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Mani Monday – Ceramic Glaze Tahitian Sunset Neon Collection Review + Swatches

I thought I had gone through all the summer nail polish I was going to get until I had a surprise package arrive from Ceramic Glaze. I love Ceramic Glaze so I’m always happy to get more but we’d already gone through Stunning Soiree (spring) and Summer Bloom (summer) but I had no idea Tahitian Sunset, a summer neon collection, was even a thing. This late summer collection has four new polishes (we received two) and four older polishes. Of the older polishes we already reviewed Watermelon Cooler, I’m On Island Time and Exotic Dragon Fruit in last summer’s Island Paradise collection. Here are two of the new shades and one that’s new to me.
Ceramic Glaze Envious Swatch
This neon lime green is one of the brightest shades I’ve tried all summer. It’s almost blinding but very cool at the same time. Two coats got me full coverage but the formula is a little on the chalky side.
It’s Electric
Ceramic Glaze It's Electric Swatch
One of the things I’ve come to expect from Ceramic Glaze is a flawless formula. It’s Electric is one of the exceptions. It was really difficult to work with. There was patchiness and uneven spots but two careful coats later, I got a decent looking result. This neon coral really grew on me and after wearing it for almost a week, not only did I love it but there was zero tip wear.
Mermaid’s Tale
Ceramic Glaze Mermaid's Tale Swatch
How long has this neon turquoise been in stores and how have I never tried it before? This is one of my favourite shades of the whole season. It’s very sheer so you have to build up to the opacity you want (swatch is three coats) but it’s a satin finish so it dries extremely fast and you don’t have to worry about it getting clumpy.

I love a surprise collection and since this one included Mermaid’s Tale that made me even happier. Ceramic Glaze can surprise me whenever they want.

Mani Monday: Kiss Polish Pop

Kiss Polish Pop Abbey Road
I love nail art but I’m terrible at doing it myself. I can usually do one hand pretty well but the other? Forget it. Luckily Kiss’ Polish Pop in Abbey Road lets me have my nail art without all the frustration.
Kiss Polish Pop Abbey Road Swatch
Each package comes with eight full-cover accent strips intended for an accent nail (or two) and a sheet of mini accents with birds, palm trees and neon bubbles. The smallest of the full cover strips were too big for my smallest nails but fit my middle finger perfectly.
Kiss Polish Pop Abbey Road Swatch 2
The smaller accents take a little practice and are easy to lift up to replace, just make sure your polish is completely dry before you apply them.

I love how many options I get with this kit and that I can use it more than once. If you want fun nails for a music festival or a day at the beach or any time really, this is a great way to change up your nails.

Mani Monday: Cover Girl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss Summer ’15

Cover Girl has a bunch of new products coming out and we’ll slowly make our way through them but when we received two of the four new Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss shades we had to try them first. I previously had only tried one Cover Girl nail polish and I was so impressed I needed to try more. The formulas on these polishes are fantastic and the brush is one of my favourites. It’s long, really thin and flexible so it lets you get to every part of your nail with minimal mess to clean up on the sides.
Cover Girl Fury Swatch
Fury is a dark orange-red that leans more toward the orange side. Two coats went on perfectly and I wore it for days with barely any tip wear. These dry on the glossy side but I added coat of Seche Vite as well.
Cover Girl Mutant Swatch - No Staining
Mutant is a bright cobalt blue and it’s stunning in person. Not only did two coats last for over a week with zero chipping but it didn’t stain my nail a bit and I was expecting staining with this kind of blue.

Once again I’m loving Cover Girl’s Outlast Nail Gloss and it’s quickly becoming one of my favourite drugstore nail polishes.

Mani Monday – Julep June 2015 Subscription Box Review + Swatches

Julep June 2015 Open
I’ve been a member of Julep’s Maven subscription box for over two years and it’s by far one of my favourite subscriptions. There are so many options, you can skip a month and you can make your monthly box completely customizable especially now that they’ve added even more to our selections each month. I don’t usually post my boxes because lately I’ve either been skipping or picking basics like Julep’s Vanish Cuticle Softener & Remover which is the best product for getting rid of nail polish stains (especially blue) that I’ve found.
Julep June 2015 Contents
I have so much nail polish I don’t usually feel the need to get more unless it’s something I need to have. This month was less about the shades and more about the fact that there were polishes named Steph and Alyssa. If you haven’t peeked at the about us page, those are our names, so when Julep offered polishes in their June collection with not one but both our names, I had to get them. I also added Julep’s new Rethink Your Shower Hydrating Body Cleansing Oil as my third pick.
Julep Steph
Julep Steph Swatch
Julep calls Steph a ‘coconut crem iridescent shimmer’ and while it’s probably not something the real Steph would wear, she does love coconut. This shade is what I wanted Essie’s Private Weekend to be. The formula is fantastic for a white and the shimmer really comes through. Two coats were perfect.
Julep Alyssa
Julep Alyssa Swatch
I don’t know anyone at Julep and they certainly don’t know me but did they ever do a good job pairing this shade with my name. In the summer I’m all about blue and green nail polish and this ‘beachside turquoise creme’ is about as close to a shade I would pick for myself as you can get. And it’s a one-coater which I find pretty typical for Julep polishes.

Rethink You Shower is a Hydrating Body Cleansing Oil that has a gorgeous light grapefruit citrus scent. It doesn’t give you a crazy lather but it’s definitely enough of one. It leaves my skin pretty soft and in the summer I didn’t need to add much of a moisturizer after but in the winter it’ll definitely need one. I didn’t get one of the new Julep Konjac sponges to use with it but I might pick one up this month.

June literally had our names written all over it and I can’t wait to see what they came up with for July. If you want more information on the Julep Maven program and all it’s options you can go to

Mani Monday – Essie Summer ’15 Collection Review + Swatches

When summer hits my nail polish choices definitely change and I tend to pick blues, greens and whites. Luckily Essie seems to be along the page because their summer collection has two blues and a white. And while this is the last of our Essie reviews until fall; like the other recent collections, this one doesn’t disappoint.
Private Weekend
Essie Private Weekend Swatch
To be honest, my favourite while nail polish is Essie’s Blanc and nothing has ever lived up to it. The formula of Private Weekend was really good for a white and was almost a one coater but the shimmer that you can see in the bottle only looked like dirty white on my nails. I actually prefer the photo to how it looked in person.
Essie Chillato Swatch
Essie calls Chillato a ‘frozen cream pistachio,’ I call it a pastel yellow with some green in it. The formula was a little chalky but two coats were perfect. It’s not a shade that looks good on me but it’s a great summer colour.
Peach Side Babe
Essie Peach Side Babe Swatch
If you’re looking for a peach nail polish, I haven’t found one better than Peach Side Babe. it’s the truest peach I’ve tried so far with just enough pink in it.
Sunset Sneaks
Essie Sunset Sneaks Swatch
Sunset Sneaks is one of my favourite shades from the summer collection. Essie calls it a ‘bright cushy crimson’ but I found it had a lot of coral to it which gives it a much more summery feel than red does.
Saltwater Happy
Essie Salt Water Happy Swatch - one coat
Saltwater Happy is what I think of when I think of summer nail polish. This light blue creme was a one coater and I love that it didn’t have any shimmer to it.
Essie Pret-A-Surfer Swatch
Another one coater, Pret-A-Surfer was my other favourite shade of the collection. This marine blue had a touch of violet in it and just stands out from all my pastels and neons. This will definitely carry me into fall.

Mani Monday: Quo By Orly Summer 2015 Neon Collection Review + Swatches

With all the summer nail polish we’ve swatched this year, there really haven’t been enough true neon shades. But when we received the Quo By Orly Summer 2015 Neon collection I knew I found the shades I’ve been waiting for. I’ve used quite a few Quo By Orly polishes in the past with the uneven brushes and consequent application issues. This neon collection does have the same brush issues but the formulas are fantastic and I didn’t have any problems with application at all. Unlike most neons, these dry shiny and have some serious wear time. I went almost a week with Hype with minimal tip wear. I used Seche Vite with all of these.

Quo By Orly Adrenaline Swatch
Adrenaline is a neon lime green with a lot of yellow in it. And while it’s not a shade I would normally go for, for a neon it’s spectacular. Two coats and a top coat and it was perfect.
Quo By Orly Jawbreaker Swatch
I found Jawbreaker to be more neon coral than neon orange and it’s really much brighter than the photo shows. This is going to be my next pedi shade.
Quo By Orly Rush Swatch
It’s so hard to get a true neon purple but Rush comes pretty close. It’s not quite as in your face as the others but it’s so pretty in person.
Quo By Orly Hype Swatch 1 Coat
I must be on a hot pink kick lately because Hype was by far my favourite. And I got full coverage and a week with minimal tip wear from one coat. Hype is going to be on my nails a lot this summer.

You can only get Quo By Orly polishes at Shoppers Drug Mart and the neons are limited edition, so if you love them like I do, run and grab them.

Mani Monday: CND Vinylux Garden Muse Summer 2015 Collection

I’m loving how different every brand’s summer collection is and considering how much I love CND Vinylux, it’s not really surprising that Garden Muse is one of my favourites this year. There’s no green shade but what there is more than makes up for it. Vinylux is the weekly wear version of Shellac and the wear time is just as incredible but it’s so much easier to take off. All the swatches are two coats with the Vinylux top coat.
Wisteria Haze
CND Vinylux Wisteria Haze Swatch
Wisteria Haze is a lighter purple creme and it’s a great shade for summer. Kind of dreamy and hazy but not too moody.
Reflecting Pool
CND Vinylux Reflecting Pool Swatch
This blue creme is one of my favourites of the collection. I love a blue but this formula just amazed me. It went on flawlessly and didn’t stain.
Lost Labyrinth
CND Vinylux Lost Labyrinth Swatch
Lost Labyrinth is a metallic blue shimmer that can lean toward teal and has a definite mermaid vibe to it. I found it didn’t react quite as well to the top coat as the other shades did.
Beckoning Begonia
CND Vinylux Beckoning Begonia Swatch
I found this pinky-purple shimmer kind of intriguing. It’s not quite a duochrome but I noticed the colours shifted depending on what kind of sunlight I was in. It’s a really pretty shade.
Crushed Rose
CND Vinylux Crushed Rose Swatch
Crushed Rose is a deep pink creme. I actually thought I would like it more than I did considering how much pink I’ve been wearing lately but the formula was great regardless.
Butterfly Queen
CND Vinylux Butterfly Queen Swatch
There always seems to be one shade that surprises me in a Vinylux collection and this time it’s Butterfly Queen. This shade is just gorgeous. A dark pink shimmer base with darker pink glitter, it’s enough to make this glitter hating girl change her mind.

CND’s Vinylux collection definitely didn’t disappoint. Between Reflecting Pool and Butterfly Queen, if I can find a week where I can wear only on shade of polish, it’ll be one of those for sure.

Mani Monday: Essie Neons 2015 Review + Swatches

I automatically associate neon nail polish with summer and pretty much don’t wear it at all any other time of the year, so I couldn’t wait to try Essie’s Neon’s collection. Here’s how it went.
Make Some Noise
Essie Make Some Noise Swatch - stained
This electric blue isn’t quite neon on it’s own but definitely pops. It also stains but I fully expected that. Two coats of Make Some Noise was perfect and next time I’m trying it over a white to see if I can brighten it up a little more.
Melody Maker
Essie Melody Maker Swatch - one coat
I love a teal and Melody Maker is the definition of what I love about it. From the colour to the fact that it only needs one coat. It may not be a true neon but this is my definition of summer.
Essie Coacha'Bella Swatch
Since this collection is based on summer music festivals, I love this magenta’s play on Coachella. Two coats gave me great coverage. If you’re looking for a bright hot pink, give this one a try.
All Access Pass
Essie All Access Pass Swatch - jelly like-clumpy
I wanted All Access Pass to be my favourite and the violet indigo shade is absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately this one was a complete pain to deal with. It was jelly-like and clumpy and took way too much time and effort to manipulate into making it somewhat presentable. I’ve tried multiple base coats and top coats, all with the same results. As much as it kills me, this might be the Essie shade that breaks me and ends up in the garbage.
Groove Is In The Heart
Essie Groove Is In The Heart Swatch
Groove Is In The Heart is a pastel peachy pink neon and it’s stunning in person. I swatched it twice because I just couldn’t get a photo showing how pretty it actually is. Two coats and a top coat and I was set.
Vibrant Vibes
Essie Vibrant Vibes Swatch
This neon lime shade was really the only true neon in the collection but I love it so much that it pretty much makes up for that. The formulation was basically the same as Groove Is In The Heart and considering how much white is in both of them I was amazed at how easy they were to work with.

With the expection of All Access Pass, which is still breaking my heart, all of these shades were a dream to work with and wear time was pretty fabulous. I only really had tip wear on Coacha’Bella and that was after two days. We have one more Essie collection coming up so stay tuned.

Mani Monday: Yves Rocher Summer Creation ’15 Nail Lacquer Review + Swatches

I’d never tried Yves Rocher nail lacquers before, and didn’t know anything about them, so when we received six of the eight Summer Creation shades I had no idea what to expect. The first thing I noticed was the brush. I generally don’t like wide brushes because my nail beds are pretty narrow but this brush claimed to match the nail for a one brush coat. And it totally lived up to that promise. While the brush is a perfect match for my nails, if you have wider nail beds I’m betting you won’t have the same luck.
Intense Tangerine
Yves Rocher Intense Tangerine Swatch
I really loved this bright tangerine. It’s almost a crelly instead of a straight creme and it was definitely bright. You definitely need to build up the coats to get the opacity you want, I was good with two.
Perfect Light Pink
Yves Rocher Perfect Light Pink Swatch
Perfect Light Pink is well, the perfect name for this shade. It wasn’t patchy or streaky like so many of these light pinks are and while it’s not a shade I would typically choose, I really liked wearing it.
Soft Coral
Yves Rocher Soft Coral Swatch
Soft Coral was my least favourite of the bunch, I just didn’t like coral shade. Maybe there’s too much yellow in it for me. But the formula, like the others, was great.
Ocean Blue
Yves Rocher Ocean Blue Swatch
These shades might now have the most creative names, but they all definitely fit. Ocean Blue is a gorgeous deep blue and it only had a tiny bit of staining when I took it off. I’ll be adding this to my blue collection that I keep going back to.
Aqua Blue
Yves Rocher Aqua Blue Swatch
Aqua Blue is more of a light sky blue and considering how much white is in it, I was expecting a lot of patchiness or streaking and had none. It self levelled perfectly as well.
Iridescent Anthracite
Yves Rocher Iridescent Anthracite Swatch
This was by far my favourite shade of the collection. The only chrome, it’s a combination of steel grey, dark blue and a hint of purple, all depending on how the light hits it.

While I might not have had any expectations for Yves Rocher’s nail lacquer, I’m pleasantly surprised by how well all the shades performed and considering on their website right now you can get them for $3.50 CDN each, you should probably give them a try.

Trust Fund Beauty: Battle of the Blues

I love a good blue nail polish and my love for Trust Fund Beauty is pretty well established. So with four blue polishes from Trust Fund at my disposal I decided to have them battle it out for blue polish supremacy.
I Give Good Tweet
Trust Fund Beauty I Give Good Tweet Swatch - 2 thin coats or 1 med-thick
This shimmery sky blue is perfect for summer. I found either one medium thick coat or two thin coats works best. If you’re doing two coats, leave a lot of time between them or you might have a drying disaster.
Got Yacht?
Trust Fund Beauty Got Yacht Swatch - one coat
Got Yacht? is a deep indigo creme that went one perfectly in one coat. I love shades that are almost black but still have colour, so I was a fan just looking at the bottle.
Beverly Thrills
Trust Fund Beauty Beverly Thrills Swatch - one coat over Got Yacht, issues with base coats, thin
Beverly Thrills was my problem child. It’s a blue metallic foil so I was ready for issues with base coats but I had issues using base coats and top coats as base coats. Finally I threw one coat over Got Yacht? and success! It’s really gorgeous in that combination as well.
Denim With Diamonds
Trust Fund Beauty Denim With Diamonds Swatch - one coat, no staining
I literally dream of shades like Denim With Diamonds. One coat of this deep shimmery blue had me hooked. I couldn’t take a photo that came even remotely close to how amazing this polish looked.

The verdict:
None of these polishes stained at all which is miraculous for one blue polish, let alone four. The clear winner for me was Denim With Diamonds with Got Yacht? as a close second. Now that I’ve figured out the trick to I Give Good Tweet, it’s going to get a lot of use this summer and Beverly Thrills will be pulled out when I want some sparkle but don’t want to work to get it off.

Now I just need to stock up on Denim With Diamonds because I’m pretty sure I can’t live without it now that I’ve tried it.