – My hippie girlfriend Fiona introduced me to this beautiful Western Australian made skin care range which I find very affordable and completely natural.
6. Nars Dolce Vita Lip Crayon  – I have been wearing this dusty rosy red matte on my lips for several years now and I also wear it on my cheeks. I recently purchased the sheer lipstick version which is more translucent for day time wear. It’s not on the Nars website anymore which I fear means it’s being discontinued.
7. Bare Escentuals  Buxom Lash Mascara – I was born with really thick long eyelashes but strangely they are blonde at the tips so I like to use a really dramatic mascara. This is by far the best one I have ever used and the formula lasts a very long time. It’s also very gentle to remove with warm soapy water.
Catch Marta Pacek in Canada during her Canadian Music Week showcases or her Ontario tour throughout May. Get tour dates on her website now.

CC Cream Most Wanted

While not as popular as BB Creams, CC Creams are one of the first steps to a well-rounded makeup routine. Not all CC Creams are created equal though. From thick to sheer to moisturizing, every company has created a CC cream with its own personality. Here are our three Most Wanted CC Creams:

stila cc cream

Stila CC Color Correcting Cream

Stila has created a CC cream that is unlike any other one on the market. Stila developed a green based cream. Anyone who knows makeup will know that this means the makeup is colour correcting to remove all redness. It isn’t sheer though, which is the best part! The pigments in the makeup adapt to your skin tone to create a shade that matches you perfectly. It feels like having your own custom makeup colour in a bottle. It’s not the best coverage, but it is one of the most moisturizing creams I’ve used.

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Sephora Skin Perfect CC Cream

For full coverage this is the CC cream you need to reach for. Sephora’s skin perfect cream offers more coverage for my skin than most of my regular foundations. It is also so moisturizing that I don’t feel guilty if I forget to moisturize. It hydrates and corrects my skin tone so I feel beautiful all day. I am in love!

annabelle cc cream

Annabelle CC Colour Control Instant Perfecting Base Natural Finish

As we move into summer, this is the cream I will be reaching for. This is one of the lightest cc creams I’ve ever tried. It’s perfect for a warm day because it stays on my skin and don’t clog up my pores. It makes my face feel velvety smooth. I can even finish my look with the CC powder for added skin perfection.

Mika for Shu Uemura Review

Photographer Mika Ninagawa’s collection for Shu Uemura is one of the few that pretty much has everything going for it. The packaging alone makes it one of the most gorgeous collections I’ve ever seen and it could probably just sit on my bathroom counter for me to look at, let alone use it. The fact that the products are just as great makes it so much better.

I’ve been using the Porefinist Anti-Shine Fresh Cleansing Oil as my cleanser. It balances the oily spots, doesn’t dry out the dry spots and at 450ml, I’m going to be using it forever since you just use a tiny bit.

The Mika Eyeshadow Spiro Duos don’t offer a whole lot in colour selection but the Beige/Brown duo is the perfect shimmery neutral for daytime.

What the eyeshadow may lack in shades, the Tint In Gelato lip and cheek colour more than make up for. CR 01 (Blood Orange) is my personal favourite. It’s a orangey coral that’ll take me from spring into summer. The formula might be the creamiest lip anything I’ve ever used and it has a ton of pigmentation.

If you want your nails to go with the line’s whimsical feel, the Mika nail stickers are the way to go.

Whether you want the whole line, just a little piece of it or an empty box to just look at. Mika’s line for Shu Uemura is one we won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

Lush: Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Your Products

Lush products seem pretty straightforward. Bath Bombs, soap, skin care. But there’s so much more you can do with your products that might not be quite as obvious. We recently had the chance to take a tour of Lush Markville in Markham, ON and while the fantastic Winnie and Kathryn were doing some treatments on us, we were reminded of the other things we could do with our Lush Stash.

lush bath bomb cocktail beauty

1. Bath Cocktail
Why use just a Bath Bomb when you can add a Bath Melt and a Bubble Bar for the most extravagant bath ever? You can pick similar scents or randomly mix them up for a new smell.

2. Hand Scrub
I once had a Lush employee tell me that once I tried this hand treatment it would change my life and it did. Mix Lemony Flutter with Ocean Salt and use as a scrub on your hands, feet or anywhere on your body. Rinse off and be amazed at how soft your skin is (and how great it smells).

3. Shaving Cream
The great thing about Lush products is that as a whole they’re generally really moisturizing. I’ve heard of people using Lush Soap, Solid Shampoo, Shower Gels and conditioners as their shaving cream. I use Ro’s Argan after shaving to keep my skin super smooth.

4. Shampoo
The Lush Solid Shampoo is great for travel but if you really want to cut down on the amount of products you take with you, any of the shower gels can double as a shampoo. The Olive Branch will make your hair smell fantastic

5. Air Freshener
Want to make your room smell good fast? Take a bath bomb and put it in a knot wrap for a long lasting room fragrance.

There are so many other ideas that I haven’t tried yet, using a bath bomb to scent my laundry for example. What are your favourite things to do with your Lush faves?

Makeup Most Wanted April 2014: Alyssa’s Picks

I’m the kind of person that sticks to a product until it runs out if I love it but I also change colours and textures with the seasons. These are my Most Wanted products this month.


1. Fresh Peony Brightening UV Shield SPF 50+
This goes on so smoothly and just completely brightens up my face. There’s a tiny little bit of colour to it which makes it seem almost like a CC cream, but luckily it isn’t too dark for my fair skin tone. The high SPF is just a total bonus.

2. Nails Inc. Warwick Way nail polish
This is just the perfect bright turquoise colour for spring. I love the way Nails Inc. nail polishes go on and they last a really long time without chipping.

3. Lise Watier Eden Tropical Palette
More gorgeous spring colours that aren’t too bright or pastel. The pigmentation is fantastic and there are so many combinations you can get out of these 6 shades.

4. Julep Pore-Minimizing Blush in Peach Bellini
I recently got this in my Julep Maven bag and it’s so new it still says coming soon on the Julep site. The second I tried it I fell in love with it. The colour is perfect for my skin and gives me a lot of colour while still looking natural. It’s so pigmented you really only need to use a tiny bit. The jury’s still out on the pore minimizing part though.

5. Soap And Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Crayon in Nudist
This has been with me everywhere I go since the day I got it. I’ve already reviewed these crayons here but this is the standout shade for me. It’s great for when you don’t want to wear a bright lip colour or if your lipstick wears off and you need a quick fix. It’s so moisturizing that I’ve used it as a lip balm.

6. MAC Amplified Lipstick in Red Balloon
This is part of the new MAC Playland collection and even though it’s called Red Balloon, on me it looks more like a reddish pink. Just bright enough but not quite neon. It also lasts forever. This is going to be my go to lipstick for spring and probably summer.

Sister Sin’s Liv Jagrell Shares Her Most Wanted Makeup

SisterSinBand We’ve already been telling you what our Most Wanted products are but now we’re going to let others tell you. First up is Liv Jagrell, lead singer from Stockholm band Sister Sin. Liv tells us what her Most Wanted products to take out on tour are.

neutrogenamakeupremoverwipes 1: Make up wipes: Since I wear a lot of make up onstage and nights on tour can be very late and exhausting, I always have make up wipes with me to easily take off the make up. I would not survive without them. Whatever kind I can find – usually ends up being Neutrogena!

2: BB cream or CC cream: Because you have limited amount of time and space on tour, this is a really good product. Both daycream and foundation in one. My fave right now is Lumene BB Bright Now.

3: Dry shampoo: You never know when you will have a shower and time to wash your hair, this is a real saver. I use cheap ones like Proffs Dry Schampoo, it’s one of the best if you ask me!

4: Waterproof Mascara: [This is] to use on stage… And why?? Well if you headbang as much as me it’s kind of a cardio workout every time I’m on stage, and I don’t want to look like a panda or Alice Cooper after the show haha. I recommend an Italian brand called Kiko which have very good products for a good price.

5: Small travel kits with body lotions, I can’t live without body lotion, I really hate when my skin is dry! I prefer organic of all kind, today there a lot to chose from, which is good.\

Stockholm’s SISTER SIN are currently hard at work, writing material for their upcoming 5th Victory Records album. Catch them on the road and stay up to date with the latest from Liv and SISTER SIN with the links below!

BB Cream Most Wanted: Steph’s Picks


When BB Creams first hit the market, I never thought I would replace my foundation. BB creams were being compared to tinted moisturizers and that just wouldn’t do. I didn’t even give it a fair shot the first few times that I used my first bb cream. Slowly, but surely, bb creams won me over. Nowadays I have an unhealthy number of bb creams.

My favourite part about these bb creams is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get something great. Yes, you can splurge on a luxury designer, but you can also get a great affordable version at the drug store. Here are my most wanted bb creams now, stay tuned as I expand my ever growing collection:

Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream – It’s amazing when I makeup can do so much, but feel like so little. The Smashbox bb cream feels like our natural skin, only better! Unlike many other bb creams, this little bottle lasts all day long. This is the one I save for special occasions.

Clinique Perfecting BB Cream – I love this bb cream, mostly because I forget it’s a bb cream. I think of it like a foundation. I wear it like a foundation. I love it like a foundation!

Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector – This was the very first bb cream I ever tried and it’s still in my top five. I love it because for under $15 you can get great looking skin. Garnier’s BB Cream is like a thin tinted moisturizer. It’s my go to for warm summer days when I don’t want to feel like I am wearing any makeup.

Vichy Proeven BB Cream – Vichy stole my heart with this bb cream because it feels clean on my skin. Everyone knows Vichy for their attention of skincare, so you shouldn’t be surprised that their bb cream is gentle on your face. It doesn’t clog my pores. It’s light enough to be a moisturizer, with the quality of a foundation.

Marcelle BB Cream – Marcelle was my first true bb cream love. This Canadian company made the bb cream that converted me from foundation to bb cream. I will always love this product that is just the right mix of makeup and moisture.