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Affordable Drugstore Makeup Most Wanted

Some makeup enthusiasts might think a higher price means higher quality, but that is not at all true! Here are some drugstore makeup picks you don’t want to miss. Best of all, you won’t have to dip into your savings to afford them all.

live clean coconut shampoo

Live Clean Coconut Milk Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner

If you are sick of dry winter hair that is full of static, Live Clean has a new line of shampoo and conditioner that is full of moisturizing properties. I was a little disappointed that the products didn’t smell more like coconut and less soapy. Regardless that are so creamy and soft your hair. My favourite things about the line is that it is all natural and affordable making me feel good about buying it!

Annabelle Lipsies Fruity Lip Balm

Annabelle Lipsies Fruity Lip Balm

I’ve been carrying one of these scented lip balms in my purse since I discovered them. Because they are scented like fruit, many older people might dismiss them, but they are great. These lip balm sticks help to soften your lips, while providing great colour. You will be surprised by the vibrant colour that you get from these sticks. It’s a colour and softness that I found last quite a long time. Best of all they are just $4.95! I recommend the cherry or coco-vanilla.

Maybelline Fit Me Matte Poreless Powder

Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Powder

If you are feeling a bit shiny, keep this powder handy for some last minute touch ups. The matching foundation is not too bad either, but the powder is really where it’s at! I like that I can get the rest of my makeup done and then add this final powder to stop annoying shine. I keep it handy after work too so I can get a shine touch-up without having to reapply my makeup. It’s under $10 making it a great investment.

Revlon PhotoReady Prime

Revlon PhotoReady Prime + Anti-Shine

If you need even more shine protection, try starting your makeup routine with this primer. It’s a slick balm that absorbs all of your oil and shine, so that you are ready to face the day. It makes your face feel dry, without drying it out. This primer is the best way to start your day and so much more affordable than most anti-shine primers.

mm-vt-bottlesSally Hansen Velvet Texture Nail Polish

Sally Hansen Velvet Texture Nail Polish

If you want a cool manicure without hitting the salon, these nail polishes can give you something really different. Sally Hansen has developed a textured matte polish. It’s supposed to give the appearance of velvet. I’m not sure if I would go that far, but it does look different than many of the other matte polishes on the market. There are some bright spring shades to get you in the mood for the new season.

Spring Cleansers Most Wanted

Our skin changes with the weather and now that we’re starting to leave the coldness of winter and head into spring, we’re ready for some new skin care. These are our Most Wanted cleansers for spring.
Vichy Purete Thermale 3in1 
This 3in1 cleansing milk for sensitive skin does everything from take off makeup to tone your skin and all the things in between. It’s super light and non greasy and you don’t have to rinse. There’s an added bonus of it not stinging your eyes and it smells amazing.
L’Occitane Shea Cleansing Oil
L'occitane shea cleansing oil
This cleansing oil turns milky when you add water and it leaves your skin feeling clean and so hydrated that you almost want to skip moisturizer. I’m pretty sure this one is limited edition, so grab it while you can find it.
Bliss Fabulous Makeup Melt Gel-To-Oil Cleanser
Bliss Fabulous Makeup Melt Gel-To-Oil Cleanser
I would never have called washing my face fun before, but this makeup melt is actually as close as I would get. You apply it to your face as a gel and watch as it turns into an oil and literally melts your makeup right off. This is crazy effective, especially on black eyeliner and mascara and it’s kind of satisfying to watch it work.
Garnier Clean + Gentle Clarifying Cleansing Gel
Garnier Clean + Gentle Clarifying Cleansing Gel
We already reviewed the Makeup Removing Lotion Cleanser and we love this gel just as much. If you’re looking for any kind of lather, you won’t find it here. But it left my sensitive skin feeling really clean and not at all dried out. I even noticed a huge difference in redness.

Makeup Most Wanted March 2015 – Alyssa’s Picks

March 2015
March is a weird month for me makeup wise. It’s still cold but technically spring so I always want to pull out my spring shades a little early. These are the products I couldn’t live without this month.
Smashbox Photo Finish Water Primer
Smashbox Photo Finish Water Primer
Smashbox is known for their amazing Photo Finish primers and the newest addition is just as amazing but so different. This water based primer is so refreshing to spritz on but does an amazing job of getting your skin ready for makeup. I like to let it sit a few minutes before I apply anything over it and I can’t wait to use it in the summer when the less stuff on my skin the better.
Make Up For Ever Mist And Fix Setting Spray
Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix
This is the first setting spray I’ve ever used that I’ve actually liked. I can literally feel it setting into my skin but once it’s dry I don’t notice it at all. Except hours later my makeup is the way I put it on.
Cargo Limited Edition Gel Lipstick in Soho
Cargo Limited Edition Gel Lipstick Soho
I love everything about this lipstick. From the packaging to the shade (a perfect neutral pink) to how it feels. This is one of the lightest lipsticks I’ve ever used. You get full coverage but it feels like butter.
Royal Apothic Scrubby in Marshmallow
Royal Apothic Scrubbie Marshmallow
I love a good lip scrub and this one gets the job done without being too harsh. Even though it’s called Marshmallow, the scent isn’t too sweet but just smells amazing. And it’s not drying on my lips.
Quo Face Palette in Contessa
Quo Face Palette Contessa
Part of the Quo Cosmetics spring line, Contessa is the perfect face kit for someone who’s a little more fair like I am. There’s a blush, a highlighter and a bronzer and they’re pretty generous sizes. The shades are perfect for me whether I want a little colour or want to do some contouring.

Lush Spring ’15 Most Wanted

Lush Spring '15
Lush doesn’t necessarily have a spring line but they do have limited edition St Patrick’s and Easter products and a ton of other products that have a spring-like scent so we put together a list of our Most Wanted spring products.
Grass Shower Gel
Lush Grass Shower Gel
There really couldn’t be a spring list without including Grass. It really does smell like a freshly mown lawn, something we’re all waiting for after all the snow from winter.
Somewhere Over The Rainbow Soap
Lush Somewhere Over The Rainbow Soap
Somewhere Over The Rainbow is a limited edition soap but the scent is one of my new favourites and I hope it makes an appearance in future products. Called Rainbow, this scent is a combination of Neroli, Mandarin and Rose oils and just smells delicious.
Green Bubbleroon
Lush Green Bubbleroon
If you love the Grass shower gel, you might want to pick up a Green Bubbleroon. This bubble bar has way more of a lime scent to it but would go really nicely with Grass. And since it’s easy to split in half you can easily get at least two baths out of it.
Pot O’Gold
Lush Pot O'Gold Shower Jelly
If you’ve never had the experience of using one of Lush’s Shower Jellies, you really need to try it. Try leaving it in the fridge and then taking a chunk with you to the shower. Pot O’Gold is a limited edition St. Patrick’s Day product and if you love Honey I Washed The Kids, there’s a good chance you’ll love it. They say there’s pineapple and oranges in it but all I can smell is the vanilla.
Mask Of Magnaminty
Lush Mask Of Magnaminty
Mint always reminds me of spring and summer but if it’s not your thing, you probably won’t love this mask. The second you open the tub, the scent of mint is everywhere and I love it. You can use this mask on your face and your body to get your skin ready for the skin baring clothes coming up.

Jeanne Beker’s Makeup Most Wanted

TSC Jeanne Beker

It doesn’t get much more on trend in Canada than the legendary Jeanne Beker. Most girls’ first memories of see the latest runway trends start and end with Jeanne Beker hosting Fashion Television as a kid. Beker has a new title as the Style Editor for The Shopping Channel and tonight she kicks off her new live show, Style Matters with Jeanne Beker. Makeup Most Wanted spoke to Jeanne to get her makeup memories and her secret tricks.

What is your first makeup or beauty related memory?

I remember rummaging through my mom’s drawer as a little kid and finding these weird little clear plastic stencils that she’d send away for – stencils to help you draw your eyebrows on!  I must have only been about three or four, but I was mesmerized by them. I think there were a couple of plastic lip stencils too. Whew! Talk about a painted lady look! I also fondly remember wearing three pairs of false eyelashes to my Sweet 16! (Two on the top, one on the bottom…) That’s not a “first” makeup memory, but it certainly is a fun one. It was also the first time I ever wore lashes, so it was all very exciting.

What is your everyday morning beauty routine like?

I wash my face with an exfoliating mask most mornings, and then put on moisturizing cream, followed by a CC cream that gives great coverage, and then my liquid foundation. If I’m not going on camera, or anywhere that I have to get dolled up for, I’ll simply use a tinted moisturizer.  Then, a little liquid or cake eyeliner, pencil in the eyebrows, some mascara, a little blush on the cheekbones, and top it off with lipstick and I’m good to go!  I also use lots of body lotion and/or oil right after my bath. And I wash my hair at least every other day… but usually EVERY day, since I always seem to be going somewhere where I want to look my best!

What will you never leave the house without wearing or applying?

Usually black eyeliner. I’ve been wearing it since the ‘60s, and feel rather naked without it!

What is your budget friendly beauty secret?

My good cheap nail salon is often my life-saver. I abhor ratty nails! I go to my favourite nail salon at least once a week, but likely wouldn’t go that often if it was an expensive manicurist.

Do you have any tricks that you have learned from behind the scenes at fashion weeks?

Takes lots of deep breaths, and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!!!!

logo rapunzel hair

How do you keep your hair looking gorgeous?

I use great products – NEVER cheap out on hair products – and I visit my colourist VERY regularly (about every two weeks because my hair grows fast!). I also regularly have it trimmed, and always carry a little brush or comb with me to keep it sleek. I’ve been going to the same fabulous hairdresser since 1979! I kid you not! His name is Gregory Parvatan, and he works out of Rapunzel.


Do you have a signature scent? What is it and how did you fall in love with it?

I used to, but lately have been experimenting with new ones.  I love what Aerin Lauder does.  I used to wear her “Private Collection” religiously, but now have been playing with some of her newer scents. She has a whole collection of little bottles that come in a lovely gift box, and I love just about all of them. Variety is the spice of life these days!

Do you have any products or treatments that you splurge on?

I do like a great massage every once in a while. I don’t go for facials nearly enough – just don’t have the time! – but sure would if I could.

Style Matters with Jeanne Beker premieres with a special two-hour show on Thursday, March 12 at 8 p.m. ET on The Shopping Channel. You don’t want to miss it because we are sure that she has some great picks ready! You will be able to follow Jeanne during the show on Twitter (@jeanne_beker) and Instagram (@thejeannebeker) using the hashtag #TSCStyleMatters.

February Makeup Most Wanted

makeup most wanted february

It’s been a cold, cold month here in Toronto! See what has been getting me through this month:

The Body Shop Sweet Almond Oil Nail Polish Remover

I heard that this nail polish remover smelled really, really bad. It does. It’s true! Don’t blow it off because of that. This nail polish remover does so much more good than just smelling bad in the bottle. Yes, it removes nail polish. It also moisturizes my cuticles and makes my nails and skin feel so soft. Also, once it dries it smells really nice. You just need to get past that first bad smell.

Estee Lauder Little Black Primer

You know how sometimes you are heading out to the grocery store and you don’t want to look like you are wearing makeup, but at the same time you don’t want to leave the house without mascara? This is the mascara for those times. It gives your lashes a nice natural dark coat. I am kind of addicted to wearing it on the weekends when I’m running errands. You can also wear it as a primer to help thicken your other mascara.

Demeter First Love Fragrance

Want to know what your first love smells like? This sweet fragrance smells like jasmine, honeysuckle, rose, lotus and lemon zest. It’s refreshing and light and sweet. It really is the sweet smell of childhood love and romance.

Guerlain Baby Glow Makeup

I’m usually all about heavy foundation that gives me flawless covered skin, but this light makeup makes my skin feel so pretty I can’t help but fall in love. This makeup is soft and lets my skin’s own beauty shine though. It helps my face look fresh even in the morning. It must be that baby glow that has me feeling and looking so good.

NYC Expert Last Lipstick

I’ve been getting ready for warm weather with these bright spring colours of NYC’s lipstick. The colour is even bolder than you will see in the tube. It’s opaque and gives a rich hue on my lips. I love that I can wear just a bit for a light colour or layer it on for something strong. It’s thick, so it takes a bit to spread it out, but it looks great for hours. For a note, Creamy Mauve has been my favourite colour.

Tarte Spring ’15 Most Wanted

Tarte Spring 2015
We’re huge fans of Tarte so it wasn’t a huge surprise that we completely fell in love with their spring releases and we had to do a Most Wanted on it because these shades are just so perfect for spring.
Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Eyeshadow Palette
Tarte Tartelette Palette Open
Tartelette is a brand new eyeshadow palette that has twelve brand new matte neutral shades. Every single shadow is extremely pigmented and really smooth and blendable. Even without a primer these shadows last a lot longer than you’d expect. I love that Tarte included instructions for two looks using the palette.
Tarte Cheeks Lips 2015
LipSurgence Lip Tint in Glitzy
I’d never used a LipSurgence Lip Tint before and after using Glitzy I’m completely hooked. This deep pink shade is so flattering and it’s probably the most moisturizing lip crayon I’ve ever used and I love that even after it wears off you still have a tint of colour.
Tartelette Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Celebrated
Tarte’s blushes are known for their pigmentation and lasting power and Celebration is no exception. This blush was released as part of Tarte’s 15th anniversary and the light pink nude was a little lighter than I expected but built up really well.
Tarte Cheek Lip Swatches 2015
Tartelette Amazonian Butter Lipstick
This mid-toned pink lipstick is another anniversary release but this one is limited edition. I really can’t imagine a better spring lipstick than Ethereal Pink. It’s soft, creamy and lasts forever. The fact that it’s both super pigmented and really comfortable at the same time had me sold the first time I wore it.

Cover Girl Spring ’15 Most Wanted

Cover Girl Spring '15 Most Wanted
Cover Girl has a whole lot of new products out just in time for spring. So much in fact, we could hardly fit it all into one post, so these are our Most Wanted picks for Spring.
Full Lash Bloom Mascara in Very Black
Cover Girl Full Lash Bloom Mascara
It’s rare that a mascara lives up to its hype but this one does. You get length, volume and it feels like you’re not wearing mascara. I’ve rubbed my eyes a few times while wearing it and there was no stiffness whatsoever, but it also stayed on. And the shade is exactly as black as I want it.
Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Polish in Fuchsia Flame
Cover Girl Fuchsia Flame Swatch
I haven’t used a lot of Cover Girl nail polish in the past but it was so easy to work with that I’m sure I’ll be using a lot more in the future. Two coats of Fuchsia Flame gave me full coverage and the colour is gorgeous! I wore it for three days with no tip wear or chips.
Eyeshadow Quads in Blooming Blushes, Va-Va Violets and Notice Me Nudes
Cover Girl Bloom Shadow Quads
Honestly, all these eyeshadow quads are gorgeous. They go on really nicely and blend well and last a pretty good amount of time but these three really screamed spring to me.
Colorlicious Lipstick in Enchantress Blush, Champagne and Euphoria
Cover Girl Colorlicious Lipstick Swatches
These lipsticks are extremely creamy and might not last 24 hours but at least a couple. They’re also really comfortable to wear. Enchantress Blush and Champagne are great daytime shades, while Euphoria is perfect for a night out.

Lush Valentine’s Day Most Wanted

Lush Valentine's 2015
I’m not really a Valentine’s person but I’ll take any excuse for Lush to release new products. Their Valentine’s Day limited edition line has over a dozen new options, everything from lip scrubs to gifts and they all smell amazing. Everything is bright and cheery and there’s a lot of sparkle going on. These are our Most Wanted from the collection.
The Kiss Lip Gloss
Lush The Kiss Lip Balm
While I’m not a huge fan of sticking my fingers in tinted gloss or balm, The Kiss just has the barest hint of shimmery pink and it doesn’t bother me. It’s super moisturizing and smells incredibly good, it almost reminds me of Lip Smackers only better for my lips. I wish this one wasn’t limited edition because I’m pretty sure I’m going to want another one when this one is gone.
Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar
Lush Unicorn Horn
I don’t think I’ve ever associated unicorns with Valentine’s Day before, but who doesn’t want one? This Unicorn Horn is so big you definitely don’t want to use it all on one bath, there’s a good chance you can get three or four baths out of this. And with it’s calming scent and little bit of glitter you’ll want to stock up on these.
Toucan Love Gift
Lush Toucan Love Gift
I loved the Toucan Love gift before I even opened it. The paper it’s wrapped in is just so cute. Inside you get a Prince Charming shower gel which has a pomegranate/vanilla scent (if you miss Snow Fairy you might want to try it) and Cupid’s Love soap which has a really fruity passion fruit scent. This would make the perfect gift for any girl or just to keep for yourself.

It’s so hard not to get attached to Lush’s limited edition products, especially when they’re this good. But them leaving just means more room for new stuff, so stock up on these while you can!

Makeup Most Wanted January 2015 – Alyssa’s Picks

January has been all about skin care for me, so it’s not surprising that my Most Wanted products this month have almost nothing to do with makeup. These are my Most Wanted  this month.
Lancôme Visionnaire Advanced Multi Correcting Cream
Lancome Visionnaire Multo Correcting Cream
The first time I used this balm-like cream I was convinced it wasn’t right for my skin type because it didn’t feel like it was doing anything at all. But the next morning my skin looked better than normal so I kept using it. Literally every time I use it at night, I’m glowing the next morning. My skin tone looks more even, clearer and I’ve been getting a ton of compliments. I don’t know how it works but I’m loving the results.
Eve Lom Radiance Perfected Brilliant Cover Concealer in Ivory 02
Eve Lom Radiance Perfected Brilliant Cover Concealer Ivory 02
This might be called a concealer but I’ve been using it as a cream foundation. I typically don’t wear a ton of face makeup but I have a lot of redness and this concealer completely covers it up and leaves my skin looking flawless. It doesn’t crack and leaves a silky finish that doesn’t feel cakey.
mark. Naked Love Hand Cream
mark Naked Love Hand Cream
This apricot scented hand cream smells delicious. It’s not too thick but not runny and absorbs really well. I love that this works as well as it smells.
Live Clean Fresh Face Refreshing Facial Wipes
Live Clean refreshing facial wipes
A lot of makeup remover wipes don’t have any texture to them which makes my skin feel not so clean sometimes. Luckily these wipes have an open weave to them and get every last bit of makeup off. They don’t irritate my skin, especially around the eyes, at all. The fact that there’s a snap lid to keep them fresh is a bonus.
Malin+Goetz Mojito Lip Balm
Malin+Goetz Mojito Lip Balm
I received this balm in my Ipsy bag last month and I haven’t stopped using it since. It has a really nice slip to it and keeps my lips hydrated for hours. I can even feel it on my lips after eating but it isn’t sticky at all. I just wish there was more in the tube so I wouldn’t run out as fast.