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Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Box
We don’t usually do a ton of reviews on products we buy. Partially because we already have tons of press samples to review and partially because, well, we don’t buy as much as we used to because of previously mentioned press samples. But when I saw the Naked Smoky palette in person, I needed to buy it.
Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette
I love Urban Decay but unlike what seems like everyone else, I don’t love the Naked palettes. I own Naked3 and use it quite a bit but I need more diversity in a palette so I usually stick to palettes like Vice3 . Naked Smoky has so many more options than the other Naked palettes I’ve seen and it’s by far my favourite one. Just the packaging alone is gorgeous.
Urban Decay Naked Smoky Open
The twelve shades range from pink to taupe to silver, purple and black. I love that there are multiple finishes in one palette (satin, shimmer, matte). Each eye shadow is so pigmented that you really don’t need to use a lot but like most Urban Decay shadows, there’s a lot of fallout. Especially with the non-matte shades. But they’re extremely blendable and there are unlimited look options. Urban Decay also included four smoky look instructions. All the shades go well together and even if you don’t want to go smoky there are so many other ways to play around with this palette.
Urban Decay Naked Smoky Brush
I never seem to like brushes that come with Urban Decay’s palettes but I actually really like this one. The bigger side is really fluffy and great for a base shade and the smaller side is perfect for blending and smudging to get that perfect smoky look.
Urban Decay Naked Smoky SwatchIt’s been a really long time since I’ve bought a palette but I’m glad I picked this one because I love so many things about it, especially since the shade will be perfect for fall makeup and that’s coming up sooner than we think.

Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette Review + Swatches

Urban Decay Vice 3 Packaging
While most people are obsessed with Urban Decay’s Naked palettes, I find them just a little too neutral. When I saw the Vice 3 palette, I knew it was the one I was waiting for and when I got it, well, there might have been a little squealing. Vice 3 literally comes with everything. Not only do you get the 20 eyeshadows that go from neutral to bright to dark, but you also get a massive mirror, a dual ended shadow brush and a makeup bag to hold everything in.
Urban Decay Vice 3 Open
In Vice 3 you get the neutral shades you expect from Urban Decay palettes but you also get a lot of colour. I love Sonic, a metallic red-copper and Freeze, a metallic blue that has microglitter in it. I’ve swatched the shades I’ve used the most so far, but I have no doubt that every shade in this palette will get used.
Urban Decay Vice 3 Swatches
The shades are all highly pigmented and go on really smoothly, but be prepared for a lot of fallout. I usually do my face makeup first but because of all the cleanup, I now do it after I do my eyes when I use the Vice 3 palette. I’m definitely getting a ton of use out of Vice 3 and I’ve only had it a few weeks, this has easily become my new favourite palette.

Kat Von D Esperanza Eyeshadow Palette Review

It’s not like I need more eyeshadow but when it comes to Kat Von D’s eyeshadow palettes I literally have no willpower and the Esperanza palette wasn’t an exception. The cases alone are so pretty I almost want to put them on my wall, but the makeup itself is worth it. This palette is released just in time for Spring and the colours are perfect for the season.

Esperanza is a little lighter than most of the palettes in the range with a seafoamy green (Archangel), a pearly peach (Galore) and a matte pink (Placebo). The standout though is Dayglo, Once you put it over another shadow it changes it just a little bit. Even with just 8 shadows in the palette, you have options for way more combinations than you would normally have.

At this rate I’m going to need a separate drawer just for my Kat Von D palettes. Or maybe a coffee table to display them.