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SST Power Stay Makeup Sticks

SST Powerplay Powerstay Collection

If you need a little on the go touch up, try Canadian made SST Power Stay makeup sticks. SST has a stick that you can throw in your purse for anything you might need. They have the perfect combination of qualities being long lasting, waterproof, and highly pigmented.

The Power Stay line includes two lipsticks, one eye shadow, one highlighting stick, and a brow pencil. All of these makeup sticks have some serious colour and staying power, so apply with a light hand because they aren’t as easy to smudge as you might think. The shadow is especially tricky because the long lasting formula doesn’t have much give. 

These SST sticks are perfect for travel. I love how they give big power in a small package. I can bring along everything I need to go from day to night in the bottom of my purse. Forget carrying around big heavy makeup bags. That is a thing of the past!

Of all of them, my favourite is the Highlighting Stick. It’s great to apply under your brows or on your cheekbones for a bit of shine.

I can’t wait until they have more colours of shadow and lipstick to give more diversity too.

Laura Mercier Velour Lovers Lip Colour

Laura Mercier Velour Lovers Box
We’re still loving the matte lip but it’s hard to find one that’s not sucking the life out of our lips. Laura Mercier’s Velour Lovers Lip Colour has a satin matte finish but it’s infused with mango butter to keep our lips hydrated.
Laura Mercier Velour Lovers Open
We received three shades to try; An Affair (deep plum), Temptation (brick red) and Infatuation (creamsicle pink). The first shade I tried was Tempation and I wanted to see how well it performed without any touch-ups. So I applied it before I left the house and left the tube at home. One swipe of the extremely creamy Velour Lovers gives you a ton of pigmentation and I didn’t have to go over my lips again to get the depth I wanted.
Laura Mercier Velour Lovers Swatches
It lasted about four hours before I ate something and the lipstick went with it, but those four hours were extremely comfortable. I actually forgot I was wearing lipstick until I walked by a mirror and until I ate the colour stayed put. Velour Lovers isn’t transfer-proof but there was very little lipstick coming off on my coffee cup.

Unlike most matte lipsticks, Velour Lovers didn’t leave my lips super dry once it was gone. Do I wish it lasted longer? Yes. But I’ll take comfort over longevity any day when it comes to lipstick. It doesn’t hurt that there’s over a dozen gorgeous shades to choose from.

Most Wanted 2015: Steph’s Picks

This year I found a lot of great products that have not only changed the way I wear makeup and care for my skin, but also become new secret weapons and favourite products. As I get ready for a new year of beauty, here is my makeup most wanted for 2015.

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Overnight Purifying Gel

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Overnight Purifying Gel & Night Pads

I tend to get random breakouts whenever I get stressed, but this new line from Nip + Fab gets my skin back on track quickly. They aren’t just for acne, but also help clogged pores or any time your face feels dirty. The purifying gel works on a day-to-day basis, while the pads are perfect for those seriously stressful times. This is one secret weapon that I will be keeping with me throughout 2016.


The Body Shop Smoky Poppy

This limited edition line was my favourite smell of 2015. Who knew that poppies could smell so amazing? This collection has a musky and spicy smell that I am still in love with. The Eau De Toilette is my favourite, but the entire line is great. It’s leaving stores now and only available in clearance online. I will miss it with all of my heart!


Rodial Glamolash Mascara XXL

Take your lashes from average to amazing with this mascara. I sometimes feel like I have tried every trick to make my lashes look longer and darker, who knew that all you needed was this mascara. When Rodial launched their makeup line I skipped the regular mascara and went straight for the XXL. I will never go back!


MAC Cosmetics Magic Of The Night Evening Rendezvous Lipstick

I have always been a classic red lipstick girl, but this winter I decided that I needed a change. I wanted to switch to a darker purple hue. I struggled to find the perfect shade though. The first time I put on this new lipstick from MAC Cosmetics I was hooked. This isn’t just my favourite lipstick of the season, but one of my favourite lipsticks of all time!!!!

lise watier eye cream review

Lise Watier Lift & Firm 3D Ultra Firming Rejuvenating Eye Cream

When 2015 started I wasn’t a fan of eye cream. I thought they were a hoax, until I met this eye cream from Lise Watier. This cream made my eye look brighter and firm. Since then I had become hooked on trying a number of different creams. I will always thank Lise Watier for changing my mind.

Too Faced Christmas In Paris Collection

Too Faced Holiday in Paris
There are so many holiday collections available this year that it’s hard to decide which ones to spend your money on and we’ve received a lot of them. Too Faced’s Holiday In Paris collection though is my personal favourite and I’m pretty much obsessed with everything about it. The packaging, the colours, the variety, there’s literally something for everyone.
Le Grand Palais
Too Faced Le Grand Palais
With 18 eye shadows, 2 blushes, 1 bronzer, 1 luminizer, deluxe samples of Shadow Insurance, Melted Lipstick in Peony and Better Than Sex Mascara; this is the most extravagant Too Faced set.
Too Faced Let Grand Palais Open
It’s perfect for your sister or niece or just to keep on your makeup table. The wide variety of shades give you a ton of looks to choose from as well.
Le Grand Chateau
Too Faced Le Grand Chateau
I can’t get over the packaging for Le Grand Chateau. It opens up to reveal 3 mini palettes that have a combined 18 eye shadows, 2 bronzers, a blush and a deluxe sample of Better Than Sex Mascara.
Too Faced Le Grand Chateau Open
These palettes are perfect to carry with you and are sorted into complimentary shades. Perfect for nearly every look you could ever need.
Melted French Kisses
Too Faced Melted French Kisses
Too Faced’s Melted lipsticks are by far my favourite lipstick. I’ve been wearing these non stop from the second I tried one. I have multiple different shades in my purse at all times.
Too Faced Melted French Kisses Open
Melted French Kisses gives you four deluxe sizes in Melted Metal Peony, Melted Chihuahua, Melted Metal Macaron and Melted Berry. I love that you get shade options in this kit and you’re not stuck with bright classic red like most holiday gifts.
Too Faced Melted French Kisses Swatches
I love all the shades but for the holiday season I’m going to be wearing a lot of Berry and I really like the combination of Chihuahua and Metal Peony.

I really can’t get enough of this collection and I wish there was more of it. If you want these, you should probably hurry, they’re selling out everywhere fast.

H&M Beauty

hm beauty makeupI have been so thrilled with the H&M Beauty line that I honestly almost forget to write about it. People go crazy for H&M’s designer collaborations, but I am going crazy for this new beauty line. I have only tried a small handful of products so far, but everything had been great.

For my eyes, I tried the Eye Colour Palette in Smoky Nudes. The colours in the palette cross the whole range of brown eye shadows from sparkly to pale to dark and rich. You can get a neutral look or a smoky eye all in pretty colours. I’m excited to try their mascara as well, because they have so many options!

For my lips, I tried the Cream Lip Colour. I got the lipstick in a Candy Apple red that I unfortunately wasn’t crazy about. The red had a more coral and orange tone than I like in my reds. I also wasn’t crazy about the shiny finish. That said, it did have good lasting power on my lips.

Finally, for my face I tried the True Matte Finishing Powder and Pure Radiance Powder Blusher. I adore these products. They just work perfectly. The powder gives your skin a great matte finish that I have been trying to find for months. The blush gives your cheeks a nice glow without being too over the top or bold. Both powder last all day long and are light on the skin. Since I love these two products so much, I can’t wait to try other H&M Beauty makeup picks like their Mattifying Primer and BB Cream.

Everything is so affordable, you are going to have a happy shopping day!

MAC Dark Desires Collection Review + Swatches

MAC Dark Desires Box
If you’re not a fan of all the glittery, golden shades that usually come with the holiday season, MAC’s new Dark Desires collection has you covered for looks that are, well, darker. With four lipsticks, six Into The Well eye shadows, three Eye Glosses, four Kohl eye pencils, a Fluidline and two lacquers; this is the perfect line for anyone who loves dark makeup.
MAC Dark Desires Open
We tried the lipstick in Ring My Bell (pale neutral, Glaze finish) that’s the perfect compliment to a dark eye. Into The Well is a really cool eye shadow/liner combination. It’s super creamy and pigmented and the well in the middle holds a drop of water so you can use it wet. Beg For it is a perfect black and I like it better as a liner. The Fluidline in Blitz & Glitz is a black with gold pearl and it goes really well with Beg For It.

MAC Dark Desires Swatches
Ring My Bell, Orpheus, Beg For It, Blitz & Glitz, Erogenous Zone

The Studio Eye Gloss in Erogenous Zone (violet with glitter) was the only product I have an issue with. It’s extremely sticky, almost worse than lip gloss and it really wasn’t comfortable to wear. The shade is pretty but I’m not going to be reaching for this one again. On a happier note, my favourite product from the collection was the Kohl Power Eye Pencil in Orpheus (intense black with gold pearl). I’ve been using MAC’s Kohl pencils for years in Powersurge and Teddy and Orpheus is definitely my new favourite. I’m hoping it’s not limited edition, because I’m going to need to replace it when I’m done with the one I have now.

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation

MUFE Ultra HD Foundation R210 Box
I’m going to start off by saying that I love Make Up For Ever and some of my favourite products ever theirs. This foundation is not one of those products. Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation is a medium coverage foundation developed for the TV and film industries. It’s also supposed to be more invisible, comfortable and natural looking than previous formulations.
MUFE Ultra HD Foundation R210 Bottle
I tried R210 (Pink Alabaster) and it’s a tiny bit too light for me, which is extremely unusual. Usually everything is too dark and this one will be perfect in the dead of winter when I’m at my most pale. I generally don’t use a ton of foundation, my biggest issue with my skin is a big of redness so for the most part I use tinted moisturizers but I do love a foundation when I need one and I’ve tried a couple recently that I love.

I’m not sure if my skin just doesn’t fit with the Ultra HD Foundation but I find it way too dry and heavy for my skin. I only use a drop or two to cover my face and it really ends up feeling like a mask. It’s just not comfortable on me at all. Plus on me, it’s full coverage.
MUFE Ultra HD Foundation R210 Swatch
If I had more skin issues I needed to hide, I would love the coverage of this foundation but it’s just a little too much for me on it’s own. If I mix it with a drop of moisturizer, I get a much more comfortable texture and coverage.

If you need or like a lot of coverage, you’ll probably love this foundation. It also works really well with MUFE’s Step 1 Primers. I just need something a little lighter for my skin.

Almay Intense I-Color Eye Shadows

Almay Intense I-Color Eye Shadows

Almay has taken the guesswork out of makeup with their newly updated sets of Intense I-Color Eye Shadow palettes made for every eye colour. Almay developed these types of eye shadow sets in the past, only now the eye shadow is bolder, brighter and there are more options for every occasion. There are options for Everyday Neutrals, Evening Smoky and Party Bright.

If you are like me and are never 100% sure which colour is complementary to your eye colour, take a look at these palettes. I’m not saying that you should always wear these eye shadow colours only, but it’s nice to know that these hues are developed to make your eyes pop. The layered eye shadow palette makes it even easier to know where to apply for the perfect look.

Since I have green eyes, my perfect palettes from Almay included purple and greys for daytime, dark greens and browns for the smoky eye and purples and golds for party time.

The eye shadows go on very easily, although I definitely wouldn’t use the weird rounded brush that is included in the package. They lasted all day and into the night without any smudging or fading. I was impressed by their lasting power. I didn’t have much faith in them, but Almay’s eyeshadows proved me wrong.

These eye shadows probably aren’t for the makeup pro out there, but they are perfect for someone who wants something easy to use and trust in.

Fall Makeup Most Wanted – Steph’s Picks

I missed my October most wanted list because I was so excited for Blue Jays baseball and Halloween! So to make up for it, I have gathered some of my favourite new fall 2015 makeup picks of the season. Try some of these new products now!

Laura Mercier Noir Supreme Kajal Eye Liner

Laura Mercier Noir Supreme Kajal Eye Liner

I don’t usually wear eyeliner to work, but this Laura Mercier Kajal made me want to wear liner all day long. It goes on so smooth. It looks amazing. It’s really easy to use and versatile. It last all day long. Seriously, what more could you ask for?

Maybelline Colorblur Lip Crayon copy

Maybelline Colorblur Lip Crayon

Maybelline is not skimping on the colour for their new product. This new lip pencil is packed full of vibrant tones. Honestly, I don’t totally understand the idea behind the crayon. You are supposed to apply it to the middle of your lips, then use the smudging tip to blur the colour to the outside of your lips. It works fine, but I don’t think it’s necessary. It feels like an added step that can be achieved by pressing my lips together. Regardless, I love the colours on these crayons. They are such vibrant reds and pinks. They don’t tend to last as long as I would like, but they look great while they are on.

Clean Cashmere Perfume

Clean Cashmere Perfume

I’ve tried a lot of perfumes from the Clean collection, but cashmere just might be my favourite of them all. It arrived at the perfect time. Clean’s cashmere fragrance is like a warm blanket fresh out of the dryer. I want to wrap myself up in it. It’s all powdery and, well, clean. It’s perfect for winter time. I can’t wait to keep it handy.

Aveeno Positively Radiant CC Eye Cream

Aveeno Positively Radiant CC Eye Cream

Since I have been obsessed with eye creams for the past few months, I figured why not expand on that love and try some new eye products. This Aveeno product is not just an eye cream, but a CC Eye Cream. This tinted moisturizer is light enough for under the eyes. It gives a touch of coverage where you want it most on those dark circles. I don’t know if I need a separate CC cream just for under my eyes, but it’s nice for an indulgence.


Sephora Collection Blush Me

Brighten up the season with these little blushes that pack a punch of colour. When you see these compact little cream blushes, you might be a little worried. They are bright… really bright. Since I’m starting to lose my summer tan, these blushes are perfect. Use a light hand to apply, because they can be a bit dark. When you get the right amount though, your cheeks are going to look amazing.

Paul & Joe Beaute Perfect Makeup Primer


Up until this month I’ve been a devoted foundation wearer. I wore foundation without fail almost every day when I discovered the Paul & Joe Beaute primer. I didn’t ever have faith that a primer and powder would be enough.

The Paul & Joe Perfect Makeup Primer has all of the qualities that you want in your primer and foundation in one little package. It’s as thick as your average foundation and gives good coverage. It looks like it might lay on top of your skin at first, but then it quickly blends in to look very natural. It covers all redness, moisturizes and gives your face a matte finish. As an added bonus it leaves your skin with a powdery smell and feel so you are silky smooth.

After I applied the Paul & Joe Primer, my instinct was to add foundation over top, but when I looked in the mirror I was pleasantly surprised by the results. I felt confident in my face. All I needed was to add a little Paul & Joe pressed powder over top for the perfect finishing touch.

Paul & Joe really changed the whole way that I wear makeup. Since then I’ve been lightening up how much I wear foundation, trying not only this primer, but other primers and light tinted moisturizers in the place of my heavy foundation. Paul & Joe’s primer was one of my game changers. I would recommend it to anyone out there.