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Mani Monday: Essie Neons 2015 Review + Swatches

I automatically associate neon nail polish with summer and pretty much don’t wear it at all any other time of the year, so I couldn’t wait to try Essie’s Neon’s collection. Here’s how it went.
Make Some Noise
Essie Make Some Noise Swatch - stained
This electric blue isn’t quite neon on it’s own but definitely pops. It also stains but I fully expected that. Two coats of Make Some Noise was perfect and next time I’m trying it over a white to see if I can brighten it up a little more.
Melody Maker
Essie Melody Maker Swatch - one coat
I love a teal and Melody Maker is the definition of what I love about it. From the colour to the fact that it only needs one coat. It may not be a true neon but this is my definition of summer.
Essie Coacha'Bella Swatch
Since this collection is based on summer music festivals, I love this magenta’s play on Coachella. Two coats gave me great coverage. If you’re looking for a bright hot pink, give this one a try.
All Access Pass
Essie All Access Pass Swatch - jelly like-clumpy
I wanted All Access Pass to be my favourite and the violet indigo shade is absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately this one was a complete pain to deal with. It was jelly-like and clumpy and took way too much time and effort to manipulate into making it somewhat presentable. I’ve tried multiple base coats and top coats, all with the same results. As much as it kills me, this might be the Essie shade that breaks me and ends up in the garbage.
Groove Is In The Heart
Essie Groove Is In The Heart Swatch
Groove Is In The Heart is a pastel peachy pink neon and it’s stunning in person. I swatched it twice because I just couldn’t get a photo showing how pretty it actually is. Two coats and a top coat and I was set.
Vibrant Vibes
Essie Vibrant Vibes Swatch
This neon lime shade was really the only true neon in the collection but I love it so much that it pretty much makes up for that. The formulation was basically the same as Groove Is In The Heart and considering how much white is in both of them I was amazed at how easy they were to work with.

With the expection of All Access Pass, which is still breaking my heart, all of these shades were a dream to work with and wear time was pretty fabulous. I only really had tip wear on Coacha’Bella and that was after two days. We have one more Essie collection coming up so stay tuned.

Mani Monday: Yves Rocher Summer Creation ’15 Nail Lacquer Review + Swatches

I’d never tried Yves Rocher nail lacquers before, and didn’t know anything about them, so when we received six of the eight Summer Creation shades I had no idea what to expect. The first thing I noticed was the brush. I generally don’t like wide brushes because my nail beds are pretty narrow but this brush claimed to match the nail for a one brush coat. And it totally lived up to that promise. While the brush is a perfect match for my nails, if you have wider nail beds I’m betting you won’t have the same luck.
Intense Tangerine
Yves Rocher Intense Tangerine Swatch
I really loved this bright tangerine. It’s almost a crelly instead of a straight creme and it was definitely bright. You definitely need to build up the coats to get the opacity you want, I was good with two.
Perfect Light Pink
Yves Rocher Perfect Light Pink Swatch
Perfect Light Pink is well, the perfect name for this shade. It wasn’t patchy or streaky like so many of these light pinks are and while it’s not a shade I would typically choose, I really liked wearing it.
Soft Coral
Yves Rocher Soft Coral Swatch
Soft Coral was my least favourite of the bunch, I just didn’t like coral shade. Maybe there’s too much yellow in it for me. But the formula, like the others, was great.
Ocean Blue
Yves Rocher Ocean Blue Swatch
These shades might now have the most creative names, but they all definitely fit. Ocean Blue is a gorgeous deep blue and it only had a tiny bit of staining when I took it off. I’ll be adding this to my blue collection that I keep going back to.
Aqua Blue
Yves Rocher Aqua Blue Swatch
Aqua Blue is more of a light sky blue and considering how much white is in it, I was expecting a lot of patchiness or streaking and had none. It self levelled perfectly as well.
Iridescent Anthracite
Yves Rocher Iridescent Anthracite Swatch
This was by far my favourite shade of the collection. The only chrome, it’s a combination of steel grey, dark blue and a hint of purple, all depending on how the light hits it.

While I might not have had any expectations for Yves Rocher’s nail lacquer, I’m pleasantly surprised by how well all the shades performed and considering on their website right now you can get them for $3.50 CDN each, you should probably give them a try.

Black Sheep Lacquer April-May 2015 Subscription Box

Now that it’s June I’m a little late in posting our April/May Black Sheep Lacquer subscription box. Normally I’d tell you how to subscribe but as I was writing this I noticed the website was down. So let’s just get right to the review. In this box I received two full size polishes and a mini. All three polishes are new and not part of the normal collection so they don’t have names.
Unnamed Lime Green Chrome
Unnamed Lime Green Chrome
This lime green chrome was the mini of the set and I really didn’t like it with one coat but once I added the second it just popped. It looks amazing with a matte top coat as well.
Unnamed Silver Chrome
Unnamed Silver Chrome
I’m pretty much in love with this shade so I’m thrilled I have a full size bottle. I’m going to be wearing this a ton in the fall. There are definitely some blue elements in this silver chrome and I don’t have anything like it in my collection.
Unnamed Pink To Purple Thermal
Unnamed Pink to Purple Thermal
By now most people know I’m not a glitter person, but I am quickly becoming a thermal person. This pink into purple thermal is really pretty on it’s own but the blue glitter makes it almost space-like. It wasn’t terrible to take off, so this is one of the few glitters that I’ll probably wear again.

I’m not sure what’s happening with the Black Sheep Lacquer store but I’m such a huge fan of Erin’s polishes, I hope it’s back up soon.

Essie Spring 2015 Review + Swatches

I’m usually pretty impressed with Essie nail polish collections because there are always a great variety of shades ranging from nude to colour and the Spring 2015 Flowerista collection fits right into that. It’s also the first collection that has designer Rebecca Minkoff collaborating as the Global Colour Designer. All six shades went on pretty flawlessly and a large part of that is the long, thin, flexible brush that makes Essie polish one of my favourites.
Perennial Chic
Essie Perennial Chic Swatch
I really hate a good chunk of nudes we try because the formula is never what I want it to be. Perennial Chic is the exception to the rule. This neutral peach shade was a dream to apply and had none of the streakiness or blotchiness that I was expecting.
Picked Perfect
Essie Picked Perfect Swatch
Picked Perfect is a caramel brown that I was expecting to love but just didn’t. The formula was great though and I had no issues.
Petal Pushers
Essie Petal Pushers Swatch
Essie describes this as ‘smoky stone rose’ and while I don’t see the rose, this is one of my favourite grays. I don’t have anything like it in my collection.
Blossom Dandy
Essie Blossom Dandy Swatch
This mint creme shade should’ve been my favourite and while I do like it and it definitely screams spring, something about it is making this shade take a while to grow on me.
Essie Flowerista Swatch
The collection’s namesake is a really pretty bright plum. I could’ve easily gotten away with one coat for this one. This is the definition of spring nail polish to me.
Garden Variety
Essie Garden Variety Swatch
Anyone who knows me won’t be surprised that this teal shade is my absolute favourite. Again, I could’ve gotten away with one coat but went with two anyways. This is the one I never wanted to take off and I’ll be going back to it a lot.

Overall I’m loving the Flowerista shades and I can’t wait to see what other collaborations we get between Essie and Rebecca Minkoff.

Mani Monday – Ceramic Glaze Stunning Soiree Collection Review + Swatches

I always tend to think of pastel shades for spring nail polish and Ceramic Glaze’s spring collection Stunning Soiree has me rethinking that. Available only in Shoppers Drug Mart locations, Ceramic Glaze is quickly becoming my favourite nail polish brand. There are four new, limited edition shades in this collection and four already loved shades. All of these shades are two coats and a top coat.
Belle Of The Disco Ball
Ceramic Glaze Belle Of The Disco Ball Swatch
One of the new shades, this hot pink is great for spring. The application was pretty much flawless. This is definitely going to be a go to shade for pedicures this summer.
Boogie Beats
Ceramic Glaze Boogie Beats Swatch
Boogie Beats should’ve been my favourite shade. Another new one, this teal looks gorgeous in the bottle and eventually did on my nails but it was really runny and hard to work with.
Fabulous And Flirty
Ceramic Glaze Fabulous & Flirty Swatch
Fabulous And Flirty almost made it as my favourite of the new shades. This orchid shade is so easy to work with and it’s really well named.
Blue Suede Shoes
Ceramic Glaze Blue Suede Shoes Swatch
The last of the new shades, Blue Suede Shoes is the winner of the whole collection for me. This bright blue goes on so well and just stands out like nothing else.
Blueberry Bubblegum
Ceramic Glaze Blueberry Bubblegum Swatch
Blueberry Bubblegum is such an interesting shade. A mid-toned turquoise, you’re probably going to either love it or hate it. I think it’s pretty great.
Russian Rouge
Ceramic Glaze Russian Rouge Swatch
If you’re looking for a classic red, you really can’t get closer than Russian Rouge. It’s the kind of red that will suit any skin tone.
Honolulu Hibiscus
Ceramic Glaze Honolulu Hibiscus Swatch
Honolulu Hibiscus was the biggest surprise for me. It goes on so much richer than you’d expect and with the flawless formula it’s one of my favourite purples in my collection.
Papaya Sunrise
Ceramic Glaze Papaya Sunrise Swatch
I’m really not one for bright orange polish but this one doesn’t bother me at all. The hint of red makes it a little more interesting.

Mani Monday: Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Polish

Sally Hansen is adding a lot of new colours to their nail polish for 2015. We tried them out!


Redflection – This red nail polish is so dark and rich and sexy. How can you not love it?


Make A Splash – I applied this metallic shiny blue polish over the ‘Redflection’. It is so sheer that I wouldn’t wear it on my own. It gives other polishes a very cool effect though. I’m glad I figured this out, because it makes my nail polish look awesome.


Peach Party – This peachy pink is bright and colourful. It’s like a pastel flower!


Seas The Day – I am obsessed with this colour. This dark, rich teal is so amazing. I love that it’s bright, but also dark. It’s colourful, but also moody. I can picture it in the summer and the fall.


Deep End – This purple nail polish is very dark and sexy. It’s perfect for late nights or making a spring statement.


Water Lily – After wearing ‘Deep End’ this nail polish seems to bright. It’s a nice enough colour, but it’s also one that I have seen before.


Shark Bait – This shade is the perfect base coat for my skin. It’s almost the same shade. I ‘m going to use it as a base under glitter polish from now on, but I can imagine it would look great on darker skin tones.


Shelling Secrets – If you need just a sheer coat, this is a great option. It has no colour and just shine. I wish it had a bit more colour, but it’s nice for days when you don’t want to wear a colour.

Mani Monday – CND Vinylux Flora and Fauna Collection Review + Swatches

There’s nothing like a spring nail polish collection to cheer me up when it’s gray and snowy outside and CND’s Vinylux Flora and Fauna collection are the perfect polishes to do that. A mix of cremes and shimmers, they’re mostly on the pastel side and the formula is absolutely perfect for every one. We’re missing two shades from the collection (Blush Teddy and Field Fox) but I imagine they’re just as great. I literally didn’t have a single issue with any of the shades, each one self leveled perfectly and the wear was exactly what I expect from CND. Most of these shades are also available as Shellac as well.
CND Vinylux Dandelion Swatch - Shimmery Light Peach
Dandelion is a shimmery peach and I was fully expecting it to be too sheer but 2 coats gave me full coverage.
Salmon Run
CND Vinylux Salmon Run Swatch
Salmon Run is a salmon pink creme and while it’s not my favourite shade, I do like it a lot more than I thought I would.
Fragrant Freesia
CND Vinylux Fragrant Freesia Swatch
Fragrant Freesia was a big surprise for me. A pink shimmer that leans towards mauve, I imagine this shade would look amazing over a darker one but it’s great on it’s own as well.
Thistle Thicket
CND Vinylux Thistle Thicket Swatch - Lavender Gray
Thistle Thicket is a little hard to describe. In one type of lighting it looks full on gray but in others, it’s lavender. Either way it’s so pretty and one of my favourites.
Wild Moss
CND Vinylux Wild Moss Swatch
I would actually put Wild Moss in the sage family rather than moss but the dark green with gold shimmer is something I’ve never seen before and it’s so gorgeous.
CND Vinylux Creekside Swatch
Creekside is hands down my favourite shade from the Flora And Fauna collection. The pastel sky blue is just so perfectly spring and the application was just flawless.

Considering how many of these shades have a ton of white in them, I’m amazed at how well they went on and performed. Creekside is definitely going to be a shade I use a ton this spring.