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Pistol Polish June 2014 Review and Interview

Pistol Polish June 2014 Arrive
Pistol Polish is a nail polish subscription service that isn’t really like any of the others I’ve tried or seen. For $17.99 a month or $199.99 a year you get two nail polishes. As far as I can tell, you can’t pick the colours you want or get any random beauty products with it. It’s just straightforward nail polish in colours that are aimed at whatever trends are going on. I was really excited to try Pistol Polish because I liked the colours I’d seen online and I love the Pistol attitude of the company. So when Pistol offered to send us the June box I was all over it.
Pistol Polish June 2014 Description
The first thing I noticed was the descriptions of the polishes that came on the back of the box. Each description really cute and was dead on in explaining the thought process for each polish. The next thing I noticed was how complimentary the polishes were. You could easily use both together and create some amazing nail art. And they’re definitely beachy.
True Grit, I’ve Got It On
Pistol Polish June 2014 True Grit, I've Got It
I’m not a huge fan of textured polish, mainly because taking it off is too much work but True Grit, I’ve Got It On is a pretty shade that really looks like sand. It wasn’t too hard to get off either.
Vivacious And Tenacious
Pistol Polish June 2014 Vivacious And Tenacious
This is my ideal colour for summer. I don’t have a shade of green that’s this perfect a mint. It went on really well with no streaking and looked perfect after two coats. I’ve already used it twice since I’ve gotten it and I’m scared for the day when I run out.

I’m so impressed by Pistol Polish, the shipping didn’t take long, the colours are gorgeous and they’re so easy to apply without issues. I wish they had a store on their site where you can buy polish from previous months but I’ll definitely be getting more. Since I loved my experience with Pistol so much I did a short interview with Founder and CEO of Pistol Polish L.T. Niosi Brady.

Why did you choose to go into nail polish and did you have any experience with if before?
We chose nail polish because we were drawn to the unique creative aspect of this particular cosmetic – a woman can experiment with her nails more freely than eyeshadow, for example, and be more open to trying new colors, textures, nail art, ad techniques that she may not try in other cosmetics.
Why a subscription box and not a traditional online store?
We love subscription services because we’re intrigued by discovery retail, which is the concept that subscription services can expose customers to something that they may not have tried otherwise.
Why ‘Pistol Polish?’
If you mean why did we pick the name “PISTOL polish” it’s because we love the dual meaning of “pistol” — a pistol woman is a spitfire!
How would you describe a Pistol woman?
 A “PISTOL woman” is a woman who dreams of what she wants to become – whatever that may be – and devotes her life to making that dream a reality.  She chases her dreams every damn day.
How do you choose what shades you’ll send out each month?
The shades are selected based on color trend studies – we look at what is going on in fashion, current events, and of course cosmetics – and make our decision based on that information.

You can sign up for Pistol Polish here.

Ceramic Glaze Island Paradise Collection

This summer nails are pretty much all about neon. The collections are so similar but Ceramic Glaze’s Island Paradise collection stood out to me for a couple reasons. 1) the colours are gorgeous and they’re all super bright. Like see them from across the street bright. And for the most part they’re all pretty flattering for most skin tones. 2) These not only dry fast but completely matte. For the swatches I’ve done two coats and the Ceramic Glaze top coat. If you don’t want to leave these matte I would suggest using a different top coat, the Ceramic Glaze one was actually my biggest complaint about the whole collection. The brush took out huge chunks of nail polish and I had to redo a lot of nails.

Exotic Dragon Fruit
Ceramic Glaze Exotic Dragon Fruit Swatch
This was used by both of us and is by far one of our favourite shades for summer. It’s the perfect hot pink with a little shimmer and looks amazing both matte and with a shine.

I’m On Island Time
Ceramic Glaze I'm On Island Time Swatch
This is a really pretty summer peach shade, only super neon. I want to go back and use this one with white under it just to see how bright I can get it.

Lychee Cocktail
Ceramic Glaze Lychee Cocktail Swatch
Another hot pink, only this one’s a little more neon and with a little less shimmer.

Ceramic Glaze Moji-Toes Swatch
I don’t have a green anywhere close to this in my collection. It’s a full on neon green and it’s BRIGHT. Next time I use this it’ll probably be as tips on a french manicure.

Shell Me About It
Ceramic Glaze Shell Me About It
This is by far my favourite shade in the collection and the first Radiant Orchid shade I’ve seen all season that I love. I’m going to be using this one a lot.

Solar Radiance
Ceramic Glaze Solar Radiance Swatch
This is a super bright true orange. It’s the only one I had opacity issues with, I just couldn’t get away from the visible nail line. And while that usually doesn’t bug me, for some reason it did with this one.

Watermelon Cooler
Ceramic Glaze Watermelon Cooler Swatch
This was a really nice, light teal. It was just as bright as the others but didn’t seem quite so neon.

I love everything about this collection. Every shade is super summery and could work as either a mani or pedi colour. The cream shades go on really smoothly and the shimmery shades were almost as good. I see a lot of empty bottles in my future.

CND Vinylux Paradise Collection

CND Vinylux Summer 2014
I love the idea of gel nail polishes like CND’s Shellac but I just can’t commit to one colour for more than a few days so I love that they released a weekly polish you can do at home with the same shades. The Paradise collection is their summer edition and the colours are the bright neons you’d expect. You use these without a base coat which scared me a little since I always use one and once you add the Vinylux top coat the polish dries in minutes. It might not be as quick as getting Shellac at a nail place with the UV light but it’s a lot faster than most at home nail polishes. All of the swatches are two coats and the Vinylux top coat.

Bicycle Yellow
CND Vinylux Bicycle Yellow
This was the first shade I tried and it was also the one I liked the least. I don’t know what it is about yellow shades but they never seem to work properly, the added shimmer probably didn’t help. This was streaky and clumpy and definitely not a flattering shade for me, it looked like I painted my nails with mustard. I imagine it would look a lot better on a darker skin tone.

Cerulean Sea
CND Vinylux Cerulean Sea

This shade went on a lot smoother. CND definitely knows how to name their shades, this is a perfect cerulean. It’s a creme and had great coverage.

Electric Orange
CND Vinylux Electric Orange
Another creme, this one had more of a squishy, jelly feel to it only with more pigmentation. I’m still trying to get into orange nail polish and this one was just a little too much for me. I’d like it better for a pedicure.

Lush Tropics
CND Vinylux Lush Tropics
I love all blue and green shades and this is a shade of green I don’t have. It’s pretty much the exact shade of grass. It was really pretty while I was wearing it and a couple people grabbed my hand so they could look at it.

Sultry Sunset
CND Vinylux Sultry Sunset
This was the other shimmer in the collection. It’s a really pretty dark rose shade, almost fuchsia but not quite. It was a lot easier to work with than Bicycle Yellow but unlike the others, it chipped really fast.

I might not be able to commit to a full week with one nail polish shade but I would definitely use most of these shades on a regular basis. I love that you get the option of the full commitment of Shellac and the at home ease of Vinylux in the same shades.

ImPress Press-On Manicure Review


Unlike some people, I don’t always have nails that are the perfect length and strength. Working every day, cleaning my house, playing sports and everything else tends to make me break my nails on a regular basis. This makes all of my nails be different lengths.

When I got my Influenster box with two boxes of imPress Press-On Manicures, I was glad that for a few weeks I could have perfect nails. I was a little disappointed with the designs. The one package was a lovely metallic purple from the Disney Villans line, but the other one was white and pink black. It had feathers or leaves on it. I could picture trashy strippers wearing that design. I figured I would save those ones for Halloween.


I followed the steps to put them on my cleaning my hands, prepping them and then applying the nails one at a time. I have to say, it was pretty simple to get perfect nails. I had them all pressed on my fingers before the next commercial break of my show. The only downside that I could see about applying them is that  the more nails you have on, the more difficult it becomes to pull the plastic off of the back.

Once they were on though, they were perfectly pretty!

They do have a few flaws. First, the ends of some of the nail have little plastic tabs like they didn’t file them properly. I ended up filing them myself so they were smooth. I didn’t mind, but I thought I was getting fake nails so that I didn’t have to file anything.

Second, hair products are their archenemy. Water didn’t seem to affect my nails after a day of wearing, but when I styled my hair the gel got under my nails and made my imPress manicure start to fall off.

Wearing fake nails isn’t my thing on a day to day basis. Typing this review was more complicated than ever thanks to my nails, but for a special event I will definitely get a pack of imPress nails so I can look great!

Essie Summer 2014 Nail Polish Collection

Essie Summer 2014 Arrive
Essie makes some seriously great nail polish collections so I couldn’t wait to see what the summer 2014 collection was going to look like. In a season that’s been full of neon nail polish, Essie definitely kept on trend but didn’t go completely neon and added a few neutrals. All of the swatches are two coats and a top coat.

Haute In The Heat
Essie Haute In The Heat Swatch
This is a perfect dark hot pink. It went on amazingly well and is a great night out shade for summer.

Essie Roarrrrange Swatch
In the sunlight Roarrrrange is full on tangerine. It definitely stood out from the rest of the collection in terms of brightness.

Ruffles & Feathers
Essie Ruffles & Feathers Swatch
Ruffles & Feathers is a lot brighter than it photographs. It’s a neon teal that is pretty much my perfect shade. Be careful taking it off, even with a base coat your nails will turn blue.

Strut Your Stuff
Essie Strut Your Stuff Swatch
Strut Your Stuff actually went on the best out of the whole collection. It’s a super bright blue that would look amazing as a pedicure colour.

Urban Jungle
Essie Urban Jungle Swatch
I had major issues applying Urban Jungle. I don’t know what it is about pale shades but they always seem to be super streaky. This one never completely evened out. I do like the shade and I guess if you need a really neutral shade for the office it could work but it’s definitely not my favourite.

Fierce, No Fear
Essie Fierce, No Fear Swatch
Fierce, No Fear, like Urban Jungle doesn’t scream summer to me but this one went on a lot better. The shade reminds me of chocolate milk. I would use this in the fall for sure but probably not in the summer.

Overall I love most of the shades in the Essie Summer 2014 collection and can’t wait to use them on a regular basis.

Julep May 2014 Maven Box With Plié Wand

I don’t usually post about my Julep Maven boxes because shipping to Canada takes absolutely forever. However, I signed up for this month’s box a couple months ago when they announced the crowd funding for the Plié wand which means my box got sent early. The Plié wand was designed so that people could polish their nails with their non dominant hand a little easier. You can hold it like a pen, bend it, or basically just play around with it until you find a more comfortable position.
My box this month also included a Plié wand precision brush (to use with other brands of nail polish I’m assuming) and nail polishes Laree (a mid pink with gold duochrome), Saaya (a shimmery light orange) and a bonus polish Yumi (named after Julep founder Jane Park’s daughter it’s a silvery, pink glitter).
I used the Plié wand with Laree and so far I’m finding it the more comfortable as a pen in both hands. I’ll keep playing around with it to see if I get different results other ways. I’m right handed so painting my right hand is a little more of a challenge but I think I’m pretty good at it by now. The Plié wand helped minimize the need for clean up a little but it’s probably better for people who have bigger issues doing their nails.  Laree is probably my favourite Julep colour that I’ve gotten so far. It’s going to carry me pretty far into the summer.

Will the Plié wand change my life? No. But it’s something I’ll use and I’m sure others will have a lot of success using it on their nails.

Kiss Nail Dress Mix It Up in Margarita Review

I love nail art but unfortunately I’m not great at doing it on myself. When I got the chance to try Kiss Nail Dress Mix It Up in Margarita, I was all over it. I’ve been a little hesitant to try nail stickers in the past because I have pretty small nail beds and I wasn’t sure any of them would come small enough for my pinky. Luckily the kit’s smallest size fit perfectly. The Mix It Up kits are great because there are two designs that work well together so you can literally mix up how you want to do your nails.

I decided to use the black based design on most of my nails and the really colourful ones as an accent but once I was done I wished I’d done it the other way around. They’re just so pretty. With the Mix It Up kits you have enough to do your nails more than once so I’ll change it up next time.

Being right handed I decided to do my right hand first in case I failed miserably using my left hand. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy they were to apply. There are a couple of tricks I quickly picked up on to make application easier. First make sure there’s absolutely nothing on your nails. Use nail polish remover right before you use Kiss Nail Dress and make sure they’re dry. Second, when you pull the ends under your nail, pull it as tightly against the edge of your nail as you can without tearing. That’ll make the edges comes off more evenly.

I didn’t really like the file included in the kit and I found better results with my own file. I had Kiss Nail Dress on for four days without any problems. I might not use these all the time but they’re great for travelling, random accent nails or when you want to change your nail colour but don’t want to wait for nail polish to dry.

Quo by Orly Spring 2014 Nail Polish Review

Spring always feels like a time to lighten up a little with makeup and nail polish colours so I’m more than ready for the pastels after the darker shades I always seems to settle on for winter. I’ve never tried Quo by Orly nail polish before so I was excited to try Just Kissed, a pretty, shimmery, pale lilac colour. With two coats I got pretty decent coverage and minimal streaking and the shimmer comes through with a topcoat over it. It’s a perfect shade to start off my spring nails.

Unfortunately when I tried another shade, Birthday Suit (an opalescent shade) the results weren’t so great. I don’t know if it was a bad bottle or just the formulation of the shade but even with three coats the streaking never went away and hours after I applied it I snagged a nail on a zipper and all the nail polish peeled off in a sheet.

There are four other colours in the spring collection, all perfect shades for spring with pinks and peaches. I might have had mixed results with my shades but the prettiness of Just Kissed was worth it.

Nicole By OPI Roughles Review


Remember when manicures were simple? You would wear just one shiny colour on your nails. Now you have a whole list of different options and textures to choose from. OPI’s cool little sister the Nicole By OPI line is getting in on the fun with their new Roughles line.

Nicole by OPI is a little late to the party since everyone else already has a textured nail polish available, so they offered us something a little different. The Roughles nail polish doesn’t just offer a textured colour, but there are flecks of different colour to give it depth. The purple has aqua touches, the yellow has hints of orange and so on. There are many rough nail polishes, but not many have this cool speckled effect when they dry.

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Speaking of the colour, this is possibly the cutest nail polish collection I have ever had the pleasure of owning. The sweet pastel candy colours are perfect for spring. When I did my nail, I felt like I was ready for Easter.

The Nicole by OPI Roughles go on your nails like a dream. They dry really fast and since they have a matte textured finish, you don’t even have to waste time applying a top coat.

I probably don’t need another textured nail polish in my collection, but these Nicole by OPI Roughles are very welcome. If you are looking for a sweet way to celebrate spring, these will definitely do.

OPI Sheer Tints Review

One of the things I love most about OPI is that they’re always releasing new products. The sheer tints are meant to be a top coat that changes the colour of the nail polish that you’re already wearing. I saw a video that shows you how to do an ombre effect using only the Sheer Tints so I decided to try it with the I Can Teal You Like Me shade.

The things about the Sheer Tints is that it’s a pretty thick consistency. So using super thin coats took a long time to figure out. There were also the strange thready things that happened every time I took the brush out of the bottle. On my second try at the ombre I figured out a couple things really quickly. Make the coats as thing as you possibly can and wait longer than you think you should between coats (I ended up waiting 10 minutes between each one) and literally don’t move for half an hour after you’re done.

The Sheer Tints are such a cool idea and I love that there’s such an easy way to change up the nail polish you already have. There are 6 shades to pick from so there’s a lot of opportunity for playing around and variety. I’m going to see what else I can do with them.

Here’s a link to the tutorial video if you want to try the ombre.